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Sri Aurobindo is opposed to all dominant narratives

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If most people are unaware of Sri Aurobindo having any defining role in history, it doesn't matter. His relevance is for the future and when technology has integrated the world, his message will spread across continents as C.R. Das had predicted in 1909.

Sri Aurobindo's writings help to understand the Indian tradition and wisdom in an authentic manner. He sets forth the Evolutionary agenda for India and the world in his #FiveDreams.

Essays on Gita by Sri Aurobindo invokes the Vedic symbolism for right understanding of its myth, message, and relevance for future.

@SuprabhSaxena1 The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo is the most authoritative work on the subject which enunciates the integral approach as envisaged in the Veda and other ancient texts of the West.

Reading "The Secret of the Veda" by Sri Aurobindo transforms your worldview in the sense that common terms and names unveil fresh meanings. For instance, [the word ghrta is constantly used in connection with the thought or the mind, that heaven in the Veda is symbol of the mind.]

Looking beyond ordinary circumstances is the first lesson from Sri Aurobindo. Aspiring for a better state of affairs is the second. That present imperfections can be remedied through Evolution is the next. And the last is collaborating with that process by being a humble student.

Sri Aurobindo has been excluded from the Hindu list and it seems to be quite appropriate. His integral approach has that subversive element which no past religion or ideology would accommodate. Even, his eulogy of English poets contains severe strictures. -

Local and social problems abound India and ceding them to political parties for solving hardly succeeds. Formal social organisations needed with statutory backing for taking up issues facilitating negotiation and conflict resolution.

Castigating Congress or the Marxist historians might be valid on many counts but religious sentiments are not the right ingredient for erecting an ethical bulwark for justifying the demolition of a medieval monument that deserved preservation by a modern and democratic nation.

Like it or not, Sri Aurobindo is opposed to all dominant narratives, - what postmodernism ushered in much later - so much so, all his philosophical expositions fail to construct any fixed Ontology. Evolution, and not some specific culture or tradition, is the crux of his teaching.

Arun Jaitley can be said to be the prime intellectual guide of the present regime who deserves encomium for preventing Hindutva hardliners from going berserk. By and large, "Kulkarni doctrine" seems to have concretised and has been internalised by the RSS to the chagrin of hawks.

Best part of the present situation in India is each State is almost a distinct nation with a separate language and its own peculiar political theatre dominated by local players. How the States are witnessing growing self-determination despite Globalization needs to be studied.

Hindutva sympathisers draw immense satisfaction from imagined legitimacy of their fond hopes of India as a Hindu Rashtra. Power at the Centre amplifies their sense of certainty but the reality is cruelly otherwise. India is too diverse and fissiparous to embrace such a prospect.

Hindutva presupposes almost a static mosaic of culture and aesthetics by valorising heritage and tradition but human nature detests such imposed paradigms and forced consumption. Sri Aurobindo once exhorted: [Who would live largely? Who would live freely?]

Congress might have been successful in hiring many intelligent and erudite scholars and scribes but they are never able to rise beyond parroting hackneyed themes. Ignoring Sri Aurobindo and his potential for effectively confronting Hindutva on political front is a bright example.

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