Monday, March 07, 2016

JNU and Pollock episodes have raised enough dust

Congress and the Left, despite having all resources, couldn't stop RSS. Sri Aurobindo's ideology will do that magic. …
The liberal intellectual milieu that I have lived in during the last sixty years must continue. Sri Aurobindo adds the Evolutionary angle.
Sri Aurobindo makes use of any number of icons, myths, & legends in his works but that doesn't mean he buttresses their veracity or validity.
Mythology & Rituals inherited by the parents shouldn't be imposed upon their offsprings in the guise of some glorious tradition and culture.
Science, and not Mythology, should preoccupy young minds. Parents have the responsibility to provide such an environment and due protection.
Mythology and misleading historical narratives serve identity politics well. Safeguarding individual freedom and autonomy is each one's duty.
The Integral spirit of "ARYA" edited by Sri Aurobindo 100 years back should inspire the young Indians and not narrow politicking and hatred.
JNU and Pollock episodes have raised enough dust to attract international attention on matters having farreaching intellectual implications.
Marxist viewpoint is insufficient to address the issues & only Sri Aurobindo possesses right theoretical formulation for logical conclusion.
When Sri Aurobindo was writing for ARYA magazine 100 years back, he conducted an intense examination of possibilities apropos human future.
Sri Aurobindo could clearly see that the Nation idea is slowly moving towards larger prospects and World Union is the next Evolutionary step.
Whether to judge Sri Aurobindo by what Subhas Bose said about him or judge Subhas by what Sri Aurobindo thought of him indicates one's level
How Sri Aurobindo characterised Hitler is one of his signal contributions. With that as fulcrum other events and people can be evaluated.
Hindutva enthusiasts have no freedom to judge things independently and hence their intelligent seeming pronouncements are mere parroting.
Social issues are avoided by Hindutva fans who are wary of open discourse and individual freedom. Young Indians must escape their contagion.
Power politics has its own dynamics and media subserve to manipulate discourse. Knowledge unveiled by Sri Aurobindo needs to be safeguarded.
Not only Mythology, the overly rationalistic and positivist approach of Science is also questioned by Sri Aurobindo. They are eye openers.
Many people flaunt their wide reading and intelligence but have no idea how given a chance Sri Aurobindo could have moulded their worldview.
@SanyalIndranil I can understand that certain facts of history are cruel and injure feeling but that can't rob my right to judge or tweet.
@SanyalIndranil Each person has a monopoly over her or his opinion. So how s/he views or portrays Sri Aurobindo can't be dictated by others.

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