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Evolution is discarding heritage and tradition in slices

Tweets by @Savitri EraParty:
Ram Kumar has done a decent job in introducing the basics of Critical Theory which is a must read for Hindutva loving Engineers/Scientists.
Though highlighting vagaries of discourse, the article is proof enough that communication can be honest and precise.
We, however, disagree with what @RamKumar1133 attempts to infer and persist with our tremendous regard for Lacan, Derrida, and Baudrillard.
Present belligerence by Hindutva hardliners is depicting the personalities of Moonje, Savarkar, Golwalkar, Deendayal, et al in distorted way
"Luminous and voluminous" writings of Sri Aurobindo forever invite to explore liminality regardless of "dramatic or traumatic" consequences.
@Hiranyareta Infatuation with the West may stem from diverse roots including career-growth but rational choices/conviction can't be faulted.
Hit and run tweets against Gandhi or Ram Mohan Roy won't alter the narrative. Scores of books and analytical studies need to be authored.
Knowledge is instantly perceived as hegemonic and is resisted; the person is avoided/ignored. So the role of Brahmin is to fight buffoonery.
Each person evolves from the Shudra stage to the Brahmin state. But the success rate is not satisfactory. India is the best coaching centre.
So, the Brahmin is not a separate category, as the popular notion goes; it includes and implies mastery over the other three varna qualities
Many Brahmins stooping low and playing to the gallery is not uncommon. Such deliberate degradation proves tragic vis-à-vis Sanskritisation.
Empiricist models of management and strategy carry you so far. The Brahmin's role is sensing brighter spots and forcing course correction.
Qualities to be aspired for for a Brahmin are Anapeksha, Suchi, Daksha, Udasina, Gata-vyathah, and Sarvarambha-parityagi (Mahabharata-Gita).
Apart from heredity, environment, and education, Evolution is also important for determining a person's stage in moving towards Brahminhood.
@AsterixdeGaulle @rvaidya2000 Sri Aurobindo is much more than a solitary speech. Reading him in detail is essential.
Many outstanding Civil Servants face a crisis of character while seeking post-retirement rehabilitation or as a Party's Public Intellectual.
@ShoaibDaniyal @RohiniBakshi @Mamdhata @hchaturv Odia pronunciation is considered closest to Sanskrit. #RajaParba
@mdbiyani @India_Policy @smritiirani @archanatiwari20 Odia #RajaParba
@JP_LOKSATTA @kumarashsish Odia suits best as common language if learnt voluntarily outside schools and colleges.
@a_r_j_u_n For pragmatic reasons, our party line deviates from what Sri Aurobindo wrote, at times. You may like this
@a_r_j_u_n Why? Did I say "Dear" ?
@a_r_j_u_n Thanks for wishing. Awake whole night; no power.
@dwarakiMN @GhorAngirasa @i_contemplate_ @KumaraVaani @deshrajeev Strangely Veda is hardly treated as heritage; Sri Aurobindo's work ignored
@sarvarta @Tamil1947 You may join/support/work for Savitri Era Party which promotes a polity without Reservations and other liberal ideals.
@sarvarta @Tamil1947 Reservations were required, have contributed, but have turned exploitative. Time to prepare for relinquishing crutches.
Evolution discarding heritage and tradition in slices is a cruel reality to accept. Thus, unhinging from the group-think is a huge challenge
Engaging with Sri Aurobindo involves crossing boundaries of particular subjects and their structures to roam in the free vista of knowledge.
By emphasising upon Evolution and Yoga, Sri Aurobindo entwines volition with cosmology, thus setting a direction for knowledge to plough on.
A Centre for Religious Studies as a University wing, for instance, can't focus on where Sri Aurobindo is leading to.
Sri Aurobindo, OTOH, assigns knowledge a task in conjunction with other modes of self-perfection: work and worship.
Thus, education, in the context of Sri Aurobindo, would chart an innovative and intuitive course on learner's choice
Though reading the works of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, at random, is helpful, a systematic approach is recommended.
A brief account written by Sri Aurobindo about his own life and activities gives a bird's eye view of his priorities
@sarvarta @Tamil1947 @priyashmita The only formula how BJP/RSS can be stopped is by incorporating Sri Aurobindo into dry Nehruvian paradigm.
The most beguiling superstition prevailing in the country is Ambedkar and Savarkar are relevant for future whereas Sri Aurobindo is a cypher
Followers of Sri Aurobindo believe in his prophecies but wish them to happen miraculously without their working for it openly, soiling hands
Although, The Mother had established a nationwide network by the time she left in 1973, the relevance of Sri Aurobindo still largely unknown
The Mother was quite forthright in her support for Sri Aurobindo but his followers at present are content with supporting Savarkar/Ambedkar.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo worked relentlessly for ushering in harmony but their followers are busy spewing hatred that is anti-Evolutionary
Just thought of my pair of shoes. All dreams & possibilities can materialise only if they consent to carry me there.
Seems like Google somehow liked my musings on shoes! 
@riminamohapatra @silikamohapatra @CNNnews18 @NPR
Modi is synonymous with manipulation. His tryst with the top office denotes void ab initio, and he is adding fresh zeroes every passing day.
"No one gives what he doesn't have." Modi not facing domestic media not in consonance with Democratic functioning; so also, HRD under Irani.
PM and President of the ruling party hailing from the same State in a country as plural as India is a slap on the face of norms and probity.
America based hardliners of Indian origin are constantly spewing venom against Indian citizens in some pretext or the other. Fight them out.
Yoking the mind and the body along with the life instincts and aspirations to the guidance of one's inner being amounts to Yoga or Evolution
Protect children from the influence of mythological fiction & superstition in the name of Yoga and turn to Veda as unveiled by Sri Aurobindo
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo assure us that a new world is indeed possible, or rather inevitable and so we at SEP dream to design a new India.
Each voice ought to be respected in a Democracy but not necessarily accepted. Talent is rare; knowledge shud be sought from distilled source
Jaithirth Rao jumps from Ananda Math to Hindu Mahasabha as if nothing happened in between. Reprehensible hypocrisy!
Many blog writings are partisan and too opinionated. We are yet to see a website emerging with astute independence.
No matter what the final outcome of AIT/OIT feud is, MT has set a rigorous standard of scholarship which Sokal/Oak disciples have to comply.
Rather than glorifying the past real pride should come from by knowing facts as facts no matter how unpalatable & inconvenient they turn out
Instead of weaving narratives around victimhood or avenging past sins, a dispassionate quest for information should be good scholar's motto.
Right from Ashoka's inscriptions on pillars, history writing has peddled copious falsehood and pre-determined theses for career advancement.
Reappraisal of 20th century history is an urgency with the meeting of The Mother Sri Aurobindo as point of departure
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo propounded "Integral Yoga" which has nothing to do with hitting the mat. Yet, many are citing them mischievously.
An interesting debate is going on with some people defending Indian origin of Yoga when the origin of Indians itself is under a fierce fight
Don't be a silent spectator when AAP, BJP, and Congress are ruining the country. Follow The Mother/Sri Aurobindo and join Savitri Era Party.
Even religious scriptures recognise human foibles but the Constitution of India demands people of perfect character ensuing disappointments.
As far as my impression goes, only V.P. Singh passes the test of honesty and integrity as PM. With such rare occurrences, Democracy not safe
Some bleeding hearts believe that all languages should survive but that's not what Evolution is leading to. Gender is Hindi's Achilles' heel
Those who argue mother tongue is the best medium of learning and passport to development and innovation need to visit Uttar Pradesh to check
Issue is not why India was under foreign rulers but how far people benefitted by such encounters and exchanges and their utility for future.
Forcing a partition among people thorough a temperamental criteria like whether one identifies with Hindu mobilisation, is so sad and cruel.
Since an individual has no control over his or her birth, option to escape from nationality, religion, caste, etc should be freely available
Like unreserved compartments in trains, territories should be set apart for free movement of people facilitating commerce/cultural exchange.
Democracy amounts to electing a ruler and not burdening uninformed citizens for examining complicated issues with far reaching implications.
@smarket Man is a transitional being, avers Sri Aurobindo, who in his Evolutionary path is inching towards attaining perfect morality/truth.
While we respect the verdict of British people, it seems to be against the Evolutionary spirit of World Union as envisaged by Sri Aurobindo.
As I write this tweet in English, I remember our deep relation with British people in which Sri Aurobindo had a role and its huge potential.
Although the Veda was available for several thousands of years, its secret was revealed by Sri Aurobindo in the English language (ARYA,1914)
It's not just the size or its economy, rather the civilisational ramifications of U.K. as a nation can't be overlooked. Temporary set back!
Most are not aware about how Sri Aurobindo came to throw his weight behind England against Hitler. That solves many puzzles, past and future
The ruling party mobilising a small faction within itself that fakes playing the role of opposition is nothing but a smokescreen to hoodwink
Very clever plot and another round of misconception about Sri Aurobindo will be reinforced among the new generation!
@rsaroja70 The Nationalist is shown as weak in character and a fugitive (escapist) which coincided with popular impression of Sri Aurobindo.
@rsaroja70 As followers of Sri Aurobindo, we don't value much the views of his famous contemporaries but others are free to hold theirs.
@Tamil1947 @rsaroja70 Thanks for the recognition with the request to spread the word. We are an antidote to Hindutva, for your information.
@maidros78 @AgentSaffron @samAlochaka History & issues are complex, very complex. Please avoid conflict by reducing things to 140 characters
It's heartening to note that people within the Hindutva camp are ready to fight for cherished ideals. @maidros78 @AgentSaffron @samAlochaka
@KKDash2020 Problem is when trade becomes disproportionately dependent on one-way arms trade. And then a different dynamics exerts imbalance
@hinduwebsite It'd be interesting to scan the role of harmless seeming technology and communication in facilitating these larger aggregates.
@smarket Anchorage is essential instead of inventing own School. Sri Aurobindo offers a lofty point of departure for economics and politics.
@shantprakash too has been demanding dissolution of BJP SC Morcha. But abolishing Reservations is the real challenge
@a_r_j_u_n @GreatHeretic Reading Sri Aurobindo is mandatory for correct understanding of Gita, Upanishads, and Veda. Savitri is the summit.
@a_r_j_u_n Since you are politically oriented, understanding how Sri Aurobindo differs from Hindutva is rather more important. @GreatHeretic
Neglecting academic pursuits and pushing unsubstantiated propositions is a Hindutva forte. Thankfully, some are uncompromising on method now
Last couple of days saw fireworks among Hindutva heavyweights. AIT, Nazis, Gita, GM food, everything is being re-assessed which is welcome.
@GreatHeretic @a_r_j_u_n Some pointers here:
@a_r_j_u_n Each one's preference needs to be respected in a Democracy but the same principle doesn't hold good in Pedagogy. @GreatHeretic
Earlier, arvindneela was treating Ambedkar as most credible but lately he has begun to find virtue in Sri Aurobindo, albeit a bit grudgingly
@ngc1729 We discussed it last time; I'm only following the current position considering science has progressed since Sri Aurobindo's time.
@ngc1729 Sri Aurobindo was always intellectually polite, never took any hard line; himself revised many of his stands. And I'm no final word
@ngc1729 RW skirmishes over issues are becoming fairly regular and such intellectual exercise is welcome. So, you should settle matter there
Clever ploy to create a Modi vs. Swamy buzz to deflect any credible face emerging for 2019 and hijacking UP poll campaign to national scene.
We often hear disdain for unelected leaders but their ideological commitment and loyalty to party happen to be higher than grassroots guys.
Some were complaining that many are happy about India's failure at NSG bid. Same people turn very happy when terror strikes and blame Islam.
Despite prevalence of TV, this article proves how print media (including Twitter) is important for stating the truth
That Sri Aurobindo's views can clear up many ideological cobwebs comes into focus in this one instance about Aryans.
Pushing scripted narratives has been the bane of academic scenario in India. Thus, a rational approach is a must.
Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) Ghaziabad
@Janamejayan I think, it's Kunti (instead of Sita) and all five had multiple spouses. Hence, Sita doesn't fit in!
@TheRajarshi Statutory warning: "past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results"
Savitri Era: Focusing on genocide and tyranny is one-eyed history

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