Saturday, July 30, 2016

Modernist agenda of Savitri Era Party

@tweetingsourav @Marut_ @ScorpiusMaximus @MandarSawant184 @CestMoiz History of liberalisation in India starts with V.P. Singh as FM.
Evolution acts as a tension between the cyclical or mechanical movement of Nature and an emergent urge towards New.
If all goods and services are liable to be traded then votes are also included. So the challenge is to rescue it from greed to moral footing
From Tilak's Ganesh festival and P.C. Joshi’s PWA and IPTA to personality cult of Modi and Kejriwal, methods of securing votes are evolving.
Voting for AAP, BJP, and Congress is against national interest and we have been consistently reminding about this to one and all since 2012.
@rranjan501 Those supporting our Party can contest as Independents. Voting for the best candidate regardless of party affiliation is option.
@Sheks65 There is no greater political agenda than liberating the people of India from the debilitating influence of anti-Evolutionary, RSS.
Hindutva hardliners on Twitter are impatient with Modi but that doesn't mean that this Govt. is on the right path. RSS needs to be uprooted.
Our ideological differences with AAP, BJP, and Congress are too deep and diverse. Only Sri Aurobindo's vision is the future path for India.
Knowledge about Sri Aurobindo is meagre in our country and the educated minority is prejudiced against him. Need to break that pincer attack
Society may not be purged of hierarchy but the State enforced Reservation system perpetuating inequality needs to be thrown out, forthwith.
Hindutva antipathy for Secularism signals a composite opposition towards Democratic norms, Human Rights, Equality as citizens, and Freedom.
Lazy and easy theorising prefers to segregate everything according to current political fault lines but Sri Aurobindo points towards Harmony
It's such a disappointing feeling that the ten thousand year old Indian civilisation did not find a capable person to head the HRD Ministry.
Any contagion of Hitler is wrong, not in degrees, but wholly. Any truck with Hindutva, similarly, is to be avoided, even if it seems harmless.
Pushing or justifying party line is nothing but intellectual dishonesty. Projecting party's winning chances in an inflated way is chicanery.
@bainjal We have been harping on to oppose AAP, BJP, and Congress. SEP, drawing inspiration from Sri Aurobindo, is the only viable option.
@kavereeb We have been harping on to oppose AAP, BJP, and Congress. SEP, drawing inspiration from Sri Aurobindo, is the only viable option.
After failed experiment of AAP anti-Hindutva forces are trying to rally round Congress but it's suicidal. Sri Aurobindo is the only solution
Checkmating Hindutva is an admirable project but those throwing their weight behind Congress or ranting against Neo-liberalism are misguided
Instead of expecting dramatic rise of a new party, all right thinking persons should lend their support to the slow and steady growth of SEP
Neither BJP nor RSS has any ideological clarity and refrain from intellectual engagement with issues and future challenges. Not fit to rule.
Many people are under the illusion that Sri Aurobindo Ashram at Puducherry is the whole repository of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo's legacy.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo belong to the whole humanity and their identity can't be restricted to any nation let alone a particular location
Evolutionary action of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is taking place through all kinds of people whether or not they are aware of their vision.
Only a handful of poets and writers were able to assess the greatness of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo or blessed to come under their influence
Congress & BJP have slender hopes in UP but SP & BSP are not invincible. A new party with modernist agenda can capture people's imagination.
Abolition of all forms discrimination and reservations should be the first and foremost priority of the new party to give UP a real option.
Citizens have been forced to live under various forms of categorisation and privilege systems but time now to throw away such outdated props
Most of Indian Philosophy is of archival value. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have painstakingly built a philosophical recipe for modern living
Voluntary nationalism, and not imposed or coercive one, is a virtue. States and regions wanting separate existence should be given a chance.
Modernity and Democracy establish the supremacy of the human person before whom all considerations of nationality or religion are secondary.
Students never question the syllabus and think some supreme authority setting it. Higher education shows how crafty minds indoctrinate them.
Research in unknown areas is normal and certain foreigners have taken fancy to Hinduism. But, their wholesale campaigning for it is tainted.
Modernity inculcated a huge respect for printed words but the free-for-all SM demolished it as anyone may ridicule anything or publish trash
@_Mauna_ @AgentSaffron @IDIOTpathicDOC Any means to get an idea how many and which section of Hindus are also part of unclean professions?
@_Mauna_ I think, the Medical personnel and staff engaged in Post-mortem examination would also qualify.
@h_tejas @vinayaravind Please read the works of The Mother. They are an eye-opener.

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