Saturday, September 08, 2012

Sri Aurobindo awakes us to the great mystery

The Post-Secular/Religious-turn debate as also the SR/OOO discourse are fertile fields for foregrounding The Mother & Sri Aurobindo and their versatile pronouncements involving Evolution, Consciousness, and its Transformation. But, regrettably, minds are as segregated today as they were in the days of Savonarola (1452–1498) or Bruno (1548–1600) and search for Truth, perforce, takes a backseat. Our role, however, is to repeat this umpteen times over the Internet with the hope that someday someone might find this clue useful for resolving his ontological perplexity as well as anxiety over past authority.

Sri Aurobindo liberates us from the tabula rasa approach and awakes us to the great mystery that we are born into, within and without. He hardly cedes any space to permit us speculate over such luxuries as whether God exists. These are, no doubt, presuppositions but help save us from a lot of vain intellectual struggle and emotional frustration. Even, Phenomenology speaks of the pre-reflective or the pre-intentional substructure and, thus, the epistemological implications of these assumptions cannot be dismissed outright. Sri Aurobindo has dwelt, at length, on the Logic of the Infinite and the fallacy of capturing supra-physical phenomena through physical senses.

The thought revolution The Mother & Sri Aurobindo demand from us is a colossal exercise, not to speak of the intellectual stain that their extensive writings inflict. Their philosophy, alone, can solve many of the maladies of the present world but most people pretend that Sri Aurobindo has hardly added any thing new to the perennial Indian wisdom. As a new Religion, too, a lot is to be gained by shedding millennia-old dirt and inculcating a rational culture. But for all this one has to read and read and there’s no short-cut. [TNM55]

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