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Linguistic Nations will be more vibrant, cohesive, and competitive

Returned from a month-long multi-nation tour: Andhra, Odisha, West Bengal etc. Both Dakshin Express and Poorva Express were eight hours late
@cpings4 Not in terms of legalities but culturally and language wise, they are definitely separate nations like the European nations.
@cpings4 You are right. People of India should be given freedom to choose the boundaries of their own sovereign nations with local flavour.
@cpings4 Present reality may not last long and overpopulation will force India to break into 40 to 50 nations with 50m population as maximum
@Birajmohandas @AgentSaffron @cpings4 Each language is a nation and accepting this reality of India is the most demanding aspect at present.
@cpings4 Sri Aurobindo advocated a World Union of free nations. Thus, a Federation of 50 Indian Nations can be a stepping stone towards it.
@Shakra_Kulish @cpings4 @AgentSaffron Thanks for deciphering something unique about me which I feel is a quest for Harmony & @IntegralUnity
@cpings4 Sri Aurobindo acted as per demands of time. Population has grown fourfold since then and so India may break https://t.co/VMzLz4Rd3K
@cpings4 Fine. I'm not claiming I'm right but am convinced that linguistic nationality is a huge undercurrent waiting to explode any moment.
@cpings4 You may be right but I don't agree with your perception that there is some intrinsic virtue in India being a single large nation.
@cpings4 Future Indian Federation of 50 nations will also preserve the Indian wisdom and express it exponentially in the international arena
@cpings4 Every society is upholding some form of human values and I don't think only Indians have monopoly over it. Global vision essential.
Indians will really be empowered and attain their full potential when the Central Govt is abolished and the States become Sovereign nations.
@k_bhairav Federal structure is a possible scenario. What happens thereafter is not easy to predict. Besides, Nature avoids mere repetition.
@cpings4 @k_bhairav Status quo imparts a feeling of safety but my sense is that smaller nations will be more vibrant, cohesive & competitive
@Shiv_sahyadri @RAJ_KUMAR_VERMA @cpings4 No confusion at all. I am campaigning for a EU like Federation for India. https://t.co/VEDPRi6E8t
From AIT to Bastar, there is a need for dispassionate discussion on all aspects of Indian nationhood and future possibilities, sans agenda.
@cpings4 Variation of "Go to Pakistan" !
Frantically looking for English alphabets was such a disappointment while touring Andhra except EXPRESS written on some buses. New Nation?
Roadside cluster of shops are common but their makeshift nature and lack of symmetry or any kind of beauty should trouble urban designers.
News value is reckoned on the basis of TRP these days and often manufactured accordingly but emotional connect with leaders stay undisturbed
@ravithinkz @kalisbrood Humanities need to be promoted and those pursuing despite meagre employment opportunities/uncertainty must be lauded
@mahesh10816 Why crib? You may ask BJP to change the Constitution.
@profabanerjee Well, that's history. Btw, I'm campaigning for Sovereignty status for the States; Federal structure under a EU like umbrella.
@profabanerjee My feeling is that the Central Govt. is a bottleneck and linguistic Nations will be more vibrant, cohesive, and competitive.
With 18℅ of World population, India needs to be divided at least into 18 new nations for administrative efficiency and last mile Democracy.
Caste and Religion are dominant factors in UP election. There is no escape from this situation in foreseeable future unless State is split.
[Comparing Federal Structures: India, US] @MillenniumPost Garga Chatterjee https://t.co/zYMQGbSfRn
Democracy negotiating diversity and navigating through difference is perhaps an exemplary situation but raises questions about suitability.
Struggle for power will never allow fair play in politics but Democracy has that aspirational element built into it and Judiciary keeps watch
Sensing public mood is the most important aspect of Democracy and Elections are one of the tools for that. Imposing one's will is fascist.
It's amazing, why BJP doesn't encourage the straight and decent path to counter Leftist agenda instead of employing hooliganism by students?
Leftist future vision is as distorted as their history narrative. But BJP myopia and Hindutva slant makes them look virtuous in comparison.
Select BJP supporters have started feeling uncomfortable on certain fronts. Not enough; Hindutva needs to be dropped lock, stock, and barrel.
To whomsoever it may concern: This is to certify that we have been advising BJP for better sense to prevail since 2011 sans any remuneration
Supporting Congress, BJP, AAP, or the Left parties is a straight and clear indication of working against the National interest. Bitter truth
There is a difference between Left parties and Leftist scholarship. Neglecting Critical Theory or postmodernism is intellectual harakiri.
Twitter has helped people from all professions to metamorphose into political commentators which is good for Democracy but humility lacking.
Compulsion of political parties for keeping Advocates, TV Anchors, Newspaper Editors, Professors, and Psephologists in their rolls is costly
Spinning narratives out of isolated events is common in history writing but a misleading feature. Filter needed for right vision of future.
Many on Twitter are in business and have the image of being honest. This is difficult to accept unless donation is not treated as corruption
Like AIT, it's difficult for me to assess criticism against Aadhaar or EVMs due to inadequate technical knowledge. Why others are confused?
Apex level political discourse on Twitter always finding an alibi for veering towards a female member proves Freud right day in and day out.
Thankfully, what goes on on Twitter has little relevance to real world. People are single-mindedly busy with their own affair and transport.
Savitri Era: Futility of various religions and rituals https://t.co/onUD41YS4T #SriAurobindo
Reading "Ama Odia Chalachitrara Itihasa: 1936 - 2016" by Parikshit Jena from Sabitri Gita Prakashani, Bhubaneswar; 372 pages. @OdiaCulture
My elder brother passed away yesterday. Death remains the most crucial question mark vis-à-vis human existence or all pursuit of excellence.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have been the most serious explorers to grapple with "conquering Death" but nothing tangible has surfaced so far.
All political discourse or Developmental activities pale in significance before the humongous issue of Death and Sri Aurobindo is insistent.
@Gayatri__J @SuryaNishtala All are under the spell of confusion in the absence of any firm future vision. Sri Aurobindo is a beacon of light
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo were never interested in reforming various religions; they simply had no confidence in them at all. Caveat emptor
@harigiri941 @PanchaVaktra It would be an error to restrict Sri Aurobindo to his Uttarpara utterance and equate Santana Dharma with Hinduism
If Religion A has survived without any reference to or assistance from Religion B, it proves futility and obsolescence of both the Religions
Worshipping false Gods fascinates people. So, rationality demands that superstitions imposed by tradition and culture are dispensed with.
Can you think of the sheer beauty of a full moon without the association of this festival or that relating to some Religion or its founder?
Go to any scenic place and it is so disappointing that all the prime locations are occupied by installations by some Religion or the other.
Those building career out of Mythology and Rituals are free to do so. Ordinary individuals bear the responsibility for insulating themselves
Protecting school-going children from the tyranny of Mythological Fiction and Religious Rituals is a paramount duty of parents and teachers.
Unlike political Parties in a Democracy, Religions don't enjoy the privilege of a superior validity if followed by a larger number of people
Fictions abound from Religious sources and every person has the right and responsibility to scrutinise them by applying ordinary prudence.
BJP is building its ecosystem steadily but it can never secure legitimacy for Hindutva. Modernity will triumph over Mythology, ultimately.
@profabanerjee Hindutva as an aggressive political ideology was not so prevalent during Sri Aurobindo's time. So my tasks are a bit sterner.
What one learns when young as enjoyable and beautiful due to family influence may not retain the same charm in the years next. No illiteracy
@PanchaVaktra @harigiri941 Perceptions evolve over time. Keeping Sri Aurobindo at a distance from immediate political situations might help.
Nothing more absurd than Modi supporters hallucinating of him as harbinger of harmony and glory in the county as per Sri Aurobindo's vision.
@harigiri941 @PanchaVaktra @OhWhyC @RAJ_KUMAR_VERMA It's 1907. Btw supporters' inflated expectations from Modi is at fault and being exposed
@OhWhyC @harigiri941 @PanchaVaktra @RAJ_KUMAR_VERMA Mandate for PM is a tightrope walking in which Modi has performed reasonably well so far
@PanchaVaktra @harigiri941 @OhWhyC @RAJ_KUMAR_VERMA Hawkish Hindu-centric demands are difficult to fulfill for any PM and Modi acts clever.
@OhWhyC @harigiri941 @PanchaVaktra @RAJ_KUMAR_VERMA On Education and History front, I agree. But books should be written by scholars, not PM
@PanchaVaktra @OhWhyC @harigiri941 @RAJ_KUMAR_VERMA The names you mention will disagree on many issues. There are deeper problems if opened.
@Retributions Novelty factor of 2014 can't be repeated by Modi but Dalit and Middle Class Congress votes migrating to BJP is a reality now.
@SandeepLaw @maidros78 @Indialover2013 @sarkar_swati Certain compulsions emerge when one is in power. Hope, you retain your liberal voice.
BJP, despite its Nationalist stance, is more attuned to Regional differences than Congress and won't ride roughshod over States' sentiments.
Odisha is least affected by Hindutva and Congress decline is the sole reason of BJP gaining. Pundits better refrain from complex analyses!
All ABVP bashing notwithstanding, as long as the Govt doesn't exhibit any sign of throttling protest avenues, it can't be accused as fascist
ABVP surgical strike at Ramjas has been able to strategically hijack the Seminar theme and widen it to interrogate diverse memes and norms.
@kazhugan Not to get carried away by negative outpourings and posit something for objective assessment of the situation was my suggestion.
RSS strives to surreptitiously usurp various functions demarcated for State and dictate things from behind without assuming responsibility.
Congress rule was like undergoing MBA course for the people. BJP and Regional parties are like facing ground realities when one lands a job.
Modi is going through electioneering rituals mechanically; he isn't interested in ruling the States. He loves CMs of other parties under him
@_SwarajIndia @_YogendraYadav That's not enough for a political party to be successful. An icon like Sri Aurobindo is needed @MakrandParanspe
@AgentSaffron @jaganniwas It's paradoxical that staunch Sita Ram Goel admirers fight among themselves and there is no consensus on issues.
Many BJP supporters expected career opportunities by spreading hate but now it seems they have come around to shedding hope, thanks to Modi.
Let there be no confusion that the Modi-Jaitley combine has provided the country a reasonably satisfactory Democratic atmosphere so far.
As hawks among the Hindutva camp are feeling restless and are mounting scorn on Modi, it seems necessary to judge Govt./Jaitley objectively.
Right voices should matter in a Democracy without being subservient to any Party or discredited leader. That is the sign of People's power.
Many Hindutva supporters recommend Sri Aurobindo without reading his books themselves. They refuse to amend their flawed impression of him.
Followers of Vivekananda mention Sri Aurobindo's name at times without realising that irreconcilable contradictions exist between the two.
Compared to UPA regime present Govt is far more Democratic, transparent, and participatory. Modi's foreign trips are not secret like Sonia's
Arun Jaitley deserves praise for navigating present Govt. to adhere to Constitutional values. The role of Ram Madhav, perhaps, is laudable.
Those mocking Rahul G. as campaigning for BJP should understand that Modi-Jaitley are zealously driving BJP towards the Congress destination.

(Pics: Chandipur, Narsapur, Haldia, Yanam)

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