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End endorsing Mythology

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It's simply impossible to imagine that the sea was very much the same millions of years before the appearance of the humans. The march of time, however, is so slow and yet, so short for the myriad aspirations that people harbour or the countless deficiencies they seek to conquer.

Science hasn't been able to say anything definite about the functioning of the world. All religions and their scriptures are suppositions. Those who take pride in the superiority of some text or philosophy should do introspection. Endorsing Mythology or speculation is no heroism.

Knowledge is a commodity and has its own utility. Its validity unfortunately is often derived from dubious authority. Self-interest and uncritical respect help perpetuation of unsubstantiated propositions. Refusing to believe in them should be the duty of every vigilant individual.

Just because someone has been saying something or believing in something, it's not necessary that he or she will have to do it for ever. Each educated person must conduct a rigorous review of his or her intellectual framework periodically and purge impaired furnishings ruthlessly.

Human beings are certainly a special category upon this planet but religious groupings are groping in the dark as regards knowledge about the universe. Rituals and imagined manipulation of the unseen worlds are not only arbitrary but also subversive of one's dignity and autonomy.

Looking at Sri Aurobindo as merely a revolutionary is the primary level. Remaining mesmerised within his web words is the second stage and a long one. The third is when one gradually comes out of that spell and starts realising why he wrote so much and actually goes beyond them.

Each one is wired in a specific way and chained to a certain spatial limits. So universality is an incoherent and inchoate concept. Ideas like Infinite or Perfection nevertheless persist and propel a sense of adventure and discovery. But most are unwilling to undertake the burden.

Education relies upon the past and emphasises on great men. But the task for each individual is to move beyond what has been achieved so far. Here the role of freedom and creativity come into play. Syllabus binds, teachers repeat; the student must break free, hew his new avenue.

Being conversant with Western philosophy is a necessity for proficiency in any field. Such a large number of people grapple with issues relating to current affairs but they neglect philosophy proper. This is the prime reason for poor quality of debate dovetailing to name calling.

Management, media, or even social sciences can train one as a well aware person but philosophy imparts the true foundation. Many assume that study of some ancient Indian texts is sufficient so far as philosophical grounding is concerned but it is a mistake. Swadeshi doesn't help!

Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF), Ghaziabad. Ghazi://

It's really odd if Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Delhi branch lets out its sacred Meditation Hall for sundry gatherings. Seems like a regime change is underway!

Mohan Bhagwat giving recognition to worship of Sai Baba now forms the benchmark for addition to the list like Sri Aurobindo.
[एक भाषा किसी को समझ नहीं आती. हिंदी की ही कई अलग अलग बोली है - भाषाओं और देवी देवताओं की विविधता - नए नए देवी देवता आते रहते हैं. पहले साईं बाबा नहीं थे.]

Most concerns on Twitter are about two percent of the population. The rest take care of themselves but the disconnect is glaring.

Was stranded in Digha last night as hotels there are not permitting stay of single persons. This is highly insulting and discriminatory of the autonomy and privacy of those who travel alone, especially the senior citizens. Incredible India campaign must root out such sore areas.

For those who may not be aware @viryavaan is one of our brilliant minds well-versed in Sri Aurobindo. He has his own reasons to express extreme views but shouldn't be dismissed lightly. One may not agree with him but his sentiments need to be respected after RSS turning inclusive.

A staunch advocate of Dharma had once expressed his sympathy which when reaches its logical conclusion of legalization is, perhaps, the right solution to this problem relating to incidents of non-consensual nature.

[The Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust has received many requests to set up a facility to receive donations online. Those wishing to make a donation to the Ashram may do so by visiting The site and payment gateway are secure, and data privacy is respected.]

Update: October 14, 2018

Sidhu has said something serious perhaps for the first time! High time to turn India a Federation by awarding Sovereignty to the States so that local culture and language receive due recognition, respect, and care. Bengali being nurtured after creation of Bangladesh is an example.

From Ram Janmbhumi movement to Sabarimala protests, the farcical face of ritual-based religion in India has traversed full-circle. Savitri Erans devoted to The Mother & Sri Aurobindo watch in gratitude the Masters' prophecy of religions being pulverized coming true brick by brick.

Life is complex and talent is rare. Reality is unpredictable but people long to fit the future as per their pet paradigms. Politically correct propositions are treated as given and normal whereas they are mere normatives. Both, Hindutva and Modernity suffer from false narratives.

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