Friday, August 01, 2008

Savitri Era Religion needs to develop political muscle

What the Savitri Erans very well know but are afraid to spell out is that The Mother and Sri Aurobindo, though they spoke against religion and its negative aspects from time to time, themselves, almost systematically, created a solid foundation as well as all the trappings of a new religion. Since then, it has grown far and wide, and established its inevitability among the elite. But history tells us that a religion spreads not by its own appeal alone but principally through political patronage. And that is how a religion becomes “organized.”

While royal endorsement used to be a crucial factor, logistical support, hospitality, and defense apparatus have been chief propellers of religions, in the past. Religious conversions mostly came through inducements of material gains – immediate or assured; periodical festivities adding to the glamour and the charisma and also precipitating hostilities against adversaries, an effective cementing factor.

The Brahmin, the Vaishya, and the Shudra characteristics are now well entrenched within the Savitri Era Religion, while the Kshatriya quality has suffered neglect. As a secure home can’t be imagined without this fourth pillar, the recent criticisms should spur the creation of a band of dedicated spokesmen ready to launch counter attacks whenever required.

Tusar N. Mohapatra,
President, Savitri Era Party.

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