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February carries the memory of The Mother

February carries the memory of The Mother and her life long endeavour for disseminating the Evolutionary imperative among people of all nations transcending the prevailing imperialist sentiments on the one hand and a strict empiricist attitude in pursuing life's goal on the other

The period from 1872 to 1973 constitutes the most pregnant in human history. The Evolutionary work of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is yet to capture the imagination of people. However, the East-West synergy witnessed during the period is a most interesting dimension for the future.

Both science and philosophy have made great strides in the West leading to thinking about human problems on the global scale. Sri Aurobindo inaugurated such an Integralism and pursuing it with greater emphasis and openness is urgent today. So Hindutva is a prison better abandoned

Hindutva survives on Tulsidas' literal reformulation of Valmiki's Ramayana but Sri Aurobindo looks beyond and provides a thorough symbolic interpretation of Vedic deities. His stance against Mythology and Rituals on one hand and Shankara on the other prick.

Sri Aurobindo had opposed Congress in 1907. JP's Total Revolution was inspired by the Integralism of Sri Aurobindo. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya’s integral humanism too borrows liberally from Sri Aurobindo. Lohia and Ambedkar, however, were deaf to Sri Aurobindo.

Between 1910-50 Sri Aurobindo was in Puducherry during which he wrote extensively. His ideas have travelled far and wide but his political vision as encapsulated in his August 14, 1947 AIR broadcast is yet to gather moss. Marxists ignore him and Hindutva perceives him as a threat.

MT supports AIT and Hindutva hardliners curse him but no one has been able to discard his thesis. Readiness to accept science is a basic need but Mythology remains the touchstone for most people. Some scriptures prescribing that only some scriptures are valid is a circular logic.

Many dedicated Hindutva handles ridicule Islam and Christianity without any sympathy for the lived reality. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, on the other hand, focus on the Individual and his or her level of aspiration for higher consciousness instead of pejorative religious labelling

Many from Hindutva camp nurse visceral animosity towards Gandhi and a couple of Sri Aurobindo's quotes circulate. A more realistic view is Gandhi proved to be an effective antidote against Hindutva as well as aligning with Hitler. To that extent he served Sri Aurobindo's purpose.

Hindutva ecosystem loves its echo-chamber and Gandhi is uniformly abhorred but the Marxists' concerted attempt at deification of Gandhi is patently outrageous. Indians must avoid these two extremes so that they discover Sri Aurobindo as the real force behind Freedom on 15.8.1947.

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo predicted annihilation of old religions and, consequently, Savitri Era Religion emerges. Instead of demanding legal recognition for it some hawks, ridiculously, keep on lambasting Modi, pathetically, for not doing enough for safeguarding Hindu interests

Followers of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are a minority but possess the most potent ideology for transforming the country and the world. They must not kowtow before Fascist forces just because they are in power. Not to compromise with principles or ethics is the very sign of them.

Modi is a textbook case of Machiavellian politics propped by a Kafkaesque RSS. So, seeking validation of Sri Aurobindo's vision from these shady quarters is downright abominating. Congress and the Left have to be opposed; doesn't mean Modi and RSS automatically be the beneficiary.

Many Hindutva enthusiasts love to mention Sri Aurobindo along with Vivekananda but it stops there. Understanding Sri Aurobindo is a difficult and long-drawn process. RSS worldview is diagonally opposite of Sri Aurobindo's. So trying to follow both RSS and Sri Aurobindo is futile.

A reasonably objective understanding of 20th century history can solve many problems of our country. Regrettably, educated people have no qualms to abet a biased account of men and events. Right assessment of Gandhi, Subhas, or Ambedkar, for example, can save many misguided youth

Presently, Modi attracts harsh criticisms as well as lavish praises. So, how should a historian look at him? Certainly, not easy. But one thing is crystal clear: he has deviated drastically from Hindutva that RSS supposedly espouses. So, he can be accused of revisionism like ABV.

After three years, Modi supporters have fallen into three different blocks:
1. Thoroughly disenchanted with his frivolous approach to urgent issues like history text books.
2. Reconciled to his Congress like policies and resigned to some long term advantage.
3. Lost hope on him.

A wish for the young and educated before #RepublicDay ends: Critical reason and scientific approach in understanding Reality without believing in any grand narrative or glorification of past. Eschewing mythological fiction by internalising Psychological interpretation of the Veda

[The Psychology of Social Development
•  XVIII // Arya. 4. No 6 — January 1918.– pp.357-366
•  XL. The Fundamental Character of the Ignorance // Arya.– pp.321-331
•  XXXVIII. Samadhi // Arya.– pp.332-341 ]

Sri Aurobindo is deeply indebted to Western poets and philosophers: Homer, Heraclitus, and Plotinus; Dante, Goethe, and Milton; Coleridge, Blake, and Arnold; Nietzsche, Bergson, and James, to name a few. Besides, his political ideas resonate with Burke, Fichte, Mazzini, and Renan

Sri Aurobindo's synthesis of ideas and his Integralism, no doubt, are original but he draws from diverse sources and references to Western thinkers are very much part of his oeuvre. For instance, European Influences on Sri Aurobindo’s Thought -M.G.van Dijk

Peter Heehs has about a dozen books to his credit on modern Indian history, religious traditions, and Sri Aurobindo. Unfortunately, Hindutva enthusiasts avoid Westerners; otherwise his books provide the most dispassionate survey of a wide range of events.

Poetry of Sri Aurobindo and the large body of his literary output remain unknown and underappreciated. His philosophy is relatively more known but his popularity mostly rests on a distorted version of his early nationalism since scholars dither to capture his more mature thought.

Democracy delegitimises religious orthodoxy but establishes political parties as new religions in India. Since Sri Aurobindo is not promoted by any major party his relevance for the future has the potential of exponential popularity. Frustration owing to Hindutva fiasco will help

Particle physics is beyond my comprehension and each of us has his or her own limitations. But discouraging others by sweeping generalisations because of personal lack is a lackadaisical approach. Overcoming negativism should be the first lesson to be learnt from Sri Aurobindo.

You are right and therefore the Savitri Era Religion. A large number of devotees visit the Sri Aurobindo Centres regularly and attend Darshan Day functions four times a year. Pilgrimage to Puducherry is also a regular feature for many. They imbibe the message slowly but steadily.

There are several @ignouonlinehelp courses to choose from apart from @sakshitrust and @Gnostic_Centre etc. where one can learn Sri Aurobindo's philosophy systematically. Further, nothing is more helpful than self-study if one has some amount of conviction, curiosity, and interest

Communications explosion has redefined the concept of community or collectivity necessitating remoulding the modalities of Democracy. Colonial legacy in India makes it all the more compelling to overhaul the Constitution of India for which non-governmental efforts are also vital.

It's pitiable to see many lamenting against the partition in 1947. Some others curse a section for being out to breaking India. No one explains the benefit of living in an overpopulated country. Creation of about 50 new nations with around 50 million (5 crore) population is ideal

Changing the world was never so easy. Those with a large number of followers just outrage or tweet a few wishes and feel that it's done. Nothing needs to be done on the ground. No need of networking or walking the last mile. It's no longer mere discourse;it's instantaneous action

Suspect all past texts and documentary films; contest all narratives including party manifestos. Authorities and stipulations are mere speculations since Philosophy, Physics, and Religions are all blind. Evolution is on but its course is unknown; so better to keep fingers crossed.

When the present States of India become "Sovereign Republics" with the option of forming a Federation, the new Federation has the potential of really becoming a very large block covering countries from Central Asia to ASEAN. This will drastically alter the prevailing world order.

Instead of debating 1947, it would be far more profitable to discuss future partitions and granting Sovereignty to the States. That all South Indians are descendants of demons is a mindset from which RSS can't free itself. Modi's Freudian slip is hard nail in the coffin of India.

Auroville took birth 50 years back this month in 1968. The political and philosophical fall outs of protests in France and elsewhere in the same year need to be understood in India otherwise its current rulers would like to perpetuate their medieval narrative for another 50 years

A Mythology-centric polity is antithesis of modernity. Renaissance discourse seems to have receded into background and hence the urgency of foregrounding the Integralism of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo so that a spirit of inquiry pervades to challenge tradition and stoke creativity

Too much of guidance on yoga philosophy and mystic poetry in Sri Aurobindo's writings has kept the kernel of  his sociopolitical thought shrouded. His followers active on SM would do well to dwell on these relevant dimensions so that MSM is sensitised about such crucial omission.

The destiny of India got derailed when the Cripps’ offer was rejected in 1942 despite Sri Aurobindo pushing for it unequivocally. The tragedy continues till date in various forms. Commitment to come under his banner firmly is essential to throw Hindutva obscurantism out of India.

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo hesitated to assure any miraculous transformation of human nature or society. They advised patience and endurance for Evolution is all about the play and not the dénouement alone. The passion, the tension, the intensity; they all form grist for the mill

Some timeless classics need to be enjoyed in original.

It was certainly shocking to read Capt. Ajit Vadakayil exposing Gandhi but later SS & Co too have campaigned against him. [The British used Gandhi to disarm and demoralise the patriotic revolutionaries of India, like Bagha Jatin, Aurobindo Ghosh, Surya Sen, Jatin Das, MN Roy etc]

Essential watching for awareness on epochal significance of Sri Aurobindo reinventing the Veda.
[SAKSHI draws its inspiration from great spiritual savants and scholars, Sri Aurobindo, The Mother (1878–1973), Sri Kapali Shastry and Sri Madhav Pandit (1918–1993). -Dr. R.L. Kashyap]

Historians pretend to be oblivious but Wikipedia article on Anushilan Samiti now has elaborate references to Sri Aurobindo that establishes him as the prime inspiration behind revolts.

[All-India Congress Committee met on 20th November and was presided over by Deshbandhu Das. Pandit Motilal Nehru, Hakim Ajmal Khan, Vithalbhai Patel, N.C. Kelkar, M.R. Jayakar, B.S. Moonje, ... spoke in favour of Council entry.] DESHBANDHU CHITTARANJAN DAS - HEMENDRANATH DASGUPTA

[Sri Aurobindo described his philosophical perspective in his masterwork, The Life Divine. Portions of this profound work will be studied as basis of the course addressing primarily Sri Aurobindo’s conceptualization of reality including integral Advaitism]

[Chinese professor Xu Fancheng, an indologist and artist spent 27 years at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, teaching at the ashram school and translating the works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother into Chinese.]

[Sri Aurobindo pays a rich tribute to aesthetic and critical acumen of Cousins who shared same synthetic approach as he did. Cousins’ significant critical work, New Ways in English Literature (1917) inspired Sri Aurobindo to write The Future Poetry (1953)]

[Russian Jews had noticed the great essence behind Sri Aurobindo’s writings. One of them was Mira Salganic. Then there was Dr. Ribakov. Prof Kostuchenko wrote a book on Sri Aurobindo. Piotr Zorin copied secretly by hand or photocopy and smuggled them out.]

[Higgs field has been around since the big bang, but only in 2012 it was discovered when physicists knew where and how to look for it. Similarly about properties of quarks, e.g. the so called charm quantum number. It took a specific experiment in 1974 to discover it.] Kashyap

[The explanations we have for how the inner senses or other external senses operate are all based on physics derived from one particular sense modality.  The explanations are consistent to a point, but fail to account for a significant set of phenomena, we are talking.] Siegfried

[What you have described is quite close to what Sri Aurobindo says in this wonderful book "The Psychic Being", and something that I also think is the right picture.] Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF): Schopenhauer, Wittgenstein, Sri Aurobindo, and Habermas

[The likes of Descartes, Newton, Pascal, Faraday, and others were inspired by their Christian faith in a benign omnipotent lawmaker to find the laws that govern nature. Even Charles Darwin himself was inspired by his Christian faith to find the origin of species.] -C.S. Morrison

[nationwide movement included immigrant workers, women factory staff, doctors, dancers and taxi drivers – who rose up to contest authority in all its forms...the underlying theme of May 1968 was speaking out and speaking up – giving voice to the voiceless]

[technological dreams are still based on the notion that the human being is ultimately an intelligent machine to be augmented & expanded by more intelligent machinery in a massively intelligent universe with some hacking of our biochemistry] @manojpavitran

[definitely not self-immolation. Sri Aurobindo defines yajna in the Agni cults as a “traveller moving towards the truth, the light or the felicity” (Aurobindo 1998, p. 68). 4.1.5 5. “There is above the Celestial Fire an] E Subirats - Enlightenment in an Age of Destruction, 2018

[According to Sri Aurobindo, Yoga should become a conscious and normal effort for each man for the realization of the supreme truth in the matter and in the highest plane of satchitananda (eternal bliss).] NS Seena, S Sundaram - Indian Journal of Health and Wellbeing, 2018

[Sri Aurobindo's Integral Yoga aims not only at a liberation of the Self but also at a complete transformation of human nature under the influence of higher levels of consciousness. For this transformation, a very detailed understanding of human nature is essential] M Cornelissen

[A Study of Educational Vision of Aurobindo Ghosh: C Rani - 2017… Its central aim is building power of human mind and spirit. Aims of education: Sri Aurobindo was against the prevalent education system … aims at evolution of individual, nation, and humanity through education..]

[First Academic work on "Baidyanath Cult" (Author, Amar Nath Jha. Publisher, Pratibha Prakashan). This book is must for those who want to know about the Ancient History of Santal Parganas.] @pranasutra


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July-December 2016 - Sambhram Group of Institutions
do in the Corporate domain today and need not remain at the cross roads. “Harnessing Western. Philosophy for Self-Management” is something special a piece and Mr. Tusar Nath Mohapatra says people still search meaning of their life even today. He talks of spirituality perceiving the spirit hidden behind the material world ...

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