Thursday, December 16, 2010

Savitri Erans should write more

[To Reiterate… by larvalsubjects
Honestly I’m shocked that more of you don’t post and blog. You’re nuts. Yes, I know we’re all assholes and that there are frustrating discussions. Yet through inscription you’re making yourself real in hundreds of brains. Those traces will prove invaluable to you later on so long as you aren’t particularly assholish. You might think that something like blogging is secondary to your academic development, but you’re wrong. It is one of the primary venues through which you make yourself real in this cutthroat world. Don’t be afraid to show others the things you’ve found to be neat.]

[Cyberspace and Postmodern Democracy - Market colonization of the virtual public sphere - XIII International Conference Forum on Contemporary Theory, Baroda in collaboration with Department of English and Cultural Studies, Panjab University, Chandigarh
Theme: The Virtual Transformation of the Public Sphere
15-18 December 2010 Venue: Hotel Parkview, ChandigarhIndia]

Savitri Erans too should write more in order to win additional ground in the Public Sphere. [TNM]

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