Sunday, November 29, 2009

Religion and marriage

[Is 'Hindu Atheism' Valid? A Rationalist Critique Of The 'Hindu ... By Ajita Kamal - For example Aurobindo Ghose emphasized that 'all great awakenings in India, all her periods of mightiest and most varied vigour have drawn their vitality from the fountainhead of some deep religious awakening' (Purani 1964: 81). ... Nirmukta Posted on 28 November 2009
Many Indians intellectuals who don’t believe in supernatural gods or powers fail to separate their non-belief from the ‘Hindu’ identity... Hinduism is a meaningless religious label... Religions have always benefited when the facts are ambiguous. One such religion-driven ambiguity is in the definition of the notion of religion itself. This is the first place to start any such discussion on religion. From a scientific point of view, we can define religion as a sub-group within a culture, possessing certain specific traits. The most fundamental of these traits is the strong group identity that religion strives to instill in its followers.]

[“I regret to say,” write Raja Ram Mohan Roy in 1828, “that the present system of religion adhered to by the Hindus are not well calculated to promote thier political interests. The distinction of caste introducing innumerable divisions and sub divisions among them have entirely deprives them of patriotic feeling, and the multitude of religious rites and ceremonies and the laws of purification has totally disqualified from undertaking any difficult enterprise. It is, I think necessary that some change should take place in their religion at least for the sake of thier political advantage and social comfort.” How freedom movement is related to social and religious reform movement in pre independence India: An Analysis Posted by medieval
Medieval Weapons Nov28]

[Frame norms for inter-faith unions, girl requests SC Times of India - ‎Nov 27, 2009‎
"Directions are required and guidelines be given by the apex court in a Muslim or inter-religion marriage, so that peace and tranquility prevails for ...
SC notice to JK Govt on honour killing of youth by cops]

Welcome to Savitri Era Religion. [TNM]

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