Thursday, April 21, 2016

Ambedkar ignored what Sri Aurobindo wrote

Reading Sri Aurobindo's books in original and not in translation is important since it's not the substance alone but also the sound of words.
Sri Aurobindo has written at length on Mantra and in his writings both prose and poetry has infused the power of inspired word combinations.
Sri Aurobindo can be considered as one offering a sympathetic framework to build upon.
Most contemporaries of Sri Aurobindo did not read his epochal works. The present generation too is no better but would soon be compelled to.
Ambedkar did admirable study on society and religion but unfortunately ignored what Sri Aurobindo wrote.
If support for Hindutva clouds your thinking and public pronouncements, then the intellectual environment suffers to a considerable extent.
Supporters are terribly disappointed with Modi now, but still fail to understand that BJP has got no fuel to grow further. So, Savitri Era.
No matter if they scrupulously avoid to follow or RT me but what I have been harping on for the last four years is unfolding slowly & surely.
Savitri Era: Any blossoming of credibility anywhere in the age of paid-media therefore is surely a real gain [TNM55]
Savitri Era: Sidelining mythological symbols should form a valid goal - Pratyusha Banerjee or Rohith Vemula as theory
Being organised under the banner of a political party is a better option with long term and additional advantages.
"If wishes were horses, beggars would ride"
What's your take on Minhaz Merchant?
[Sri Aurobindo’s Action does necessarily need to include political aspect of Society into Its scope. ~Barin Chaki]
[Debashish Banerji, professor, South Asian Philosophy, Culture and Art at California Institute of Integral Studies.]
‘Odia letters most elegant among all scripts of world’ via

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