Thursday, July 14, 2016

With Whitman and Harvey in Pauri

Dear Tarini babu,
Namaskar. I had started in 2005 to list all my favourite links at one place but the post on Odia movie songs became the most visited page and the rest is history. A lot of time and energy is needed to bring it to the level of my expectations and that's a task for the future.

During my college days and subsequently, I had collected about 30 song books which were available at the time of release of new films, like:
No idea about the present situation as I left Odisha in 1988.

Thanks for your interest. is the third related site apart from the above two. All of them are work in progress; provide nostalgia and motivation, both. [TNM55]

There is more to know is the basic premise that fuels all philosophical investigation; limited competence is underlying factor for humility.

Reading Harvey amidst Pauri hills (facilitated by undersea cables, as Whitman captured it) brought the sense of how hills of thought can be overpowering and, in fact, provide the means for escaping or transcending the prison and tyranny of physical geography. However, the primacy of the local or the particular, he deals with, gave the contrasting feeling and spurred respect for what was on offer, then and there. And, balancing both the aspects, or integrating them to the extent possible, is perhaps the real challenge, but, paradoxically, each one's version will change. [TNM55]

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