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Focusing on genocide and tyranny is one-eyed history

No higher pursuit is feasible in empty stomach. So after assuming power at Centre, RW ecosystem is gravitating towards intellectual churning
Blogs or Journal articles are not enough; to get quoted, books have to be written. Need to tackle Universities and the Publishing industry.
RSS is being criticised by avid supporters for silence/inaction but lately it has been espousing some really progressive themes, discreetly.
Rajiv Malhotra needs to be jettisoned like Pravin Togadia. Intellectual wars are to be won by convincing cold print and not sprint polemics.
@rsaroja70 They have a long way to go but on Twitter one meets many bright young men who are unable to unshackle from the Hindutva fetters.
People means the people of India or its citizens. Those who cunningly replace it by Hindu are living in a fool's paradise. Sheer dishonesty!
You are free to establish institutions of excellence but never be ungrateful towards those who have contributed to hold this nation together
Focusing on exploitation, tyranny, and genocide by ignoring nurturing of art & culture, patronising artisans & inventors is one-eyed history
India has a set of laws the origins of which go back to Greek & Roman times. Studying their ethical and philosophical underpinning is a must
For some time it appeared that the respectable RW tag would really transform thinking but now it seems that it will be limited to RSS only.
Knowledge is key to success but RSS echochamber and dumbing down will keep a large section of Indians underdeveloped like Dalits in the past
Many will readily narrate instances of social service performed by RSS but won't realise how it manipulates and poisons people's thinking.
Freeing India from the clutches of RSS and Congress seems impossible but The Mother Sri Aurobindo have already sown the seeds 100 years ago.
Modi has no power to defy international syndicate and hence following the footsteps of the previous regime. Cheerleaders soon to be in tears
Calling upon all right thinking people to support Savitri Era Party for ushering in new politics and renewed commitment for law and ethics.
@aroonpurie News channels are dumb clones of each other but the prominent role of INDIA TODAY fortnightly in modernising the nation laudable
Many write-ups on Sri Aurobindo either don't focus on or present a distorted version of his political views. So, one must be always careful.
@manasharya Thanks for the ambitious attempt to capture many sidedness within a single article although the unifying message hardly emerges.
@HindolSengupta @dravirmani Present international system is about nations and laws. So, no need to be unnecessarily alarmed about religions.
@AgentSaffron And Sri Aurobindo's famous address was broadcast over AIR Tiruchirappalli on August 14, 1947 where he outlined his #FiveDreams
Hindutva enthusiasts spreading hatred against Muslims and Dalit activists abusing Brahmins are unnecessary unpleasantness one is forced face
Never before Revolution was so easy and safe: Tweeting anonymously from the comfort of your room sans the need of any one else or dependence
The world outside, thankfully, runs in its normal pattern and a Metro journey is, perhaps, the best mode of escaping the shrill Twitter wars
@sagenaradamuni There's bound to be a difference between the producer's intention and the consumer's response. That's the crux of the matter
Regardless of difference in knowledge or resources, each citizen in a Democracy is entitled to be treated as an equal, and unpatronisingly.
@SanyalIndranil Ideals harboured in the heart and mindspace have their inevitable role in transforming present pitfalls by compelling change
A fine example of unadulterated hate without slightest sensitivity toward millions of human beings who actually fast
The question then arises is, what is it so overpowering in the Hindu teaching that makes some of its modern adherents so full of antipathy?
By reading the works of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, however, one may overcome the feeling of hatred to seek Harmony.
Hindutva strategy is to thrust a Muslim scapegoating discourse but the rational approach is to see people as citizens and crimes as crimes.
People in every party, AAP, BJP, and Congress, are looking for an alternative and, ideology-wise, Savitri Era Party promises the best option
@vivekagnihotri Please look at your ownself instead of laying the blame at the door of the Moguls & British. Recognise Sri Aurobindo's merit
@VogonPoem @Songadiya Concentrating on the events of our own lifetimes is a saner approach to design the future. #GlobalHarmony #FiveDreams
@VogonPoem The four States are doing fine with freshly elected Governments and Centre is fully empowered to deal with four-lettered acronym.
@noconversion @NarasingM Both events stand as facts and don't cancel out each other so that the posterity can know their significance/lesson
@DesiOptimystic @rahulroushan @bwoyblunder @chinmaykrvd Best solution is to make Varun RBI Governer and gamble with RR/3R as UP CM candidate
Varna categories are common to both men and women which is often lost sight of by votaries of gender equality leading to warped reasoning.
Work enhances skills and abilities but hardly surpasses how one is wired or core competence. Many invisible streams assist in one's success.
Reservation system sanctified by Indian Constitution on birth-based criterion must be dispensed with for proper understanding of Vedic varna
All those who support abolition of birth-based categorisation, discrimination, or reservation must come forward to join Savitri Era Party.
Holding on to birth-based discourse in politics is the prime roadblock for Dalit upliftment and emancipation. Feeds careerists and activists
For most anti-BJP parties Reservation is the Oxygen. USP of Savitri Era Party is to reignite dream of a society wedded to Equality & Freedom
@ArmchairPseph Even beyond. Mythology also teaches to wage a war for establishing Dharma and in that sense Jihad not limited to one religion
@ArmchairPseph You can't be proud of the tradition selectively. Have to own it, warts and all. Unfortunately no one grapples with grey areas
Power serves as a cementing force and acts as a magnet. But the real strength is to be loyal to the ideology irrespective of its popularity.
The notion has turned firm that the Indian public can be hoodwinked and easily manipulated. That may be true to an extent but not invariably
Scriptures, Mythology, legends & literature: all texts need to be read as texts. Among them it's easy to find Sri Aurobindo as most credible
Defending one's nation and defending one's religion are different, the latter belonging to a juvenile instinct. Freedom of faith is a must.
Which place of worship to visit or not visit should be a part of an individual's freedom & life's experimentation sans any legal imposition.
One compulsory religion throughout one's life is bound to be porous like monogamy. Modern societies must have provision for deviant themes.
The best way to get rid of one's (juvenile) innocence or (pedantic) intransigence is to read Sri Aurobindo's books.
Even the most candid disclosure by anyone can't be treated as honest since scheming hidden forces inside us dictate our intention and action
All of India coming under an intellectual storm will take time; may be by 2047 such a possibility can dawn. So no other option than to wait.
@vs70 Centenary of Indian Independence and the #FiveDreams message of Sri Aurobindo. Just a supposition and a hope (and idle speculation!).
The more people talk about religious and racial divides, the more we must emphasise the common human aspects of our existence on this planet
Commonality and oneness can end up in nihilism as the West has, tragically, discovered. Sri Aurobindo, therefore, preferred Vedic anchorage.
India doesn't need a slew of new pigmy brands to market itself. One Sri Aurobindo is enough for the current century.
Pleading for Mythology & Rituals is like flogging a dead horse. The Mother and Sri Aurobindo have already set the agenda of future Evolution
Much before the term Demat came into use, Sri Aurobindo had transformed the Veda into the Demat mode by abandoning Rituals & Personification
No phrase in Sanskrit or Pali is valid without Vedic sanction and no proposition of the Veda is valid without Sri Aurobindo's interpretation
Fiction is part of human nature & hence culture is subject to constant creative representations. Multiple interpretations must be tolerated.
@IDIOTpathicDOC @AgentSaffron @brumbyOz In any case, India does need a common language and Odia fits the bill well. Everyone must learn it.
@ahindu_ @AgentSaffron @sagardkhare Odia is the most noncontroversial and the oldest among all North Indian languages. Best as link language
@ahindu_ @AgentSaffron @sagardkhare When others are learning 3-4 languages, Hindi speaking people will have to learn just one language.
@ahindu_ @AgentSaffron @sagardkhare Happening nowhere is no logic. It's a necessity for proper national integration... otherwise tinder box!
@sagardkhare @ahindu_ @AgentSaffron When I asked for learning Odia, it's at the social and voluntary level and not burdening the students.
@MangoBwoy @RoflGandhi_ @IDIOTpathicDOC @AgentSaffron @brumbyOz Even if the whole of India chooses to learn Odia, Bengalis will be the last.
Nothing more embarrassing than millions of people at home praying with bated breath for the Prime Minister to manage a speech when abroad.
How many countries left now? At least, good geography lesson for the school dropout Pracharaks and teenagers who are obsessed with Cricket.
Some are busy in spraying hatred consistently. But 6.6.2016 is a date to seek Harmony & aspire for the New Creation.
Savitri Era: Reignite the dream of a society wedded to Equality and Freedom #GlobalHarmony #WorldUnion #FiveDreams
Plain & Simple: Sri Aurobindo's vision of India had no place for vote-bank politics
Savitri Era Open Forum: Sri Aurobindo's exceptionally multifaceted cosmology
Savitri Era Open Forum: Sri Aurobindo is opening doors to a genuine hermeneutic
Feel Philosophy
Aurora Mirabilis: [How to put Sri Aurobindo and The Mother’s abstrac...
[How does one put Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s somewhat abstract guidance into practice in the phenomenal world ?]
[each has their own way and pace and must be worked with accordingly. Starting with each individual from wherever..]
[stupid books on how "society" could be better "organised" led the world astray. There is Rousseau, Marx, Sartre...]
@IndiaHistorypic [Saavira Kambada basadi or त्रिभुवन तिलक चूडामणि is a Jain temple with 1000 pillars in Moodabidri.]

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