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Modi as a modern day Ashoka

Assorted tweets:

Transformation of Modi as a modern day Ashoka deserves immediate attention and reformulation of strategies by the opposition. Metamorphosis of RSS policies has also far reaching consequences. So past events and identities don't hold good for ascertaining the future course. Period 3 Jul 19

Hindutva hardliners are estimated to be only 8.33% of Indian population and hence the Modi Govt, wisely, opted to ignore them. Whether Modi wins @NobelPrize or not, the Civilisational and Evolutionary yardsticks the prize represents can be considered as acme of human imagination. 3 Jul 19

Hindutva adherents have become restless and are increasingly loosing patience with Modi govt. This unpredictable turn can be ascribed to the Evolutionary intention outlined in the #FiveDreams of Sri Aurobindo. Many of his followers however remain staunch admirers of Hindutva, alas! 28 Jun 19

Right from 2013 we have been telling that Modi is not the right PM candidate and a vast country like India deserves a better qualified one. So nothing much is expected of him than vacating the chair in 2024. Those discovering his betrayal must check their own intellectual calibre. 14 Jun 19

We sensed moderation in the approach of Modi govt and extended support. Apart from people like Jaitley or RSS, Reliance may be responsible for the middle path. Hindutva and Dynasty are aberrations and must be thrown away. Following Sri Aurobindo therefore is the most sensible way 14 Jun 19

It's not difficult to find disillusionment pertaining to Hindutva on the part of many prominent handles and scholars although they maintain a feel good image due to electoral reasons. Modi govt going slow on Hindutva agenda also indicates prevarication in the top echelons of RSS. 9 May 19

How Kejriwal and Modi came to power through multi-pronged media-interventions is recent memory. But no brand can sustain sans intrinsic worth. Sri Aurobindo on the other hand is a seasoned product waiting for its time. Hindutva fiasco is going to create a receptive environment. 9 May 19

Modi may or may not earn a second term but even after five years, I have this feeling that he is just a mask. A very powerful international syndicate is behind him and various incidents happening around him. Sovereignty of India is very much at stake; hence Sovereignty to States. 7 May 19

Unfollowed many #Chowkidar handles during the last two days. History and hatred are their dominant theme with nothing new or inspiring to tell. Some of them, however, are now acutely aware of the intellectual poverty of Modi who used to be imagined as a superhero five years back. 30 Apr 19

Five years and Modi has performed a costume drama (thanks perhaps to Smriti Irani's TV expertise) to the hilt and not a single occasion where he comes across as an ordinary human being or expressing own thoughts. Almost a mirror image of his predecessor who had different reasons. 22 Apr 19

RW involvement or enthusiasm for the elections seem to be very subdued this time. Perhaps they know the results in advance and praying for a miracle. Modi is no longer a favourite and there are many aspirants in the party. Star of Nitish Kumar may be on ascendancy in both camps. 18 Apr 19

I tweeted against Modi before and after his election. I didn't oppose any govt policy or action as it's its right and wisdom. I started supporting the govt as it went soft on Hindutva. I want Modi to have the second and final term, but deplore his washing feet of fellow citizens. 13 Apr 19

Selling Modi brand in 2014 looks justified given the enormous odds he was against both within and outside. But repeating the same formula in 2019 seems jaded since the Party or Ideology should have assumed prominence by now. Otherwise Development is merely a synonym of Government 25 Mar 19

Nehru's task as the first Prime Minister was to erase the obscurantist opinion of Gandhi in order to inaugurate a modern nation. Modi has similarly been successful to whitewash Hindutva to such an extent that it's no longer recognisable. Or should we give credit to Mohan Bhagwat? 22 Mar 19

Marxist discourse in India is criticised all the while but it continues without any corrective. While their antipathy towards Hindutva or Modi is understandable, silence on a great scholar like Sri Aurobindo is totally incomprehensible. Sadly they haven't read a page of his works 21 Mar 19

Interestingly, it's necessary to make a distinction between Modi's "performance" and govt performance. Modi consistently resorts to theatre considering large uneducated masses divided by languages. Optics comes in handy here and can be seen as a tribute to power of folk theatres. 16 Mar 19

Succumbing to optics is a compulsion in politics and especially dominant for those with modest intellectuality. Modi regime is replete with gimmickry but this incident takes the cake; and is a sacrilege of Constitutional norms. While Dharma experts are silent, Sri Aurobindo wins. 25 Feb 19

Not sure, if it's in his personal or official capacity, but typecasting fellow citizens and behaving so patronizingly is utterly indecent and immoral on the part of the Prime Minister of a Democracy. The ritual is nothing but insulting their dignity and violation of human rights. 24 Feb 19

Assuming that RSS has evolved a lot during the last five years, it should be closer to Sri Aurobindo's vision than Congress but Nehruvian consensus retains a more universalist outlook, at least in theory. Modi, by clutching on to Gandhi, is trying to represent that aspect as well 12 Feb 19

The notion of nationality and citizenship belongs to the past. India must make its borders free and welcome anyone who wants to visit, stay, or vote. In the age of Internet, geographical stipulation for nationality is of diminishing relevance. Sure recipe for Nobel peace for Modi 4 Feb 19

Even after reading "a shelf full of books" that Sri Aurobindo wrote, it's difficult to claim any sure hints on future events or political course. Turning a supporter of Modi govt after being a critic on the basis of its non-performance and ideological ambivalence embarrasses many 20 Jan 19

Modi definitely deserves a second term and in all probability he will get it. Challenging hierarchy & personality cult is a necessity. No person should be allowed to occupy top Constitutional posts for more than two terms. This is the minimum for securing fair play in a Democracy 19 Jan 19

Misgivings on Modi's performance has ensued an introspection on core Hindutva leading to tolerance of a healthy ambivalence. It also coincides with reexamination of Bengal renaissance, upon due scholarly apparatus, with the potential of Sri Aurobindo receiving deserved attention. 15 Jan 19

Modi govt can be credited with for being singularity bereft of any ideological narrative or pushing any pet formula. Apart from the theatrical performance of PM at different locations with costume, the function of the govt, overall, has been amorphous. This is a welcome feature. 23 Dec 18

Many brilliant people have confessed that they have made a mistake by backing Modi. (Well, that may prove to be another mistake on their part.) This is an example of how human mind is prone to errors. So pompous announcements on path of Dharma should be taken with a pinch of salt 18 Dec 18

Read many tweets against Modi by his known supporters which implies that he is on the right track. Govt has done an admirable balancing act in performing its Constitutional duties without succumbing to hardliners clamouring for unjust measures. Now it's for fans to call him fake. 13 Dec 18

No one believed us then, but now many great minds are repeating that Modi is fake. In actuality, Modi is the same and holds up a mirror to others that they are all fake. Everyone is in love with stars and celebrities on TV and Modi exploits this weakness of the people to the hilt 29 Nov 18

Three important debates: Triple Talaq, 377/LGBT, and #Sabarimala unfolding during the Modi regime have far reaching effects. Apart from the claims on economy and development, these social sector churning are surely outstanding feathers in Modi's cap. Obviously, no fakery here. 29 Nov 18

I expressed my support to the Modi govt nearly a year ago. Mohan Bhagwat's reformulation of RSS worldview has further reinforced my stand. I have no insider knowledge on many grouses nor any in depth expertise to analyse policy. The overall picture, nevertheless, looks promising. 11 Nov 18

Congress definitely implies a continuation of the Colonial regime and in that sense Modi Govt is far more genuine. Courts are doing their job of upholding Enlightenment in trying circumstances for which they must be congratulated. Universities unfortunately are in Marxists' grip. 2 Nov 18

Many journalists have amassed erudition and reputation for their principled stands. But opposing the ruling party and supporting Congress exposes their objectivity many a time. Modi govt has no spectacular achievements and that's perhaps one of its strengths. Corruption excepted! 23 Sep 18

Bhagwat's pronouncements come nearly a year after we sensed a definite reformation in attitude and announced our support to Modi Govt. Many paint it as an Election stunt but fail to perceive the inevitability of the Evolutionary trajectory so forcefully posited by Sri Aurobindo. 22 Sep 18

So many are disappointed with Modi for going somewhat moderate but the credit goes to RSS for continuing Nehruvian consensus coupled with Kulkarni doctrine as backbone of our polity. Not permitting or promoting any cult around RW intellectuals or public figures is another feather 17 Sep 18

Looks like BJP is promoting Leftists by giving them and their work publicity so that they regain ground in Bangla and Mamata is cornered. But the whole episode has substantially robbed the Modi Govt of the liberal image that it had earned so assiduously during the last four years 30 Aug 18

Democracy is an evolving phenomenon; no prototype yet. Dynasty has warped Indian democracy beyond repair. Modi is creating some new ways of functioning. Whether Chai and Pakoda are more genuine forms of democracy will be judged a decade hence. Colonial/Imperial legacy should end. 13 Aug 18

When Congress owned journalists oppose Modi, their rhetoric lacks credibility. Modi supporters are no better who merely redistribute govt press releases. Modi govt deserves a second term on the basis of a reasonable performance. That's all. No superlatives nor severe castigating. 19 Jul 18

Indian Constitution hasn't been able to produce a Prime Minister it envisages but UPA was the worst. A silent PM from RS under Party president with foreign connections and secret itinerary. Modi govt has many failures and suspected links with industrialists but still it's better. 19 Jul 18

Good point but many are supporting Congress out of desperation hoping it to cobble up a united opposition. Further, Congress represents the Nehruvian consensus which even Modi govt is more or less pursuing. Congress legacy and popularity still resonates but its leaders repulsive. 18 Jul 18

Your verdict is too harsh on Modi since "ruined" is too reductionist to describe a vast economy like India. Political opposition shouldn't lead to blanket condemnation by independent observers. Hope you reconsider and see merit in some aspects from stability provided by Modi govt 8 Jul 18

Modi govt may claim superior performance on economy and development but it's better ignored. Socialist policies are an electoral compulsion and so blaming it is not fair. Modi govt's best achievement however is avoiding Hindu-centrism and ensuing a Democratic environment. UPA-III 1 Jul 18

Only a hundred handles or so speak about Hindu interests stridently whereas those fanaticism is not apparent in people's daily life. Writers are making a career but such abstraction of the word Hindu is turning it lifeless which ultimately will be abandoned by everyone like Modi. 1 Jul 18

Puru in Girish Karnard's Yayati denies having superhuman capabilities of his forefathers. Modi similarly steers clear of the imaginary glory of Hindutva and this ideological shift is no less significant than Deendayal, Nehru, or Roy. @Janamejayan may examine in his Dharma thread. 30 Jun 18

Marketime: Modi steers clear of the imaginary glory of Hindutva @NathTusar @_NAN_DINI @Joydas
This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose,
From her blind unwilling substance must emerge
A beauty that belongs to happier spheres.
- Sri Aurobindo (SAVITRI) 30 Jun 18

Modi has ruled the country for a period exceeding six previous non-Congress Prime Ministers (except Vajpayee). Accepting him as he is is in order because experts on event management and image management are behind him. Those opposed to him are no better: fake news, paid news, etc 30 Jun 18

Modi govt must be distinguished from BJP, RSS, or even Modi himself. Apart from overseas lobbies, domestic top industrialists are part of decision making. So it pursues status quo with a few surprises. But overall full marks for Democratic environment and freedom for all sections 28 Jun 18

Lending support to Modi govt is the best possible course right now in order to oppose Congress as well as RSS. Hindutva commands a poor share of electoral dividends and hence is bound to be jettisoned. Nehruvian consensus similarly needs to be replaced by #SriAurobindo's "Dreams" 28 Jun 18

Primacy of languages should be recognised and States of India must get Sovereignty by abolishing the Central Govt. #SriAurobindo spoke of #WorldUnion and a Confederation of South Asian States will be catalyst. Modi can be an instrument of Evolutionary forces to turn a Gorbachev. 27 Jun 18

UPA govt was under the grip of foreign powers and Modi govt is yet to give clear signals of having a mind of its own or moving with its own strength. Yet, it needs a second term to stand on its own feet and also rid the party of the pernicious legacies of Savarkar and Golwalkar. 27 Jun 18

Civilisation is about education and evolution. There are clear signs that BJP & RSS are trying to modify themselves according to the Constitutional values and thus preparing for the long haul. Some have turned vocal against Modi govt but I have turned a supporter after four years 22 Jun 18

I have already expressed the view that we must support any attempt by BJP and RSS to occupy the mainstream space by eschewing Hindutva fanaticism. Modi govt should get a second term to fulfil its promises as its record during the last four years has been reasonable. @shantprakash 18 Jun 18

Congress and the Left perform admirably as watchdogs leading to micro-scrutiny of Modi govt. Many well known journalists and media houses also do the same but in a partisan manner. Evaluating BJP, RSS, and Govt performance objectively is essential to create sound Democratic norms 9 Jun 18

Wide ranging fermentation during the last four years in the so called Sangha Parivar or even RW ecosystem has produced unprecedented results, facilitated by SM. Indian Democracy stands rejuvenated and Modi govt seeking second term must receive support for consolidating the gains. 6 Jun 18

It's frustrating that so many Hindutva intellectuals choose to live in their imaginary ivory towers without any obligation for offering some coherent theoretical framework of their vision of the future. Modi govt pursuing a pragmatic paradigm for retaining power deserves support. 5 Jun 18

I don't think Modi govt has done outstanding work in any front nor there is clarity on any policy issue. That it came to power on its own and is somehow carrying on should be a matter of satisfaction as far as revivifying Democracy is concerned. Therefore, needed its second term. 4 Jun 18

Many fears about Modi have proved to be unfounded during the last four years. Democracy has surely climbed a few notches above with his "performance" complete with costumes. Not economic indicators but the chaos factor (Irani in HRD to one paisa relief) is a pointer for freedom. 31 May 18

Modi govt has taken many hard steps and faced many difficult situations during the last four years. We have been opposing it from the very beginning on various counts but the overall picture at present doesn't warrant any harsh criticism. The govt needs a second term for results. 27 May 18

One of Modi's strategy is to cultivate intelligent criticism like Shourie & Sinha duo on the one hand and Rupa, Dhume, and Tufail on the other. He also encourages his joker, jumla, or feku images to float. But what is true about Modi is that he admires Lohia and understands India 22 May 18

Many ardent fans of Modi are now critical of him. While he has disappointed the Hindutva hawks unequivocally, his possible occupying of the mainstream space is terrifying opponents. This vindicates Vajpayee and Advani following the Kulkarni Doctrine (Goa musings) @SudheenKulkarni 22 May 18

Marketime: Modi occupying mainstream vindicates Kulkarni Doctrine @NathTusar @SudheenKulkarni
This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose,
From her blind unwilling substance must emerge
A beauty that belongs to happier spheres.
- Sri Aurobindo (SAVITRI) 22 May 18

Marketime: Modi deserves a second term @NathTusar @OpIndia_com @SwarajyaMag @myindmakers
This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose,
From her blind unwilling substance must emerge
A beauty that belongs to happier spheres.
- Sri Aurobindo ("SAVITRI") 20 May 18

Marketime: Modi's four years' record has been of moderation @NathTusar @Sheks65 @Auro_Mere
This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose,
From her blind unwilling substance must emerge
A beauty that belongs to happier spheres.
- Sri Aurobindo ("SAVITRI") 18 May 18

Feelings of sweet revenge after so many decades! However, no need to fall in the trap of anti-Modi rhetoric of Congress and the Left. Each party is infested by the fascist virus and hence Modi must be examined with much care as his four years' record has been of such moderation. 17 May 18

Welcome developments, if true. Criticism on this score by the leftists and being lax on Hindutva front by the hawks are two sure pointers of Modi regime being on the right track. Chasing Nobel has imparted such an civilising effect that all prophets of doom have been proved wrong 18 Apr 18

Many handles tweet genuine criticism against BJP, RSS, and Modi. One feels that they are defenders of Democracy and civility. But when they start praising the Dynasty, their true colours are exposed. All their liberalism is mortgaged to the altar of Congress and hence spurious. 8 Apr 18

JP brought them to power but forming BJP was a betrayal. Both Vajpayee and Modi seem to have followed Kulkarni Doctrine and Devendra Swarup's Gandhian thrust. However, any real excellence or creativity pertaining to the Hindutva or Indian origin is yet to be seen. #IndiaTrustsBJP 6 Apr 18

Modi's Nobel hope has kept RSS under leash despite criticism by its core supporters. However it's also a question of maturity for the 93 years old organisation and it must be grateful to people like Sita Ram Goel and Sitaram Yechury for showing it the right path from time to time 25 Mar 18

My opposition to BJP, RSS, and Modi has become an additional factor for Hindutva votaries avoiding Sri Aurobindo's oeuvre. We don't have clear indications regarding current political choices from either The Mother or Sri Aurobindo, yet fighting fascist tendencies remains crucial. 12 Mar 18

Confidence of winning 2019 may be giving rise to too much of delusion, but Modi is most vulnerable and lonely right now. He is being tolerated but no one wants him to lead due to dictatorial functioning. Bereft of any intrinsic quality or qualification, he is clinging to position 12 Feb 18

Instead of debating 1947, it would be far more profitable to discuss future partitions and granting Sovereignty to the States. That all South Indians are descendants of demons is a mindset from which RSS can't free itself. Modi's Freudian slip is hard nail in the coffin of India. 8 Feb 18

Presently, Modi attracts harsh criticisms as well as lavish praises. So, how should a historian look at him? Certainly, not easy. But one thing is crystal clear: he has deviated drastically from Hindutva that RSS supposedly espouses. So, he can be accused of revisionism like ABV. 29 Jan 18

@avenger_D Political opinions are bound to differ in a Democracy but by trying to engage with people like you, I seek to know herd-dynamics. 16 Aug 15
@vs70 You got it right; we are against the mentality of banning or making things compulsory. That's the spirit of Indian Constitution.

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