Monday, September 21, 2009

The task is to recreate the spirit of 1907 in 2009

[Behind every successful Jinnah there is a Gandhi – 3
Radha Rajan 18 Sep 2009
Aurobindo had summed up succinctly the political objectives that Gokhale, Naoroji, Surendranath Bannerjea and the dominant Parsees in India and London had set for the INC – greater participation in government but within the Empire; that is, while the English educated Indians would become ministers in the Viceroy’s Council or the Governor’s Council, the nation would remain enslaved under British colonial rule... Astonishing how Aurobindo’s discerning analysis of and scathing attack against the leaders of the INC in 1907 was just as true in 1919. Little had changed in the INC’s objectives and even less had changed in the character of its leaders.]

[Even as Radhaji is throwing more and more light on facts and events of the freedom movement which have not been revealed so far, she is also revealing to Hindus the brilliant political writings of Sri Aurobindo. Mrs. Radha Rajan's excerpts from Sri Aurobindo's writings linking them with her expose of Gandhi and the Congress has been an eye-opener. It has also been a very sad experience. I don't know if this is what Radhaji is intending but she is slowly and with measured steps pointing her finger at the Hindu leadership then and now for failing to understand our adversaries. Radhaji is right but she must be making several enemies with her brilliant insight and perspective.
Raghuraman Srinivas 18 Sep 2009]

The task is to recreate the spirit of 1907 in 2009. No amount of harking to history can help us unless we come together under a political party to carry forward those ideals and dreams. There is no short cut. [TNM]

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