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Forcing cultural purity will lead BJP to Dalit status

For obvious reasons, Evolutionary tendencies will touch only a minority but Democracy privileges majority. So, a time lag is understandable.
A double role is involved here: to conceal one’s personal admiration and devotion while continuing to wield the critical tone in public.
India being an abnormally large nation turns most of the people marginalised and spawns alienation. Spirituality can force course correction
Sri Aurobindo says, a strict bifurcation between religion and secular activities is impossible since no action is separate from Evolution.
Twitter tussles between political opponents provide ample adolescent's joy but grappling with Ontological causes of injustice is more urgent
Democracy, Development, and Governance are aspirational concepts without any firm mechanism for delivery. Evolution is the ultimate arbiter
Sri Aurobindo believed that Evolution is not arbitrary and conforms to the Vedic aim of Harmony. Those fighting on Twitter better hear him.
Hindutva plank is bound to undergo considerable dilution responding to electoral compulsion and also for avoiding a Congress-like extinction
Hindutva rhetoric is out of fashion in mainstream BJP concerns at present and those voicing are half-a-dozen marginalised Twitter handles.
Still a mystery, why Modi reserved his showmanship towards the last leg of UP elections. He doesn't want BJP CMs anywhere, is my firm theory
No matter who wins in UP, all brands of political ideology during the last one hundred years have proved barren. India needs Sri Aurobindo.
Sri Aurobindo shifts focus from what Marx, Freud, and Darwin manufactured and advises against worshipping false gods or fighting false wars.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo's action are an ongoing phenomenon to be conscious of which is a challenge and a privilege. "All life is Yoga."
Marxist emphasis on visible change has its own validity and advantage but The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have laid foundations of a luminous Age
Examining Sri Aurobindo's philosophy from historical perspective has merit but his insistence on Supramental enforcing change more plausible
Though overall Ontology of Sri Aurobindo retains validity, his hope that people by volition can transform their nature stands slender chance
No dearth of expository books and essays on relevance of Sri Aurobindo but a critical examination from the Devotees' perspective still rare.
A double role is involved here: to conceal one’s personal admiration and devotion while continuing to wield the critical tone in public.
@k_bhairav @eternalamit Also, "For with pain and labour all creation comes." and "He must face the fight, the pang who would conquer Hell."
@Del_Alpha "This world was not built with random bricks of Chance, A blind god is not destiny's architect;" SAVITRI
Savitri Era Learning Forum: Questioning of Sri Auronindo's sanity to revering him as a deity https://t.co/KjqNjQuWwn
Savitri Era: Linguistic Nations will be more vibrant, cohesive, and competitive. https://t.co/azT7lPzcaG #SriAurobindo #WorldUnion
The Integral Philosophy of Aurobindo: Hermeneutics and the Study of Religion (Routledge Hindu 2017) Brainerd Prince https://t.co/CkNd3tFJpk
[correspondences between Lurianic kabbalah, the Philosophie Cosmique of Max Theon and his wife, and Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.]
@rajendraraghave @MakrandParanspe @AnanyaBoston 
[Kabbalah, Philosophie Cosmique, and Integral Yoga - Peter Heehs] https://t.co/5X9PqgusvN
@anilkohli54 @vivekagnihotri @Geminiseventh [The Bomb in Bengal: revolutionary terrorism in India between 1900-1910] https://t.co/pEdaseyzyE
[Cousins’ New Ways in English Literature (1917) inspired Sri Aurobindo to write The Future Poetry from 1917-1920.] https://t.co/YbhsOEiIQE
['The Central Indian Highlands', on his march from Jabalpur to Pachmarhi in 1861-62, long lost times of tribal culture and rich wilderness.]
@GargaC @scroll_in In Odisha, we call it Huri or Hori which is also the term used in songs around Mathura/Brindavan. https://t.co/emWnBQjrKd
The songs of Akshaya Mohanty is a universe in itself. How many Indians know even his name? The majesty of his voice: 

March 11, 2017 onwards:
BJP has successfully appropriated nationalist politics which other parties will have to redefine and reclaim, observes @_YogendraYadav on TV
@_YogendraYadav The simplest alternative is to follow Sri Aurobindo and oppose BJP armed with a liberal version of Nationalism and Modernity
@Retributions Nitish Kumar heading a national party with everyone else joining is the only viable alternative. @_YogendraYadav should push.
Two frail men with robust minds occupy opposite sides of Indian politics. @_YogendraYadav and @MakrandParanspe can bridge ideological chasm.
UP being released from caste-centric politics is certainly a happy situation. BJP diluting its Hindutva in future is also a welcome prospect
Admirable sober election coverage by @rajshri_rai at @apnnewsindia channel without much shouting and too many panelists crowding the studio.
So much idle speculations on TV but it's strange why simple facts are not highlighted. Vote shares give real picture https://t.co/XvWvghS8K2
BJP moving to the Congress space will trigger hardliners rooting for a more Fundamentalist party and moderates rallying round genuine Dharma
Amar Singh is right. Ram Gopal Yadav is also responsible for breaking opposition unity by turning down overtures of Mamata and Nitish Kumar.
UP results would have been drastically different in the event of bipolar contests. BSP in a way has gifted victory to Modi; closet alliance.
Now that Modi is everything and his popularity is projected to be highest, his credibility is lowest as his functioning lacks transparency.
After this, no one will accuse AAP as the B-team of BJP which contests Elections only to benefit the A-team. Still, I'm not sure! @skjain_05
@skjain_05 Exactly, that's a question no one asks. But, AAP is steadily making headways in Odisha where it is likely to harm BJP up front.
People are euphoric about saffron sweeping UP but fail to notice how much Lohia has been injected into Modi following footsteps of Deendayal
Today, the founder of @Rswabhiman is not part of BJP but it would be appropriate not to forget its original propounder of social engineering
@DasBolshevik That's obvious. So, while every one is clamouring Mandal is dead, it's actually, Long live Mandal. And two cheers for VP Singh
After a gap of certain years people are given the opportunity to elect a new Govt. It doesn't mean legitimacy for each and every damn policy
Congress is fast turning into a Civil Society organisation sans any electoral stake. Such an apex body is also in the interests of Democracy
Defeats are beneficial for political parties; sympathy grows and funds flow. AAP and BSP are in conducive positions to milk their drubbing.
This constant whining against Upper Castes by the Dalits is irritating; that seems to be an end in itself instead of forging wise alliances.
@abhijitmajumder @sourabh1972 RSS has been spreading its organisational network since 1925. Better to give credit honestly where it is due.
PM and President of the ruling party hailing from same State is an affront to the Federal spirit of Indian Constitution. Remedy is urgent.
All established parties have been discredited and intellectuals have exposed their bankruptcy of ideas. Savitri Era Party is the alternative
@cosmicblinker @sankrant @j_murthy @TVMohandasPai Every fourth day should be a holiday (On fixed dates: 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, and 30/31)
UP verdict implies that a large number of new voters jumped to BJP camp but I don't think any one on Twitter switching sides to support Modi
@AniilkumarAnil Each one is entitled to his opinion in a Democracy and preserving respect for each other is a prerequisite for Civil Society
We are all beneficiaries of cumulative Developmental activities during Delhi Sultanate, Mughal empire, and British rule. So, why denigrate?
@SandeepLaw Just a general statement to remind people of positive aspects who keep on denouncing past atrocities, destruction of temples etc
@SandeepLaw The story of Development in India is long and complex. Land settlement, irrigation, cottage industries, trade and commerce, etc.
@SandeepLaw Surely, truth is simple but at times the mind becomes clouded. Please, reread both my tweets and you won't find anything amiss.
@SandeepLaw The thrust of my first tweet is on Development, the Economy and not much on Culture. "Civilisation," of course, conflates both.
@SandeepLaw Nothing to disagree with what you say. But economic development is a continuous process and every period of history contributed.
@JAYANTH40830762 @Mohansinha Justice K. S. Hegde also hailed from Karnataka. And, we remember him even today.
Nothing wrong in gloating over UP win but Hindu consolidation means another prospect of "Two Nation." Btw, SP fight with BSP benefited BJP.
Also applicable to Parties & leaders. [The Chandrasekhar Limit is 1.4 times the mass of the sun; a star that exceeds is destined to explode]
High principles of Democracy are trampled upon when Ministers become bonded labourers by swallowing own conscience and thinking independence
Dalit issue is all about lack of education and BJP forcing cultural purity and linguistic exclusivity will lead to Dalit status before long.
Many BJP supporters are well read and Tech/Management expert but never reveal their intellectual debt to the West which is selective amnesia
There is no better authority on Vedic wisdom than Sri Aurobindo but he was forthright in pointing out the best of West Indians must acquire.
China and Japan may be models of Development today but The Mother & Sri Aurobindo point out why India stands out among the comity of Nations
Mythology and Religious festivals foster repetition and spoil creativity. Lack of scientific temper in the country is a result of this malady
Spectacles and carnivals have their social and psychological utility but Vedic paradigm entails adventure of consciousness in deep recesses.
Election campaigns valorise Road shows & mobilising crowd like Religion. Sri Aurobindo stressed silent psychological elevation and Evolution
It's a travesty of Democracy that 220m people voted since February 11 but could not elect a Chief Minister till today, i.e., March 13, 2017.
Manoj Das and not @Swamy39 is more grounded in Sri Aurobindo's philosophy and global vision. He should be ideal candidate for next President
@Devarya As Sri Aurobindo believed that All life is Yoga one may treat politics and its revolutions very much as part of the evolving Spirit
@Devarya You are right. That is precisely the reason why spirituality needs to be imported into politics to transform it and turn it perfect
@Devarya In his August 14, 1947 broadcast, Sri Aurobindo sets out a gradual, five-stage process to that ideal destination. No royal highway!
@alok_bhatt @digvijaya_28 Autocorrect would have made it two words, I suppose.
@DasBolshevik What is the alternative that you propose, apart from theoretical ideal situations?
@DasBolshevik No take on defence and internal security. Mutual dignity has been introduced as a normative but I don't think it's sustainable
Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) Ghaziabad https://t.co/YGoEhdLyp7

(Pics 2017: Guntur, Haldia, Balasore, and Yanam)

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