Wednesday, March 16, 2016

K. Amrita, P. Munian, and Alistair Wicks

Current issue of Auroville Today, "Auroville’s Monthly news magazine since 1988" is making waves in the Google search results but its articles can be read up to the first paragraph. Such rationing is reminiscent of the socialist years to which Auroville perhaps sticks to fondly while the rest of India has moved on. Today, one can access any number of newspapers and journals without subscribing or logging in but why Auroville Today insists on that, in the enclave of Freedom, is really laughable. 

Further, the very significance of Auroville is to publicise its existence and its intention, its experience and its experiments. So, hiding content when technology has become an enabler is nothing but criminal. Interestingly, "Auroville Organization in decline" tops the list of Most Read Articles. So, no further comments but they must listen to Rod Hemsell exhorting "the urgent need for critical thinking in Auroville."

Just discovered that Amrita is missing from the list of Early Disciples at the "peace, harmony and love" site. His place is definitely after Nolini and Purani in importance and hence such a lapse is horrendous. His Reminiscences book also seems to be missing in the page dedicated to him. Maintaining the chronological order seems to be in order in this respect. Moreover, how notes and updates to the site can be notified separately in the web is a matter which needs to be considered. [TNM55]

Issue No: 320, March 2016 - Dave David Hutchinson has been deeply involved with the Integral Yoga for 35 years. He has been a member of the Sri Aurobindo Association in the U.S., co-editor of the magazine Collaboration, organizer of AUM conferences, and moderator of several online lists on yoga. Recently he made a brief visit to Auroville for the first time in twenty years. Here is an edited version of his reflections. Auroville exists outside – of India, time, place.

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Rod talks on; Idealogy, Growth, Statistics, Working Groups and the urgent need for critical thinking in Auroville.

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5. Early Disciples
Our Aspiration And Commitment
This website is a place of peace, harmony and love, above all conflicts and disagreements. It is a collective effort of many souls united in their aspiration and devotion to the Mother and Sri Aurobindo and the Supramental Force which they have brought down and is now in the process of transforming this earthly life to a life divine. Reminiscences. Front Cover. Nolini Kanta Gutpa, K. Amrita. Mother India, Sri Aurobindo Ashram; [selling agents: Sri Aurobindo Book Distribution Agency, 1969 ...
Sachidananda Mohanty - 2012 - ‎History - K. Amrita's reminiscences of this period are remarkable for their vividness and sensitivity to men and matters.

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