Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Auroville ensouled globalization

Launching of Auroville by The Mother in 1968 was not only a giant leap towards globalization, but also a firm step to put power, wealth, & sex into perspective vis-à-vis Integral Yoga. No elaborate theorization was needed and the idea was that the right recipe of a conscious spirituality would emerge from this lived reality. In fact, there can’t be a more appropriate method or better approach to Yoga than this, especially when juxtaposed to the severe and stifling scenario of the Ashram. In a way, Auroville was The Mother’s concession to human condition, and why not?

Keith Hart of The Memory Bank has a post "The informalization of the world economy (Keynote lecture for the 24th Conference of the Societa’ Italiana di Economia Pubblica: “Informal economy, tax evasion and corruption”, Pavia, 24-25 September 2012)" in which he has attempted “a historical periodization of the last two centuries or more” against the backdrop of which it is interesting to look at the seminal contributions of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo:
[1776-1815           Age of war and revolutions
1815-1848            The industrial revolution
1848-1873           Origins of national capitalism
1873-1914            First age of financial globalization
1914-1945            The second thirty years war
1945-1979            The golden age of national capitalism
1979-2008           Second age of financial globalization
2008-                   Another age of war and revolutions?]

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