Friday, July 15, 2016

Sri Aurobindo's devotees should gather once in Delhi

There are four chief reasons for Sri Aurobindo not being sufficiently popular:
1. His philosophy covers a vast horizon and hence remains at a distance from normal life and longings.
2. His yoga and psychology are too deep and demand a level of loyalty and sincerity which is beyond many.
3. His poetry is too philosophical and falls outside normal aesthetic experiences apart from the language barrier.
4. His educational principles, though look impressive and inviting, are difficult to be translated into reality.

Thus, there can be four alternative routes for Sri Aurobindo to be rooted in popular imagination:
1. His political relevance vis-a-vis Hindutva and Leftist ideologies.
2. Growing number of his devotees giving rise to a distinct religion.
3. Circulation of devotional music and distribution and sale of various other products of common use with focus on employment generation.
4. Organising mega events to attract media attention and impress upon the young generation.

So, it's essential that Sri Aurobindo's devotees should gather once in Delhi. [TNM55]

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