Wednesday, September 12, 2012

India in dire straits

There are no public intellectuals in India today since as soon as someone shows merit, he is co-opted by one political party or the other. Journalists graduating as MPs and Ministers has become common and most news-channels dish out party point of view. A few who look like independents operate clandestinely on behalf of some foreign lobby. The so called Civil Society sector is crowded by entities with uncivil intentions. On the whole, there is confusion all around.  

The Democracy Industry in our country is in a formative stage. All are part of it, but no one understands its dynamics. Certain myths like justice, liberty and equality are given lip-service, but all know it's hypocrisy. Political parties find no compulsion to improve their functioning as long as they are part of the power game.

Words have lost their force. The magnitude of allegations traded day in and day out has gone up exponentially. White collar crime and white lies have become staple of the white elephant called bureaucracy. The robotic functioning of a dummy Prime Minister has robbed the Constitution of its lofty morals. [TNM55]

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