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Ascending to the beauty of a pure thought world

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Savitri Era: Vigilance against anti-Evolutionary forces essential

What Sri Aurobindo is supposed to have stated in 1924 can't obviously be wholly applicable in 2024. Modifying notions and connotations therefore is important instead of resorting to literalism or vain devotionalism. Establishing genuine worth of texts in today's context is vital.

The writings of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo may seem difficult or too complex to a beginner but Savitri Era Religion provides a simplified picture. It's not Ashram-oriented nor connected with old methods of yoga. It also gives freedom from rituals, superstitions, and herd-moves.

Savitri Era movement has many dimensions. Establishing Sri Aurobindo firmly as the dominant consciousness of the nation is the primary one. Developing a suitable ecosystem with political and religious bulwark forms the allied one. Cultural and cerebral soft power are brass tacks.

There is no better brand than Sri Aurobindo today. Savitri Era is about positive agenda and not nitpicking on jaded formulations. Those who can't understand this much and choose to stay wedded to the past lose a great opportunity. At least they can't complain that no one told us.

How Kejriwal and Modi came to power through multi-pronged media-interventions is recent memory. But no brand can sustain sans intrinsic worth. Sri Aurobindo on the other hand is a seasoned product waiting for its time. Hindutva fiasco is going to create a receptive environment.

Suddenly too many intellectuals and experts are finding themselves to be illiterates. Sri Aurobindo has unnerved many and most are compensating by name-dropping. No one is prepared to invest a cool decade or so; so they are gone and it forms a golden opportunity for the new generation.

While philosophy, yoga, and spirituality are more conspicuous images, Sri Aurobindo is an all-purpose tool. Users are aware of its higher utilities and transforming potentialities of an apparent rational choice or consumption. This comes free enhancing return from the cost value.

Religious mobilisation for building a majority can't lend legitimacy in a Democracy. Rational choice and critical scrutiny are cornerstone of a modern society. Rational, however, needn't always mean prudent or diligent due to prevalence of human frailty, mischief, or playfulness.

Equality between men and women and concentrating on common human methods is a defining element of Sri Aurobindo's yoga. Thus, the empowerment dimension is downplayed but the magnetic function performed by women in any ecosystem is often neglected leading to lack of lubrication.

Sri Aurobindo furnishes many examples of Western history for illustrating psychology of social development. In India one can perceive the Physical period during 1947-97 followed by the current Vital phase. An intellectual churning is imminent with Sri Aurobindo firing the imagination

In the Physical period people were predominantly ignorant and blindly followed the leaders. Indoctrination was the name of the game but the masses were oblivious of the ideological implications. Hold of ideological intoxicants like Hindutva is more volitional in the Vital phase.

It's not difficult to find disillusionment pertaining to Hindutva on the part of many prominent handles and scholars although they maintain a feel good image due to electoral reasons. Modi govt going slow on Hindutva agenda also indicates prevarication in the top echelons of RSS.

Vital period is marked by adolescent's zeal and keenness for hitching one's wagon. Hate agenda of Hindutva provides an ideal combination exploiting which many have become celebrities. But instant benefits can meet pitfalls due to faulty blueprints. So Sri Aurobindo is a safer bet

Distorted history, dishonest theory, and disinformation campaigns have dominated our lives all along. Hindutva seeks to replace them with an idyllic imaginary utopia of mythological fictions. Applying detergents to discourse is essential just as sunshine is the best disinfectant.

Deriving benefits are decisive factors in pursuing knowledge or pushing ideologies at present but in an environment inspired by the ethos of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo higher motives would drive thought and action. Though not unusual as a normative, the phenomenon will be normal.

Another character created by Sri Aurobindo is Maheshwari. Modeled on Varuna, She is absolutely unique and has no affinity with any name in Indian mythology. Worshipping her would mean ascending to the beauty of a pure thought world for enjoying rationality

People of India are being manipulated and exploited in various ways and those who are in the know are in the rolls of perpetrators. Deep State and Big Data are calling the shots in connivance with religious predators. The positive agenda of Savitri Era can combat vulnerabilities.

Congress might improve upon its scorecard but dream-houses built by many over its prospects are sure to collapse. That interestingly will initiate a fresh round of appraisal of the shrinking appeal of its ideology. Savitri Era Party has been prescribing the corrective since 2007.

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