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Auroville took birth 50 years back

Savitri Era: The Future Poetry was published 100 years back #SriAurobindo

Hindutva certainty breeds fanaticism, the reason being lack of grounding in philosophy. Twentieth century philosophy offers excellent opportunity to test your pet ideas against a variety of highly perceptive perspectives. Ignoring them means ignorance and echo-chamber scenario.

Democracy replaces Monarchy but legitimises hegemony of political parties. People, overawed by their size and spread (amplified in a large nation like India), tend to ignore other alternatives. Such reification of choice is a negation of the very logic of participative Democracy.

Democracy delegitimises religious orthodoxy but establishes political parties as new religions in India. Since Sri Aurobindo is not promoted by any major party his relevance for the future has the potential of exponential popularity. Frustration owing to Hindutva fiasco will help

At this rate, Modi may turn out to be a Gorbachev when India as a British legacy becomes history and the States legitimately become free Republics. #SCJudgesMutiny can have a cascading effect triggering a relook at worn out principles and shibboleths. Evolutionary forces at work!

Digging out such lineages in a vast country like India is a Herculean task and hence it's urgent that the States are awarded Sovereignty by abolishing the Central Govt. as well as the Supreme Court. Rightsizing is essential for effectiveness in Admn. and enabling people's access.

Many followers of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo just quote on Twitter; some refer to certain past events. Time to move on as simply quoting has not much relevance. Issues need to be debated and justifications deduced; that needs thinking. Applying own mind and writing is necessary.

BJP exists primarily on religious glue but it's yet to mobilise 50% votes on its own. So, it will continue to win due to lack of Opposition unity. New players are entering apart from AAP; that makes BJP's task easier. Let's hope that people understand relevance of Sri Aurobindo.

No scientific evidence for ladder of Consciousness that Sri Aurobindo constructs and hence demanding belief on it is unfair. But the fact that the Veda corroborates it is an interesting dimension that warrants sympathetic examination. In any case, his propositions are futuristic.

The 4 Percent Universe theory applies to all aspects of life and therefore it's better to err on the side of caution since discretion is the better part of valor. Ontological speculations of Sri Aurobindo are the most coherent but can't be exact. Same is true for his views on AIT

Public awareness on Sri Aurobindo doesn't travel much farther than "which freedom fighter was born on August 15" like basic information. Ashram approach is confined to Spirituality whereas Auroville is concerned about Development. Political dimension is far away from individuals.

Science has become fulcrum of Theory and even Sociological phenomena are read in terms of fixed patterns or repeatable schema. Present methods of Science are not enough, says Sri Aurobindo, but he hastens to point out that what is subjective today can be a common experience hence

Without laying too much of stress on philanthropy or altruism, The Mother & Sri Aurobindo were on a quest for a perfect society. They valorised individualism but also spoke of collective yoga. Inner love and sympathy dictating an outward organisation and harmony is their formula.

Fighting pessimism shouldn't be the lone criterion and each cited name should be critically assessed for relevance and coherence. One finds many flaws and pitfalls there; so blanket endorsement is neither honest nor advantageous. I'm biased in favour of Sri Aurobindo, of course.

Auroville took birth 50 years back this month in 1968. The political and philosophical fall outs of protests in France and elsewhere in the same year need to be understood in India otherwise its current rulers would like to perpetuate their medieval narrative for another 50 years

Your grouse seems to arise due to inadequate grasp on Sri Aurobindo's thought. His Evolutionary theory is the most revolutionary vision the world has seen so far. One needs to study him as he is instead of trying to fit him in hackneyed frameworks like Hindu, Sanatan, or Secular.

Sanatan, as you define it, is too constricted for Sri Aurobindo as can be seen in this chapter from "The Ideal of Human Unity." Your political preference or religious activism shouldn't distort your quest for knowledge and alter what's in black and white.

[love, mutual recognition of human brotherhood, a living sense of human oneness and practice of human oneness in thought, feeling and life, the ideal which was expressed first some thousands of years ago in the ancient Vedic hymn and must always remain the highest injunction] -SA

It may be clarified that the quotation at the end of the article on Auroville pertains to Sri Aurobindo explaining the tenets of "religion of humanity" conceived by Comte. So, it can't strictly be construed as Sri Aurobindo’s exhortations unlike the above.

Fine. So, what's your complain against Auroville? It's only trying to give shape to Sri Aurobindo's prophecy. People of various countries are living in Auroville and each one is free to follow his or her religion. There is no compulsion nor any sort of imposition. In a plural society, such a liberal millieu is inevitable. Your opinion on other religions is same as their opinion of Hindu.

For you Sanatan is synonymous with Hindu and excludes Semitic religions. You are free to hold such a view; it's valid and legitimate. But those following Sri Aurobindo like me won't approve such a narrow connotation. Human unity accomodates all religions and people of all nations

As a follower of Sri Aurobindo, I'm trying to communicate his ideas that are scattered over forty volumes. It's not logical to judge him on the basis of a couple of quotations. Besides The Mother's writings and conversations spanning thirty volumes also matter. Life long learning.

India's Rebirth is a compilation of quotations and can't replace Sri Aurobindo's 40 original volumes. You are free to propagate RSS ideology but reading Sri Aurobindo can help enlarge your worldview. That's a suggestion but your implying that I'm misrepresentating is not correct.

Fine. My firm view is that RSS has deviated from its original inspiration and as of today no one can follow Sri Aurobindo and RSS at the same time. If you feel that you are capable of doing that, good luck to you. But thanks to Twitter, I share my view without imposing on anyone.

I respect your opinion and more so because of your interest in Sri Aurobindo. There is a great number of Sri Aurobindo's followers who are ardent supporters of RSS, like you. However, I pursue a different line and presume that many people endorse my thinking too, albeit silently.

Agree with you. I think, the word medieval derives its pejorative sense from premodern European situation. But then, all is fair in polemics!

The record of RW sites like @OpIndia_com @SwarajyaMag @myindmakers @IndiaFactsOrg @Pragyata_ @rightlog_in apart from SS & @maidros78 during the last four years in building a dependable source for history is not very promising. Avoiding Sri Aurobindo's thought is a common feature.

Four years in power but BJP by and large sticks to the Nehruvian consensus (a secular and plural polity in a vast country like India) and doesn't claim possessing any superior principles from the Hindutva stable. But some from its ecosystem continue to make such empty assertions.

Savitri Era (SELF, Shipra Riviera, Indirapuram, Gzb): February carries the memory of The Mother [Tusar Nath Mohapatra says people still search meaning of their life even today. He talks of spirituality perceiving the spirit hidden behind the material world]

Separate State demand for Odisha was a necessity but a subtle aversion towards the Bengali language that persists even today poses a cultural barrier. Odias can gain much in terms of movies & music from Bengali repertoire. Some gems

[Dadasaheb Phalke formed Hindustan Films in partnership with five businessmen from Mumbai. Baburao Painter and his main disciple V.G. Damle eventually put together a working camera in 1918. He was also a film enthusiast and founded Maharashtra Film Company in 1919 at Kolhapur.]

[Suprabha Sarkar had the historic opportunity to sing in the first playback song in Indian films along with Parul Biswas & Harimati in Bhagyachakra (1935), Mora Pulak Jachi and Hindi version Dhoop Chhayon (1935), Main Khush Hona] Musepaper: Aji jharo jharo

Much has been written on how Bankim Chandra's Vande Mataram ignited the Freedom movement but the role of music and poetry in catching the imagination of people goes back a lot farther which keeps various streams of philosophy alive.

Musepaper: Chaiti fuler ki bandhis
Some iconic old Bengali songs

[Vijay Malla was a biggest asset for Kashmiri language and literature. He was young and had to do a lot for ...] Vijay Malla Kashmiri (Gachun Gaam Che) #RepublicDay

All those who dread living in a huge joint family and want to escape its pains must aspire for a Federation of India with the Republic status passing to the States based on languages. There is no inherent virtue or glory in living in an abnormally large and unmanageable country.

People in Europe have deep religious and cultural bonding beyond their national boundaries and the same can happen when the States in the Indian subcontinent are granted Sovereignty. Languages are the best foundations for formation of cohesive nations with manageable population.

Though a votary of Science, Aravindan seemed to push Mythology as a synonym for "Indic framework." He was silent on Sri Aurobindo's psychological interpretation of the Veda but appeared too eager and (uncritically) enthusiastic about Ambedkar's assessment of religion and society.

"Caste prejudice, backwardness, hubris, and thuggery stain our democracy," opines @NMenonRao and every right thinking Indian would readily agree with her. Opposing AAP, BJP, Congress and the Left is the only way to build a new India under Sri Aurobindo's inspiration. @PandaJay

Not only Sri Aurobindo's philosophy but also his "action."

[Another important supporter of Bose’s mission was Anushilan Samiti. This was the Bengali revolutionary organisation which had its roots in the philosophies of Swami Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo.]

Hindutva focuses on the past but Sri Aurobindo promises loftier human excellences taking shape in the future through the process of Evolution. His utopianism involves messianism to a large extent and hence his call for collaborating with Evolution by rejecting past formulations.

[Overman Foundation's Summer Retreat in the lap of the Himalayas at “Madhuban” in Talla Ramgarh, Uttarakhand, an extension of Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Delhi Branch. Workshops are conducted to enable the participants to reach the higher perfection of living.]

[Lilla is at his best tracing the bizarre interplay between German idealism and liberal Protestant tragic effect of this concoction was that it left liberal Protestantism ripe for political exploitation (WW I) and atavistic politics (WW II)]

[... used by a few atheistic scientists (for example, Richard Dawkins) to attack bonafide religions conceptions. Hence it is necessary to scientifically inform the real situation to everyone so that they can confidently practice bonafide religions...]


Tusar Nath Mohapatra - Google Scholar Citations

Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF), Indirapuram, Ghaziabad (UP). No verified email - Homepage · Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo (POSA) · Title, Cited by, Year. Harnessing Western Philosophy for Self-Management. TN Mohapatra. SAMSMRITI, SAMS Journal 10 (2), 16-17, 2016. 2016. Reimagining and Refashioning ...

July-December 2016 - Sambhram Group of Institutions

do in the Corporate domain today and need not remain at the cross roads. “Harnessing Western. Philosophy for Self-Management” is something special a piece and Mr. Tusar Nath Mohapatra says people still search meaning of their life even today. He talks of spirituality perceiving the spirit hidden behind the material world ...

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The latest Tweets from Tusar Nath Mohapatra (@NathTusar). Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF): SRA-102-C, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad-201014. 965-0065-636… 

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