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Ambedkar and Buddhism are double whammy

10-Apr-2016, 6.00 PM: A meeting of Savitri Era Party was held in Basai Darapur, Delhi which was also addressed by Gobardhan Dhal, Gen. Secy.
Cuttack 07-Apr-16 (6.30-8.30 pm) Recitation: Bandita Ray, Education in India: CH. Nirakar, Biswanath Ray, Gadadhar Mishra, & Prasad Tripathy
Cuttack 7.4.16 (8.30-12.00 noon) Discussion on Sri Aurobindo's Poems: Sri Pravakar Mishra, Sri Sanjay Kr. Mohapatra, Sri Ramesh Chandra Sahu
Cuttack, 6.4.16, 8.30-12 noon: Discussions on Sri Aurobindo's Poems by Prasanta Kr. Swain, Kalandi Ch. Senapati, Bimala Prasanna Dash et al.
Cuttack 5.4.16: 6.30 -8.30 pm Recitation Km. Namita. Man can collaborate, Speakers: Dr. Biranchi Narayan Mohapatra Sri Rabi Padhi Prof. Biswanath Ray
History of Sri Aurobindo movement in Odisha: Babaji, Prapatti, & Utsabananda Samantaray
My vote goes for Prof. J.N. Mohanty for his global standing and integral ethos.

Savitri Era: Decoupling lifestyle choices from Religion, tradition, and Political parties
Savitri Era is a feeble attempt to keep lofty ideals within sight: 
1) Education - Recent happenings in JNU and HCU underscore ideological vacuum and need for credible alternative.
2) Politics - The way RSS is trying to poison minds by corrupting discourse needs to be countered.
3) Religion - The significance of the descent of Supramental Consciousness upon Earth (February 29, 1956) needs to be told in a wider scale.
Ghaziabad, India
4) Personal Evolution - Scope for transforming one's own action and consciousness is normal to be expected by engaging with the above spheres.

The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo is the most relevant work on this debate. Again a book!
Fine online site:

The Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo

following Sri Aurobindo's philosophy is far more important than mere intellectual surfing or skiing
Konark Temple was built by a King as per his whims. It need not be a reference point for choices in Democracy and Modernity.
This should be a general principle whether Kings built temples or destroyed them. India after 26-Jan-1950 should be the focus.
A Democracy should be able to formulate ethics and take its own decisions without being bound by the actions of the past Kings.
Each of us can have his own version of Evolution but it's worth consulting what Sri Aurobindo thought about it in The Life Divine.
The Veda must be understood in its originality and not for the sake of sundry presumed utilities.
How Sri Aurobindo fields the Varuna-Vritra dialectic in his "The Secret of the Veda" surpasses all human creativity.
Imbibing a right worldview can heal half of human problems and that was perhaps the intention of Sri Aurobindo for writing The Life Divine.
Transformation through Knowledge has a bearing on our bodily existence and on the hope of surmounting Death. [TNM55]
Development issues are entwined with funding, technology, and environment concerns but Sri Aurobindo points to larger Ontological dimensions.
Talent is rare and no amount of patriotic muscle-flexing can compensate its scarcity. An eclectic and global approach, therefore, is a must.
Excellences achieved by the human civilisation shouldn't be judged in parochial lines. Quality and not source should be the owning criteria.
Political exploitation of Hindutva is, perhaps, less pernicious than the deeply entrenched commercial networks, the latest being Patanjali.
How Casteism and consequent discrimination can be eradicated as long as Indian Constitution recognises castes, is the most difficult puzzle.
Be it the vexed ways of Nehru, Ambedkar, or Hindutva, Sri Aurobindo has the final answer. He has been disregarded for a century; no further.
Literature and culture must not be confused with religion which, Sri Aurobindo insists, comprises of man's inner aspiration for perfection.
No use of Mythology, Astrology, or Rituals as true essence of the Veda and Upanishads have been painstakingly brought out by Sri Aurobindo.
No political party in India remembers an outstanding Freedom fighter, poet, and philosopher like Sri Aurobindo or his Manifesto.
Time for the youth of India to grasp political significance of Sri Aurobindo vis-à-vis Hindutva, Nehruvian, Marxist, or Ambedkarite paths.
Following Sri Aurobindo and Savitri Era Party is the best way for banishing the anti-Evolutionary paths of Ambedkar, Savarkar, and Golwalkar.
Patronising Dalit politics in the name of Ambedkar and Buddhism are double whammy. Join Savitri Era envisaged by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo.
Let no one call you a Dalit or SC. Ambedkar imprisons you as low and oppressed but The Mother & Sri Aurobindo show the path to emancipation.
Savitri Era Religion supports Narisetti's "thesis that children's rights to include complete freedom from religious belief or conditioning."
Savitri Era Party seeks abolition of Govt recognition for castes, races, religions, or languages and reservation or preferential provisions.
TV debates are deceptive and people need to learn not to be overwhelmed by them. It's better to turn to Sri Aurobindo for authentic guidance
The country has seen enough theatrics since 2011 and the time is ripe now for rational and serious work based on Sri Aurobindo's inspiration.
Not only Congress or BJP, most parties, form the Left and AAP to supporters of Lohia, Ambedkar or Periyar see Savitri Era Party as a threat.
Savitri Era Party will push for concerns like Equality, Individual rights, and Rule of law anchored to the Evolutionary template.
Every passing day, RSS is making Nehru look greater but the current status of Congress is dismal. So, SEP would be the ultimate beneficiary.
No BJP or RSS supporter quotes Sri Aurobindo now and so, our insulation attempts have been successful so far. Cause of heartache, no doubt!
Not easy resolving the conflicting claims of tradition & modernity or uniformity & diversity, but Sri Aurobindo's Evolutionary vision guides.
Apart from the political and philosophical relevance of Sri Aurobindo, his educational and cultural contributions are vital for refinement.
Modi used to be portrayed as a superman who will usher in change in minutes. Now his supporters are blaming either RSS or IAS. AchheDin gone!
Despite coming to power BJP has not been able to build an iota of intellectual legitimacy for any of its pet agenda on socio-political front.
Link opened but not the prose. Too coded to be ordinarily understood or practiced. Signals sinking hope for Hindutva!
Really disgusting that Shaktimaan Govt's first Gatimaan Express is to run between Hazrat Nizamuddin and Agra, both associated with Muslims!
No one should occupy office for more than two terms and twelve years in aggregate. Don't vote for those who have already served two terms.
Why maintain a separate IST and INR? Why can't India switch to GMT and adopt Euro? 24X7 life surely needs a common currency and single time.
I love reading Western philosophy but mercifully could not develop any attraction towards their fiction, movies, or music, not even poetry.
Why the Western music seems like a rollercoaster journey while our Hindi evergreen old movie songs are so neatly symmetrical is beyond me.
Zero attraction for TV serials, Cars, or Cricket is also something which I consider as a blessing. The time obviously is consumed by Twitter!
As a child I had promised to myself: No cosmetics and no narcotics which continues to be in force. So, many assume me to be ten years older.
Grey hair is also a good teacher. It alerts to be socially responsible so that one is saved from the temptation of stupidly playing younger.
Community life suffers a lot due to disproportionate reliance on cosmetics especially by women who feel younger & avoid normal conversation.
Savitri Era: Warp and woof of attraction and repulsion harnessing space and time
[Vedic cosmology and cosmogns may be largely reconstructed from the fire, light and sun-related Vedic myths.] 
[we must not confuse Sri Aurobindo’s concept of Hinduism which is beyond any institutional religion that we practise]
"Each country or region can seek solutions better suited to its culture and sensitive to its traditions and local needs," Pope Francis wrote.
Manipal Centre for Philosophy & Humanities talk on Self & identity by Prof. Stephen Phillips, Univ-of-Texas, Austin.
Mainstream, April 4, 2016: ‘Danger to Constitutional Values’ - Statement by Retired Civil Servants, Niranjan Pant...

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