Saturday, April 02, 2016

Decoupling lifestyle choices from Religion, tradition, and Political parties

One can change one's religion and nationality but there is no voluntary exit route from the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes categories. 
All Constitutional & Administrative provisions regarding Castes have to be cast away. All Reservations have to be dispensed with accordingly
Abolishing Entertainment Tax and Personal Income Tax are priorities. Also, STT on all transactions and Fixed levy on Bank interest payouts.
2. Abolition of all legal, official, administrative, or statutory recognition of Castes, Races, and Religions or any preferential treatment.
3. Decoupling lifestyle choices like food, dress, physical appearance, marriage ceremony etc. from Religion, Tradition, or Political Parties.
4. Protecting children from imposition of Superstition or physical and mental torture and scenic tourist spots from the invasion of Religion.

@Nikhil_7D Ganesh has listed the names of past scholars & pointed out that there is diversity in their opinions. Malholtra feels threatened!
Intention of Rajiv Malholtra may be noble but he needs to do a course correction. Stop castigating Westerners and let them work on their own
Even, Sri Aurobindo doesn't put so much of faith on Sanskrit. He preferred English to express himself and in SAVITRI he touches sublimity.
Education, profession, & cultural orientation are different spheres with their own set of purpose. Sri Aurobindo stresses upon life's goal
Sri Aurobindo wants eschewing the mechanical and uninvolved mode of Rituals and venturing into the psychological method of Self-exploration.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo also help in keeping a safe distance from Hindutva. India which is liberal, modern, and.. …
Savitri Era: The fight over Sanskrit is proving vividly why India was divided into small kingdoms in the olden days. …
Such shallow references to Sri Aurobindo are published but no article quotes from my sites although I am writing for more than ten years now.
@abhijitmajumder Only The Mother & Sri Aurobindo hold the clue and offer robust counter ideology. But people continue to ignore Savitri Era.
Some voices were strong defenders of Hindu ideology before Modi came to power but are leaving the scene one by one due to lack of conviction.
Savitri Era: Sandeepweb had rebuffed me on Twitter apropos of Sri Aurobindo and I still nurse a grouse against him.. …
Banishing Astrology, Mythology, and Rituals is the only way to accelerate the pace of progress in India by promoting science and technology.
I have not read @devduttmyth works but seems like he is doing a good job in injecting rationality & critical inquiry …

After AAP fiasco, there is all round disappointment but your support for Savitri Era Party can create a new momentum towards clean politics.
Kejriwal and Modi came to power by adopting utterly dishonest methods and crash manipulation. Future electoral victory won't legitimise them.
The challenge for Democracy in India is to allow the Constitution to function by removing all those who are applying remote control on Govt.
Attracting attention space has become a high stakes enterprise for all activities and the means are no longer subjected to ethical scrutiny.
Clinging to an ideology or organisation has more to do with social and feel good factor than rational or moral anchor, which grows with age.

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