Friday, November 02, 2012

Rediscovery of Sri Aurobindo

Had Sri Aurobindo lived, Nehru's plans of socialism would have been still-born and India might have escaped from its (ongoing) misery of the past 65 years.]
[5h - Sanjeev Sabhlok @sabhlok @SavitriEraParty @hguptapolicy Thanks. Can I see your party's manifesto on economic policy and governance?  Retweeted by Savitri Era Party  View conversation]
[3h - Jaideep A. Prabhu @orsoraggiante @SavitriEraParty Agreed. Spontaneous order is a fundamental principle of liberalism. @an4rky @sabhlok @hguptapolicy  Retweeted by Savitri Era Party  View conversation]

Tweets 1h - Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty @orsoraggiante @sabhlok @an4rky @Getafix2012 @hguptapolicy It's actually about allowing local self-Govt. by returning it to original owners.  View conversation
1h @sabhlok @an4rky @Getafix2012 Residents of Auroville are not strictly Sri Aurobindo's followers; should be allowed to elect their President.  View conversation
1h @sabhlok @an4rky @Getafix2012 SEP has been long demanding liberation of Auroville from Govt. of India control. @hguptapolicy @orsoraggiante  View conversation
2h @sabhlok @hguptapolicy A fixed manifesto is a socialist concept. Members to shape policy with Sri Aurobindo's 1947 Five Dreams as core.  View conversation
5h @an4rky @sabhlok A community of 2K people should have liberty to experiment and choose their own way of living. @hguptapolicy @orsoraggiante  View conversation
6h @sabhlok SEP is the only party in India today with the ideological basis of Liberty and and its inspiration is Sri Aurobindo. @hguptapolicy  View conversation
8h @sabhlok @an4rky Many thanks for highlighting what we are harping on for the last five years. Hope fruitful collaboration in the future.  View conversation
30 Oct [Unleash entrepreneurial force & apply “markets where possible, the state where necessary” and stand back & stay back.] …
30 Oct Savitri Era is a pioneering effort in this direction to precipitate an alternative identity & a participative religion. …
29 Oct - Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty By debating the ideas of Sri Aurobindo, and not St. Augustine, that one can reach at the right conclusions pertaining to secularism in India

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