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The Future Poetry was published 100 years back

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Savitri Era (since 2005): Sri Aurobindo is opposed to all dominant narratives #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams

Knowledge gathering is integral to being human but stereotypes developed over the centuries are proving to be roadblocks. Career and commercial aspects act as bottleneck and tend to perpetuate status quo. Moreover, widespread marketing overwhelm people and herd behavior overpowers.

Thus, it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach at any reliable knowledge source. Making sense of the world around us and meaning of life remain relevant, nevertheless. While philosophy and religion provide a readymade treasury for the purpose, science and technology tease towards an alternative understanding of things.

It's impossible, therefore, to aver the veracity and soundness of any piece of proposition. Since such a situation can easily breed cynicism and nihilism, holding Sri Aurobindo as anchor as well as touchstone is imperative. It's crucial to remember that no one else can fill that position.

Hegel's philosophy may or may not have been influenced by his impressions derived from Indian wisdom but provides a foothold towards a full fledged appreciation of Vedic ontology as accomplished by Sri Aurobindo, so magisterially, in his "The Life Divine."

Opposing AAP, BJP, Congress, and the Left is the only course left. Following The Mother and Sri Aurobindo can generate refined thinking among the countrymen by freeing them from sectarian approach and myopic worldview. Savitri Era Party proudly marches ahead in a pioneering role.

Sri Aurobindo spoke of his #FiveDreams in his radio message on August 14, 1947. Democratic process is the means to achieve these and hence there is no escape or shortcut. Every citizen has the responsibility to act for cleansing the political atmosphere.

Some exotic adventure can engender an equal level of aesthetic enjoyment as rootedness if one holds open mind. An already interpreted world doesn't allow to think freely but urge for chancing upon something new always lurks somewhere. "Fire-intimations from the deathless planes."

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo met each other in Puducherry (then Pondicherry) on March 29, 1914. Their work continues and instills hope for the future. Our gratitude at this unique hour.

Left intellectuals possess formidable ammunition against Hindutva obscurantism but lack any credible alternative. Vedic Evolutionary dialectic offered by Sri Aurobindo is the only viable solution available. "The Future Poetry" was published 100 years back in ARYA of December 1917

Following a specific tradition or culture has limited advantage. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo emphasised upon each person's uniqueness and Evolutionary possibilities. For them the Earth is One and one needn't confine himself within the national boundary for intellectual development

From politics to poetry, Sri Aurobindo inaugurated fearless criticism on nationalist plank but subsequently tried to highlight World Union.

[A citizen of many scenes and climes, 
Each soil and country it has made its home; 
It took all clans and peoples for her own]

Neither Goel nor Golwalkar have been able to capture the goal of human life in any definitive manner. The Judeo-Vedic Evolutionary dialectic expounded by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is the most dependable roadmap for humanity which every Indian must internalise as well as endorse.

Religions take away freedom and try to bind people with the snares of empty rituals and superstitions. Younger generation turning areligious is a good sign of critical reason. Sri Aurobindo, on the other hand, invokes the Vedic utterances to lead mankind towards a sublime destiny

Citizenship doesn't come from ancestors and each individual is endowed with many possibilities. So keeping people chained under religions is unfair and against freedom. Those with vested interests want Astrology, Mythology, and Rituals to continue but Sri Aurobindo shows new path

BJP is wisely following the Congress formula of keeping different sections of people happy for electoral gains. Its hawkish Hindu supporters are whining but have no other option. After investing their intellectual treasure in losing causes, they are paupers now; zero credibility!

Development is dependent on science and a slight wrong direction can lead to disaster. So diligence is crucial. Evolution is not linear and hence predicting its course is hazardous. Vedic ontology unveiled by Sri Aurobindo seeks to harmonise the two but beware of wishful thinking

Sri Aurobindo himself admitted that events didn't take place the way he would have liked which means the Evolutionary purpose is shrouded in mystery. Instead of suffering from victimhood, it's advantageous to take lessons from myriad cultural invasions India has harboured so far.

Sri Aurobindo foregrounds the deep structural framework described in the Veda for working of the universe thus providing the answers for what science and philosophy have been searching so far. By delivering the Veda from the snare of Chanting and Rituals, he has universalised it.

Heidegger's Fourfold is well-known, but a more foundational ontological breakthrough has been achieved by Sri Aurobindo through his delineation of fourfold Vedic deities addressed as Varuna, Aryaman, Mitra, and Bhaga as principal powers and cosmic players.

Democracy and civility, as demonstrated by the ruling elite in India, is of abysmal quality and doesn't reflect the lofty ideals enshrined in the ancient scriptures. Knowledge production too remains at the pedestrian level and it's a matter of regret how so many people feel proud

Evil will manifest in some form or the other since its role is essential for the Evolutionary play. Sri Aurobindo's views are the best lens to observe what has gone wrong during the last 100 years...

We are 134.60 crore people in India as of today. This abnormality must end with the States and Regions being granted Sovereignty like Europe and Africa. Local languages and cultures must have necessary autonomy to flourish without any patronising control from Delhi Central Govt.

A neat demarcation between the Right Wing and Left Wing echoes how Suzanne Britt spelt out [the difference between neat people and sloppy people]

Feel unhappy as Bengali is prisoned in an alien script. Madhumalati written in the rounded Odia script would look so majestic and bountiful.

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