Tuesday, September 09, 2008

History, for Sri Aurobindo, is a foundry for casting a secure future

Very few posses the kind of credentials that Sri Aurobindo displays to write on civilizational interface between the East and the West. Not only he wrote while passing through extraordinary circumstances and living in unusual conditions, but also with an authority that borders on prophecy while never losing sight of the events of the past.

History, thus for Sri Aurobindo, is a foundry for casting the future. He gallops over continents and centuries, moulds mythology and harnesses poetry, the sole objective being hitching on to a secure avenue for the mankind. Theories and principles he alludes to and falls upon, but only as far as they help; and then sheds them at once and goes over to 'fabricating' fresh philosophies.

It is only by reading his works in original that one can perceive their grandeur and discover the profundity they harbor. Immersing in his insights is an enormously gratifying exercise with the additional satisfaction of participating in and collaborating with the Earth’s evolutionary nisus. “Who will come with me? Who will climb with me?” he inquires whisperingly. [TNM] 4:31 PM

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