Monday, September 29, 2008

Confounding the tourists for worshipers

[not just the reception room but the entire courtyard of the Ashram is used for public worship from early in the morning till late at night... Sri Aurobindo and Hinduism (a speech by Peter Heehs: Hyderabad 2006) Sat 22 Mar 2008 11:40 AM PDT Permanent Link]

To confound the tourists for worshipers is like missing the woods for the trees. Welcome to the website of The Mother's work in Orissa and the Relics Centers including Complete list of Sri Aurobindo Relics Centers in Orissa (in Tabular format). 10676 Centres of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo in Odisha - August, 2008 [11:06 AM] [TNM]

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