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Note on the Text of even The Life Divine betrays a slant

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By and large, yes, it is better to read the original. Nonetheless, Vrekhem's 'Beyond man' does present a coherent and interesting view of what The Mother had achived in terms of transfiguring and supramentalising Her body. Posted by Anonymous to
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[Column -The Obama effect by Pratap Bhanu Mehta
Posted online: Monday, April 07, 2008 at 2303 hrs Print Email
Just try and recall the last time an Indian leader deigned to have a frank talk about caste
"Come now and let us reason together.” Whether or not one believes in a Lord or His words, this simple biblical injunction from the book of Isaiah, with its reference to both reason and reciprocity, is as good as any a description of what genuine leadership in democracy should seek to inculcate...It is corrosive for democratic politics to assume that it can, in the long run, do without a culture of articulacy. Our politics is now beset by two corrosive sins: a culture of avoidance, where those in leadership positions shy away from confronting difficult issues; and a culture of simple-mindedness, where attributing blame passes off as causal analysis, no matter what the issue: communalism, caste, foreign policy, inflation. Both sides of the biblical injunction, reason and togetherness, are important for democratic politics. Reason, because a politics that resists an understanding of the complex forces that shape society is a politics bound for self-destruction. Being argumentative is not the same thing as engaging in reason. Togetherness, because, in a society devoid of any sense of itself as sharing the same fate, citizens will not think it important to care for or justify their positions to each other.
There is a growing distrust of politicians, not simply because they are venial or small-minded. It stems from the fact that they are increasingly heaping the worst indignity on the citizens by infantilising them, as if what we deserve is not reasoned argument, but silence, baby talk, amusing diversions with occasional dollops of noblesse oblige on part of politicians. Politicians and administrators will unconsciously still invoke the thought that the people do not have the capacity to understand; or that people are interested more in spectacle than debate, or that people are so trapped by their identities that they cannot move beyond them. A politics where politicians infantilise the public on principle will produce a citizenry that is insolent in practice. The writer is president, Centre for Policy Research, Delhi Home > Edits & Columns]

Savitri Erans too should brace for "engaging in reason" and resist attempts at "infantilising them." Books and their authors need to be questioned as regards content. Editors must spell out their policies from time to time and usher in transparency. Speakers at seminars should be subjected to rigorous scrutiny.

Note on the Text of even The Life Divine betrays a slant. Mindsets, instead of operating clandestinely, must come out in the open and be discussed. It is only by avoiding "a culture of avoidance," and "a culture of simple-mindedness" can true “togetherness” of Savitri Era Religious Fraternity emerge. [TNM]

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