Saturday, September 19, 2009

A new world order as postulated by Sri Aurobindo

[ET Columnists, Writers, Debates Opinion - Economic Times: "Rise of authoritarian capitalism
A fusion of autocratic politics & state-guided capitalism has emerged as leading challenge to international spread of democratic values."]

[Why anarchists prefer herbal tea Another category of corporate crime is the sort in which corporate managements cheat their shareholders. Enron and Satyam are prime examples. Unethical gains made from access to privileged information within companies represent another sort of misbehaviour in which the company acts as the setting rather than the agent of crime.
Stock price manipulation, bribing government officials to corner a chunk of the government's budget or open up environmentally fragile areas, colluding with managers of financial institutions to finance cost-inflated projects, all these are actions that people associate with corporate crime....
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A new world order as postulated by Sri Aurobindo is the answer. [TNM]

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