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Ayodhya dispute robbed RSS of reason

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Having captured all top institutions under the Constitution, RSS now wants the Defence apparatus to function under it and recruit its cadre seamlessly. Surely a valid dream for Hindustan metamorphosing as a Hindu Rashtra with RSS presiding everywhere like Communist Party of China.

Confidence of winning 2019 may be giving rise to too much of delusion, but Modi is most vulnerable and lonely right now. He is being tolerated but no one wants him to lead due to dictatorial functioning. Bereft of any intrinsic quality or qualification, he is clinging to position.

My response is based upon the written clarification issued by RSS. There are clear signs of unusual thinking and if pursued will lead to fascist environment. Forewarned is forearmed, as they say.

The PM and Party chief hail from a single State which is unprecedented in a federal polity like India. This I feel is fascist but supporters like you turn a blind eye. There are many other complains but hubris among the cadre leads to overlook.

I'm not aware of your work; you may forward some links. You are free to disagree with my views but it has its own validity and relevance in a multi-party Democracy like India. Btw, I don't find many independent voices like me on Twitter and therefore it's all the more important.

Criticism is part and parcel of Democracy and to counter them effectively is Ruling camp's job where they fail. RSS is yet to develop adequate intellectual wherewithal to be equal to the task. Most supporters tend to bully instead of arguing; "hubris and thuggery" said @NMenonRao

RSS works in the field, mingles with people; even befriends (nationalist) Muslims. But intellectuals worshipping Sita Ram Goel seem to be fanatical in their antipathy towards Muslims; spread venom by spewing vitriol in their discourse. Shows how one-eyed scholarship is dangerous.

RSS loves controversies to simmer so that dividends are reaped over a longer period and falsehoods turn into truth. RJM proved to be highly rewarding; this Army discourse is likely to legitimise a claim on it, the way it's being stoutly defended by supporters, across the board.

[solipsism of tribal identity seems the particular danger now - not the individual per se, but the individual self-identified with a tribe. This generally is accompanied with paranoia about the tribe's being "repressed," even where the tribe-in-question dominates.] -Whit Blauvelt

As far as maturity of Democracy is concerned, India doesn't seem to have progressed much during the last seventy years. Technology has aided manipulation modes and ethical compromises have become common. So-called Dharma upholders have perfected the art of Goebbelsian propaganda.

Democracy implies individuals exhibiting autonomy and exercising free choice whereas Religious Nationalism of Hindutva considers people as immature who must be guided and goaded. This paternalistic attitude and propensity of propaganda detests dissent and alternative dispensation.

Culturally, one can imagine anything and seek inspiration from the products of distant past but, politically, one's citizenship is restricted to one's lifetime only. Adumbrating to extraneous attributes or affiliations, therefore, is uncalled for and inimical to Democratic ethos.

Ideological imperatives in India today too require such tender moments to think freely and rightly.

British left in 1947 but USA & CIA became active to further Western/Christian interest through influential lobbies. Apart from MSM, Google, Facebook, and Twitter continue to exercise hegemony over Indian mind even today. Regressive Hindutva is handicapped before ethical challenge

Many pronouncements of Sri Aurobindo during the Freedom struggle can't be defended in a Democratic set up. JP's call to Police and Army to apply conscience was definitely wrong. Warped logic of RSS relating to Ayodhya dispute (RJM) has robbed it of reason.

Modi Xerox kiosks and Sam Pitroda's STD/PCOs push paved the way for Development. Thus, India is infinitely indebted to the West for what it is today. Modernity and ethical paradigms too are of Western origin including tenets of Democracy and Jurisprudence.

Hindutva, by valorising Mythology, Rituals, and Superstitions, suffers from permanent intellectual impairment. Sri Aurobindo had diagnosed it early on and wrote out correctives. Those enamoured of RSS can benefit from it and that's his great relevance in charged political arena.

Communism triggered not only political and economic upheavals but also unprecedented intellectual ferment. It's fashionable to trash Marxism today but without it world would have been in a primitive state. Hindutva is unable to reconcile with highly refined stances on gender etc.

Savitri Era Party is opposed to AAP, BJP, Congress, and Left but not ungrateful towards their respective intellectual and ethical contributions. Blanket condemnation is as absurd as blind support or indoctrination. Sri Aurobindo provides a sane lens to pursue independent thinking.

The first and foremost task of every citizen is to safeguard and enrich Democracy; all other ideals like Nationalism are secondary. How Siddhartha Shankar Ray had instigated Indira, Sanjay, and Maneka Gandhi to paralyse civil liberties during the Emergency is a permanent lesson.

Common sense perceptions of say, Annie Besant or Subhas Chandra Bose about Sri Aurobindo surely provide a perspective like the latter's own opinions on Gandhi, Churchill, Hitler, etc. Pivotal insights to understand 20th century history; those unaware of are veritable illiterates.

Hobbes held a critical view of human nature whereas Rousseau painted a favourable picture. The dichotomy can really be reconciled if one imbibes the Vedic dialectic formulated by Sri Aurobindo. Ideology embedded in a sound Ontology has the best chance of standing the test of time.

That "Congress Socialist Party founded in 1934 as a caucus within Indian National Congress" still exerts considerable influence throughout the length and breadth of the country in various avatars (including the ruling dispensation) is an interesting facet.

It may be clarified that the quotation at the end of the article on Auroville pertains to Sri Aurobindo explaining the tenets of "religion of humanity" conceived by Comte. So, it can't strictly be construed as Sri Aurobindo’s exhortations unlike the above.

[Overman Foundation's Summer Retreat in the lap of the Himalayas at “Madhuban” in Talla Ramgarh, Uttarakhand, an extension of Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Delhi Branch. Workshops are conducted to enable the participants to reach the higher perfection of living.]


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