Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Sri Aurobindo inspires for not surrendering to shoddy Hindutva

A software engineer, after enjoying prosperity and comforts, wants his son to be steeped in Indian culture and learn Sanskrit. Seems unfair!
Although school education is considered formative, the chance of a teenager turning rebellious and developing repulsive attitude can be high.
Many RW hands are well read and well informed but, without orientation in Sri Aurobindo's thought, exhibit immaturity and sound pedestrian.
Intellectual curiosity and peer review is what has kept the Leftist scholarship vibrant whereas RW men disregard the value of new knowledge.
Modi campaign brought a large number of young and educated to Hindutva fold. But they should protect their children from being contaminated.
Encouraging children to be influenced by the life priorities emphasised upon by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is the best parental contribution.
Development of the country is a good aim but, as far as one's own life is concerned, its aim should be more profound, advises Sri Aurobindo.
Various ideological discordances come to the fore on Twitter but Hindutva ecosystem bypasses it. Shows lack of rigour in thought and logic.
Research output by some top ranking Hindutva sympathisers should not delude one to overlook the lowly set of intellect that rules Hindutva.
Hierarchy and sycophancy are cornerstone of Hindutva ecosystem that kills countless instances of self-determination. True for knowledge too.
Sri Aurobindo has theorised on how a society evolves and Hindutva can be compared with a horse galloping & gasping to keep pace with a train.
Large contingent of young and educated supporting Hindutva but pure intellectual scrutiny of issues and challenges are smothered by religion.
West and the Left ignore Sri Aurobindo; Hindutva disregards him. That doesn't mean that whatever he has written is worthless or dispensable.
Power and politics provide a very interesting arena to the young for exhibiting talent but they also owe a responsibility to pure knowledge.
Sri Aurobindo has shown that knowledge can live and lead its own independent life without utilitarian considerations and pragmatic pincers.
Keeping a whole people at level of festivals may be politically expedient but no nation can be great if new frontiers of knowledge blocked.
Facts of history, including twisted, imagined, and legends generated versions, are venerated by Hindutva folks while philosophy is ignored.
Higher education is difficult, pursued by a few and hence Sri Aurobindo remains as a target to chase by not surrendering to shoddy Hindutva.
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Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

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