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Savitri Era Party keeps the hope of alternative politics burning

Tweets in original by @SavitriEraParty and @NathTusar:

No one in Odisha is willing to look beyond BJD and BJP. Savitri Era Party however keeps the hope of alternative politics burning. Internet facilitating communication is a great enabler and a time will come when educated Odia persons will value seriousness instead of food and fun.
Anti-Congress politics led by Harekrushna Mahatab, Biju Patnaik, and Rajendra Narayan Singh Deo has grown deep roots of regionalism in Odisha. BJP can never connect with the local culture and will remain as an urban phenomenon. So creating a truly democratic party is a challenge.
Our planet is one and a whole, yet many are convinced that it's run by two sets of powers: the so-called Abrahamic and Dharmic. Such a schizophrenia leads to many other maladies with fascist symptoms. Reading The Mother & Sri Aurobindo can cure such myopia and misunderstandings.
Sri Aurobindo's writings and conversations cover more than forty volumes but quotation-wallahs don't go beyond a couple of them. This sort of censorship is not only dishonest but also pernicious. Understanding him at one's own pace is okay but deliberate amnesia is unforgivable.
Freedom has negative connotations; freedom from some original bondage, tyranny, or subservience. So achieving freedom is supposed to be a struggle and constant striving. One possible meaning of All life is yoga is this. Sri Aurobindo chose the word Arya to convey this imperative.
Be it RM or DF, critical appreciation is the key. No one is perfect, so avoiding us & them approach is essential. True for all great men or saints and savants. Necessary to remember the cases of Savonarola, Bruno, or Galileo. Unadulterated adulation is an adolescent's infatuation
I have expressed in the past my resentment against RM's whining against the West and his attempt to undermine unique contributions of Sri Aurobindo. He seems to have mellowed down of late but thankfully minces no words while examining Indian icons. Such critical spirit is welcome
Sri Aurobindo's writings are no doubt difficult and their themes distant. Such esoteric subjects don't appeal the modern generation. So the only way is to offer university courses and for that govt initiative is needed. Otherwise, it will languish in the hands of "half-educated."
When we think of a future as per Sri Aurobindo's vision, his writings obviously are not the only thing that is important. All sorts of intellectual resources are needed. So making selections and archiving them are crucial. All these require trained hands with love and dedication.
In contradistinction to the eagerness of economists to highlight instincts and impulses in driving consumerism, Sri Aurobindo insists upon an Evolutionary prospect of reason occupying the centre stage. Interestingly, this before any copious progress towards palpable spirituality.
Being attached to the philosophy of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo from the age of 8, I often wonder how people manage their affairs without any anchor. A secular or materialist outlook based on ambition and willpower may seem uncluttered but imagining to be tangled with Grace safer.
Criticising some for the preponderance of their certain predilections against that of another set of persons is a common fallacy. Sri Aurobindo's delineation of Mitra, Varuna etc. clearly explicates fourfold division of social organisation as perceived by the Vedic seers of yore.
Not a single credible voice in the ruling faction to prevent supporters from targeting opposite opinion. Vilifying the entire Left or Congress without due scrutiny whether there is some substance in their allegations is unfortunate. This is a sad state of affair; sanity needed.
Never forget that Modi govt came to power after 200 years of intellectual ferment and industrial development [The first railway proposals for India were made in Madras in 1832]. Sweeping changes in 21st century itself is an immense enabler. If it falters despite all these, tragic
I'm confused, whether "Amazon is burning" or "Amazon is building its largest campus in India"
These are staple themes for fledgling scholars to write conference papers which provides the opportunity for delving deeper into unfamiliar domains. Thus their academic relevance is immense. Such studies will be needed more to correct existing hagiographic or Marxist distortions.
Hinduism post Bengal Renaissance is an adulterated religion and puritans have every right to restore the original ethos. Hindutva unfortunately aims at political supremacy by neglecting this. But the Evolutionary arrow as perceived by Sri Aurobindo moves in the opposite direction
A political party by definition represents a faction and hence all its action can't be deemed as correct. Defending Democracy, decency, or fair play often clashes with its own self-interest leading to expediency and steps lacking legitimacy. Ruling party errs more on this score.
People being the core of its whole concern, transparency in functioning as well as formulating policy is a must for any political party but RSS as an extra-Constitutional authority prevents BJP from being so. Such opacity is proving to be a porous receptacle for democracy to grow
Janata experiment lost direction due to power struggle. BJP surprisingly hasn't gone through any thanks to ascetic inclinations of RSS. Politics without power struggle however is staid like business without competition or friendly tournaments. Killer instinct is not all that bad.
Sri Aurobindo warns against False subjectivity and it's instructive to note that professional or financial security often enhances the chance of clutching on to erroneous outlook on various things. Thus it's a double whammy. Personal interest too imparts a skew and jaundiced view
Savitri Era Religion is different from past religions in one important sense. It's a rational religion the philosophical underpinning of which has been laid by Sri Aurobindo in the last chapters of The Ideal of Human Unity, The Human Cycle, and The Life Divine apart from Savitri.
Nothing definite is yet known about the functioning of the universe or even the human body which is hostage to various Hormones and Enzymes. Since we undergo several phases of thought and mood within 24 hours, philosophy, culture, and spirituality serve as cushion against gloom.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo stress on remembering of which japa is a practical version. Emotional investment thus is more reliable than mechanical repetition. An intellectual scenario of Divinity pervading provides a much more secure way. That's how to integrate Jnana-Bhakti-Karma
Many don't know that Sri Aurobindo was a Christian and The Mother, a Jew. So, there is nothing unusual about their Western connection. Besides, their collaboration in bringing out ARYA in August 1914 was meant for integration of East and West by elbowing out Theosophical Society.
Any admirer of Sri Aurobindo has to go through a prolonged phase of exploring Homer, Heraclitus, Plotinus, Dante, Blake, Nietzsche, Fichte, Spencer, et al in order to develop an integral understanding of him. Those who suffer from West-phobia must shed their inferiority complex.
German romanticism is indebted to Integral thinkers like Duns Scotus (1266–1308), Giordano Bruno (1548–1600), and Jakob Böhme (1575–1624). American transcendentalism and Bengal Renaissance too have their roots. Also the Cosmic Movement of Max Théon (1848–1927) and Sri Aurobindo.

"This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose," wrote Sri Aurobindo echoing the urge when nothing was there upon this planet. And we tweet today. So, nothing is intractable, "It's the hour of the unexpected."

Why Apps should access my photographs is beyond me. Strangely, no one is concerned about this simple privacy issue.
Of course, I have flouted the privacy of some by publishing these. So, greenery is the best option but beauty often coexists with filth.

Tomorrow is #WorldUnion Day:
Nov 26, 1958: J. Smith & Anil Mukherjee formed New World Union
May 1959: A.B. Patel joined
April 23, 1960: name was changed to World Union
August 20, 1964: The Mother became the President  and Surendra Mohan Ghosh, the Chairman

There are many strong votaries of mother language but they are yet to be convinced about Sovereignty to the States of India. #BharataFederation as the nucleus of #WorldUnion is sure to supply momentum to realisation of the #FiveDreams of Sri Aurobindo broadcast on August 14, 1947
Each language is a nation and it's high time to recognise and respect that by reversing the British legacy. States must get Sovereignty.
An unusually large nation like India has been responsible for uprooting families to far off locations, depriving them of their own language and culture, and imposing hardships on their old parents and relatives. Sovereignty to States can ameliorate this problem to a large extent.

Smaller nations also since each language is a nation.
(I know repeating this will cause irritation.)

Please find justifications and clarifications at the link below. As regards my views, they are still evolving and may alter further. That language is the most cementing factor among individuals is a phenomenon which I have observed in countless instances.
The legacy of the Freedom struggle and subsequent role of its major players is mostly irrelevant now except Sri Aurobindo who thought for the future and fought status quo. #WorldUnion as one of his #FiveDreams is the most feasible idea to proceed towards Kant's "perpetual peace."
Not only Kashmiri, major languages of India should be recognised for their independent nation status and States given Sovereignty accordingly. This is the minimum to protect and promote our highly rich languages which have survived many onslaughts in the past. #BharataFederation
Anyone who pretends to think for India as a whole is a hypocrite. Various regions are too different to be accommodated within anyone's puny consciousness. Each State must demand Sovereignty to do justice with local sentiments as burying pride under national integration is tragic.

I was not aware of May 1968 when in college, but the impetus generated by Nav Nirman Yuvak Samiti in Gujarat was akin.
[On 20 December 1973, students of LD College of Engineering, Ahmedabad went on strike in protest against a 20% hike in hostel food fees.]

Chinsurah Church, founded in 1825, is a century older than RSS or CPI. Thus, Modernity in India has a variegated history.
India is a mistake and must be rectified. Allowing foreign operators to manipulate the fate of over 1.3b people through 2-3 individuals is fraught with danger. Sovereignty to the States will minimise this risk and provide protection to local initiatives under #BharataFederation.
And before August 15, 2019 ends: Sri Aurobindo needs to be read with due reverence and loads of reference for clarity of understanding. His central focus is in his mature writings and hence his role as a revolutionary is better downplayed. Lastly The Mother is pivotal to know him
Western thought hasn't been able to recover from the blow Derrida imparted to its truth-claims. Hindutva will encounter such a moment sooner or later even if it avoids Sri Aurobindo assiduously. In the meantime allow it to wallow in its shallow reservoir of knowledge of the world
I have said it before: a Bengali person's loyalty towards Sri Aurobindo can't be total for his admiration toward multiple great men or sundry ideologies would interfere. Foreigners similarly are forever inclined towards some Western thinker or the other thus compromising on faith
How Churchill proved to be an able instrument against Hitler in the hands of Sri Aurobindo is well documented. That doesn't mean the former doesn't have blemishes. Both banks of Yamuna have their merits and utilities on different parameters. Eschewing black & white view is needed
RW camp has many experts but they don't know anything about Sri Aurobindo. Besides, their whole approach is propaganda and not seeking diverse knowledge by critical analysis. Some followers of Sri Aurobindo paradoxically are hardcore hatred peddlers. So beware of such charlatans.
Those who are thorough in Humanities have not read Sri Aurobindo and those who have read Sri Aurobindo reasonably don't seem to have an adequate grasp on Humanities. India's foremost ideological treasure as a result languishes due to scant attention and molding force in discourse
Despite their best efforts, The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have not been able to craft a coherent ontology but from a practical angle, #FiveDreams of Sri Aurobindo offer a very tempting vista. Such a possibility is worth believing in so that a critical mass precipitates for fruition.
Spirituality teaches humility and surrender but not sycophancy. The stand of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo as regards nationalism, patriotism, philanthropy, or religious activism is very clear and so there is no need of being overenthusiastic. Personal preferences however are valid.

Freedom today means: Freedom from being certain,
Freedom from the tyranny of grand narratives;
Freedom from group thinking and herd moves.
Freedom from distortion of history books,
Freedom from mortgaging talent to money and career;
Freedom from Astrology, Mythology, and Rituals.

Savitri Era Party has been highlighting the fact that the abnormal level of population in India makes it unfit as an efficient nation and hence should be divided into several Sovereign Republics. Replicating the EU model is commensurate with the 1947 #FiveDreams of Sri Aurobindo.
No country or culture has monopoly on excellence and innovation. Recognising quality and skill should guide. Sri Aurobindo is future and action in consonance with Evolution. His words should be read in accordance with the demands of civilisation and not as mere historical record.
Granting Sovereignty to the States on the basis of languages and forming a voluntary Federation as a prelude to #WorldUnion will be the right course as per #FiveDreams of Sri Aurobindo broadcast on August 14, 1947. Dissolving Central govt by abolishing Parliament is the solution.

For the present I defend Democracy and Constitutionalism since past instances may or may not be a safe guide for the future. Each language acquiring an independent nation status should be the first priority and also a hands off policy apropos what the new nations do to themselves
Not many handles who endorse the campaign by Savitri Era Party for Sovereignty of the States.

One is entitled to optimism and self-inflation but differences between RW luminaries are too wide to be bridged. Denouncing AIT is more important for them than AI.
[the right-wing and Hindu nationalism rose like a phoenix from the ashes in the late 1980s.]

Muslim citizens of India are not responsible for the birth of Islam or its founder. They have no connection with the acts of Mahmud Ghazni, Aurangzeb, etc. Yet they are constantly accused of being unbecoming of human beings by responsible people. Such scapegoatery is condemnable.
Left celebrates plurality, valorises dissent, at least in principle, whereas RW roots for uprooting any contrary opinion. Boycott him, unfollow her, or uninstall the app is the immediate response. Thanks to Twitter my views don't reach many and I'm able to write in relative peace
There are many experts on Indian mythology who keep on interpreting various episodes. But no one ventures into divining what the heavenly inhabitants are doing at present and why any speculation on the matter be seen as blasphemy. Consigning omnipotence to cold storage is unjust.
After their tryst with celebrities from Cricket and Bollywood, adolescents scout for public intellectuals. Most obviously go by peer recommendations or other associations. Crowd and not quality still remains an important deciding factor. Reading bestsellers is one such aberration
Psychoanalytic therapy prods to speak more and more so that what's suppressed comes to light. Besides, each individual evolves, each moment, at each transaction. Possibilities, rather than preconceived impressions about one, therefore, are important.
If you exclude party cadre, paid journalists, agenda-driven researchers, religious propagandists, lobbyists, and salesmen from Twitter, there would be hardly anyone worth following. It also shows how enormous the ambit of falsehood and disinformation is which we keep on consuming
My comment is a bit unpalatable and I'm sure you won't mind. The tweet clearly shows that you have been complacent and not allowed yourself to grow during your prime years. Not to be diligent about what to read or not read is like to go on loosing money by indulging in gambling.
Fine, nothing to dispute with that, especially the feeling and experience aspect except that I was arguing about the logical demands of rationality. Encounter with Gita should lead to something more rewarding in terms of authenticity and utility. But your preference is different.
From another perspective: It's said that Nadira and Amjad Khan could never get a better role than their debut in Aan and Sholay respectively. Bollywood certainly provides a secular mythology for our generation apart from the inexhaustible treasure of music for aesthetic pleasure.

An important post on [mature defense mechanisms - used by "healthy" adults, they optimize one's ability to have normal relationships; enjoy work, and to take pleasure in life]
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo however focus on innate powers capable of sublimation
Jainism and later, Buddhism did their best to derive the ultimate truth through both theory and practice. Tantra intervened with more interesting inputs. But nothing substantial was achieved as has been pointed out by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. So, they don't endorse any method.
After visiting an urinal outside Baijnath temple (Himachal Pradesh) which is in a miserable condition, I discovered perhaps the best one in the Tibetan temple in Mcleodganj, Dharamshala. No fixtures conforming to their Shunya philosophy. My respect for Buddhism has enhanced since
Despite the resolve of the present govt to follow the Constitution's secular spirit many of its supporters focus on religion only. They live in an imaginary homogeneous world where diversity or difference are absent. This of course is a good defence mechanism for mid-life crisis.

Agenda to end discrimination:
1. Reservations on caste lines needs to be abolished.
2. Lifestyle facets like food, clothing, or marriage should be liberated from the clutches of religions.
3. Scenic locations of tourist attraction should be made free from religious installations.

Savitri Era replacing dominant religions of the world and Sovereignty for States of India are some of the futuristic scenarios we are "preaching" drawing inspiration from The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. Modernity and liberty are part of the recipe garnished with a bit of Hayek (SC).
Acquiring the right worldview is the prime objective of education. Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) has been offering diverse perspectives to displace the dominance of mainstream narratives since 2005. Even rigorous research of @sarkar_swati or @dharmadispatch suffer from slants
Traditional stress on tapasya however has less relevance in Integral Yoga. Sri Aurobindo would go with the Vedic notion of Freedom being the original, pre-existing state where one must aspire to arrive. Whether aspiration can be seen as striving or imposing restrictions is iffy.

[Sven Erlandson's 2000 book "Spiritual but not Religious". William James' religious experience]
[Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion (2014) by Sam Harris]
Spirituality Without God -Peter Heehs

I write many tweets on The Mother & Sri Aurobindo in a critical tone which I acquired from the Peter Heehs imbroglio (2008).
Many unfounded speculations on Sri Aurobindo float around but his biography by Peter Heehs has documented almost everything on him.

An old pond: #Cuttack #Odisha #KatakaSmruti
Evening scene in #Bhubaneswar #Odisha
The original roundabouts at Rajmahal chhaka or Kalpana chhaka are part of memory now. But the tower overlooking the old glory at Fire station is there. #Bhubaneswar #Odisha
Rasagola of Odisha still commands its stamp of excellence thanks to Salipur or Salepur near Cuttack. A must visit for authentic delicacies.
Pushing a particular religion or mythology in the guise of local language and culture is not a harmless affair. Representing all sections of people under the umbrella of major languages with due sensitivity for the so-called dialects and regional variations is important for unity
Respecting each language and allied culture by awarding Sovereignty to the States will never lose validity. Population figures are also right for adminstrative efficiency and last mile Democracy. Citizens should gear up for such an eventuality by avoiding love for metanarratives.
Anshupa Lake near Cuttack: Home of tranquility and seclusion
Order and chaos

We are seven
The seven men of Hindustan
Men may come and men may go
But we scan the elephant for ever.
No means to describe anything in toto
Yet authors are praised for their depiction
Of characters that are mere fiction
And ethical paradigms are erected around them.
All in vain.

They are seven
The seven seers adorning firmament
Each one a towering luminous figure
But collectively are a huge question mark
Symbolising man's eternal quest
For knowledge and happiness and harmony.
They point however towards an immutable truth
The other pole of man's finitude.


Godavari at Narsapur
Evocative and educative: how ecological concerns can push the Integral paradigm leading to human unity and harmony. Worth ruminating over in the true Vedic spirit.

Legal structure of any management body is full of loopholes and hence local governance is a failure. In our own RWA and other cultural associations, I have the personal experience of being sidelined or ignored. Democracy is yet to show desirable results.

Arun Jaitley is by far the most erudite among the ruling élite today and any ideological reformulation can safely be attributed to him. His pivotal role in navigating through last four years may not be illustrious but the lessons learnt will stand in good stead in the next term.
Arun Jaitley can be said to be the prime intellectual guide of the present regime who deserves encomium for preventing Hindutva hardliners from going berserk. By and large, "Kulkarni doctrine" seems to have concretised and has been internalised by the RSS to the chagrin of hawks.

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