Friday, February 19, 2010

Legacy of Golwalkar is a liability for Gadkari

By imitating Rahul’s Dalit act, Gadkari has positioned himself as a contender to the top post. He is entitled to that but the politics-for-development line won’t carry him very far. Ideological dilemma is one front that needs to be addressed urgently with tactful fine tuning. He perhaps understands well that the legacy of Golwalkar is a liability now and must be given a decent burial. The Ambedkar card, on the other hand, appears ambivalent with niggardly yield. 

His option, in such a scenario, is too restricted, and any rescue plan calls for out-of-box thinking. The Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee factor, if resurrected, can open up some rays of hope. Through him BJP can easily claim its genealogy to Sri Aurobindo, and become a candidate to hugely benefit from that. The intellectual resource to accommodate such a changeover, however, is scant in the party. [TNM]   

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