Monday, February 22, 2010

At Savitri Era we rarely quote

Mirror of Tomorrow romanticizes the past while Posthuman Destinies fantasizes about the future. At Savitri Era, however, the present is very much the concern. Poetry is integral to Mirror of Tomorrow, as is post-modernism to Posthuman Destinies. Savitri Era, in contrast, unabashedly flirts with politics. Mirror of Tomorrow borrows the Ashram tag and Posthuman Destinies flaunts the American, whereas Savitri Era stands for the layperson.

For divergent reasons Mirror of Tomorrow and Posthuman Destinies are shy of religion, while Savitri Era gladly wears it on its sleeve. Mirror of Tomorrow is snowed under reams of extracts from the works of the Masters, but at Savitri Era we rarely quote. [TNM]

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