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Sanskrit as an echo-chamber for an ecosystem built around Mythology, Rituals, and Votebank

No means to escape despicable social realities encountered on a day-to-day basis but The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, mercifully, provide a lens.
The "All life is yoga" formula also is a unique motivator as one's every action turns profound at once as glimpsed in the Odia legend Manika.
Political parties, Corporate world, and Media are running on anti-Democratic and anti-Evolutionary lines. That's reason enough for change.
No point whining about past wrongs. With honest will, everything can change. But our educated mass is callous and support theatre not ethics.
If you want to self-certify yourself as an intellectual, then reading (not following) Hegel’s Phenomenology of Mind at least once is a must.
Unable to forget the tyranny of memorising Declension Tables in school, I don't think it's worthwhile to spend time on learning Sanskrit.
@Ozymandias1993 Not only difficulty but from utility point of view also I have not benefitted from Sanskrit. So I advise the same to others.
@Ozymandias1993 He has to sell his books. I am interested in marketing Sri Aurobindo's books in English like SAVITRI and The Life Divine.
@Ozymandias1993 It means what? You can Google to find out about me more.
@Ozymandias1993 I'm not against specialisation or personal choice. My point is learning Sanskrit shouldn't be thrust on schoolgoing children.
@Ozymandias1993 Each thing has its own merit, even Kathakali. But, considering demands of modern professions, Sanskrit retards intellect.
@Ozymandias1993 My emphasis is on modern professions and school children learning English is more helpful than Sanskrit or Kathakali dance.
@Ozymandias1993 Debate is also part of Indian tradition and accepting what is good for human welfare should be reviewed on an ongoing basis.
@Ozymandias1993 Heritage, tradition, uniting linguistically etc. are your own choice of Ideology but modern India is moving as per Market.
@Ozymandias1993 I give empirical evidence based on my personal experience (I'm 60) and having lived in a Metropoli & observing for 30 years.
@Ozymandias1993 Market doesn't move so abruptly or arbitrarily. It's collective wish and wisdom operating subject to navigation by Evolution.
@Ozymandias1993 Being anchored to Market is not a fault it's a superior virtue. New generation decides what it wants, what language or faith.
@Ozymandias1993 Indians have suffered due to, and fought against, Sanskrit apartheid for centuries and there is still tremendous resistance.
@Ozymandias1993 Market is never perfect; in fact, it is propelled by information asymmetry. Like air, it rushes wherever there is vacuum.
@Ozymandias1993 One thing one can do is not to anchor oneself to the past, any poetic imagination, and march forward applying common sense.
@Ozymandias1993 There are. But it's not question of Dalits alone. Growth of regional languages, prakrit, as protest or evolution are facts.
@a_r_j_u_n @Ozymandias1993 I'm not against specialisation or research, I repeat. My opposition is to school education and when imposed.
@a_r_j_u_n @Ozymandias1993 Sanskrit might have benefited you but that is no assurance for the hope that it would benefit the next generation.
@rajivchandran @Ozymandias1993 irrational coveting fuels Market like people visiting foreign countries and exotic locations. Similar case.
@Ozymandias1993 Indian situation (Market) can't be compared with a tiny Israel or any other Country (Market) for that matter. @a_r_j_u_n
@Ozymandias1993 @a_r_j_u_n Demands of modern professions was the context but I'm not writing a dissertation here. The sense should suffice.
@sgpriolkar @Ozymandias1993 The State is also part of Market. Even climate & planets are included. Human imagination & longing has no limits.
@TejasOmkara @a_r_j_u_n @Ozymandias1993 Modernity demands that we don't think in racial terms and accept cosmopolitanism & liberty as guide.
@Ozymandias1993 @TejasOmkara @a_r_j_u_n Dichotomy is artificial. We are 7b. inhabiting one planet. Market of course generates shifting poles.
@Ozymandias1993 @a_r_j_u_n Historical data is a poor predictor of the future. Further, Market abhors repetitions. India is Uniquely India.
@sunilpandita72x @TejasOmkara @a_r_j_u_n @Ozymandias1993 Indian Constitution is our guide which China, Japan, or Korea can't even dream of.
@srin151a @Ozymandias1993 Market invents ability and its alternative transmission by responding to deficiencies via chaotic interventions.
@srin151a @Ozymandias1993 Nothing is outside the Market and its progression is irreverent of human life span or Calendar divisions of time.
@srin151a @Ozymandias1993 Individuals are surely clueless before the complex dynamics of the Market and hence no one should claim prescience.
@srin151a State is part of Market. Market is never perfect nor assures swift result conforming to fond hopes. Inequity is integral to Market.
@srin151a @Ozymandias1993 Market hates fixed rules and loves to surprise. Human stupidity is the currency with which it runs its Casinos.
@Ozymandias1993 @srin151a Instead of "God," I would prefer "Evolution" in terms of Sri Aurobindo's ontological formulations and #FiveDreams
@mailparam I don't object to restricting yourself to those orbits but you need something else to measure your velocity. You may try Hegel.
Harnessing Sanskrit as echo-chamber for an ecosystem built around Mythology and Rituals may aid create a votebank but is dishonest exercise.
Perhaps the limelight on JNU speech is seducing MRP too close to the RM camp but denouncing motive of other academicians doesn't behove him.
Institutional patronage to Sanskrit can mean huge career leaps for many especially when Govt gives a push. But Mythology must not get boost.
Mother tongue is like mother's apron strings from which one must come out one day to sample what is on offer & which language supplies jobs.
Tweets and texts belong to the human civilisation and no one should claim exclusive rights over interpreting any with language as criteria.
@sathya_adv The Constitution of India has not been implemented in its true spirit till date. Only a new political party can attempt that.
@sathya_adv Right now it's in force and deriving the best out of it should be the endeavour. A political party can pilot changes to Statute.
@a_r_j_u_n @sunilpandita72x Yeah, people are dying everyday and hence all the people can't ratify it at one go. Symbolically RSS may ratify.
When in opposition, blame the Govt and when in the Govt, blame the opposition. This is the story of the great shameless Hindutva tamasha!
Dismal performance of Modi Govt during the last two years seems to have been due to one Rajdeep, if tweets emanating ceaselessly are correct.
Savitri Era: Democracy and Constitutionalism are delicate flowers #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams #WorldUnion #Prapatti
[what is really needed is a more vigorous practice of democracy ... The argumentative tradition can be a strong ally of the underdog] Amartya Sen
[@SavitriEraParty @srin151a It almost sounds like Sri Mohapatra is talking about God. ☺️]
[@SavitriEraParty Ah! an Advaitin becoming modern by spewing inanities about the "Market". Well done sir. Alas, your economics is good either]

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