Friday, December 10, 2010

The issue is the wicked insinuations

‘Why go on carping about the book?’ has become a common rebuke. But the book is no longer a stand alone exhibit; reams of discussions are already part of the book’s persona starting from the Kripal endorsement. Wishing away the Cardinal Slur that surfaced in the wake of this nagiographic book is like putting the cream back into the tube. Spreading such rumors is a terrible blow to the divine manifestation of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo aimed at altering fundamentally the dynamics of Integral Yoga.

Another clever ploy is to ask, ‘Where exactly the slur appears?’ and solemnly affirm that Heehs has never denigrated the Master. The juvenility and brazenness employed in this case, however, is matched by charlatanism and arrogance. Lack of a semblance of intellectual integrity in long time followers is a highly disturbing phenomenon.

To praise the book for the colossal research it contains is yet another distracting defense. But whether the book is good or bad is hardly the question. The issue is the wicked insinuations that malign the Masters. The book and its author, therefore, are destined to suffer lifelong censure. ‘[TNM]

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