Saturday, April 30, 2016

Democracy and Constitutionalism are delicate flowers

Prapatti is a pioneer of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo's movement in Odisha. Homage to our beloved leader & visionary on his birth anniversary.
Democratic values are Evolutionary triggers which are sure to achieve victory and hence a new party like Savitri Era is the only option now.
Congress, BJP, BSP, SP, or AAP etc. don't want any change; their aim is surval. Only a new party like Savitri Era can bring radical changes.
Murmurs of dissatisfaction are audible from all the parties and joining hands under the Savitri Era Party banner is the most viable option.
Congress tightening its Dynastic rule & pushing a puppet Prime Minister is a fateful tragedy of the 21st Century and for human civilaisation.
Those obsessed with Aurangzeb-Shivaji, Sanskrit, or AIT-OIT etc. are certainly not the tribe who would be interested in future of Democracy.
Most intellectuals agree that there should be change but wouldn't back any new party. This bond with the status quo is a formidable barrier.
@raaxus @a_r_j_u_n @dr_madindian The responsibility of healing yourself of the pitiable ideology that you are afflicted with is solely yours.
@smarket All Nationalised Banks should be taken over by RBI and SBI should be a competing monolith by gobbling its Associates plus Pvt Banks.
Rajya Sabha seats should be filled up by a list system drawn on the basis of State Assembly election results for proportional representation.
Each Lok Sabha and State Assembly Constituency should elect two representatives: one man and one woman securing the highest number of votes.
@bhoopalp Admirable sentiments but concerted portrayal of Muslims as culprits and threatening a 'Mullah at your door' turns them suspicious.
@bhoopalp Agree; foregrounding Sri Aurobindo is one such task. But, misdeeds of past Kings should not be used against present day Muslims.
@bhoopalp Can't understand, with your strongman in power, what sort of danger you anticipate. Why this rumour mongering in orchestration?
Peddling hackneyed angry epithets is no substitute for argument and reason. Educated Indians must read Sri Aurobindo for conceptual clarity
@dr_madindian @a_r_j_u_n Easy to tweet filmy dialogue by being anonymous. Btw, why so many RW ultra-patriots hide their identity? Manliness?
@dr_madindian @a_r_j_u_n I feel happy that you are affected. The contagion of Sri Aurobindo can work miracles with fundamentalist attitude.
@dr_madindian @a_r_j_u_n Democracy and Constitutionalism are delicate flowers which we need to nurture with enormous patience and tolerance.
@a_r_j_u_n Better to talk in terms of an individual than saying 'we'. Rest of the problems are to be handled by our elected Govt. Why fret?
@dr_madindian You choose to be a prisoner of imagined calamities and call yourself mad. I think your self deserves kinder treatment by you.
@dr_madindian @a_r_j_u_n Thanks for being lenient but I am astonished that a puny individual can curse a whole race and a whole people.
@a_r_j_u_n @dr_madindian Interfering in the internal affairs of other nations is not in consonance with modern day international law, I feel.
@a_r_j_u_n Conflating diverse issues clouds thinking. Determining inference beforehand is not a very desirable method of research and study.
@a_r_j_u_n The rules of the game of a Monarchy can't be judged appropriately by the ethical tenets of a democracy, a few centuries later.
@a_r_j_u_n What a King does has its own legality and validity. Spinning narratives and claiming victimhood for present politics is dishonest.
@dikgaj @a_r_j_u_n Questioning the Kings of yesteryears is futile; it's faulty both morally & methodologically. Only spreads needless hatred.
Savitri Era Party has been able to bring awareness about the significance of Sri Aurobindo as a bold thinker [TNM55]
[Patience, like gratitude, is a modest virtue whose value is often downgraded or ignored but not by Sri Aurobindo]
[Integral Yoga depends on members, not on Sri Aurobindo & Mother. The first dogma will be that it is NOT a religion]
Aurora Mirabilis: Nirodbaran, Nirmal Chandra Sahu, and Narad
rainbOwther: Guha, Foa, Verghese, and Danino
Savitri Era Open Forum: Voltaire, Darwin, Husserl, and Sri Aurobindo
Marketime: Hazlitt, Chang, Prahlad, Rajan, and Banerjee
Adam Smith's Lost Legacy
[The contrast is striking. Over 90 percent of Rotterdam in the Netherlands sits below sea level]

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