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Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Director (SELF since 2005)

Tweets in original by @SavitriEraParty and @NathTusar:

Sri Aurobindo was well conversant with major schools of Indian philosophy and mythology. So undertaking fresh comparison is pointless. Even comparative studies with Western thinkers by S.K. Maitra is not very fruitful. Postmodernism is the only area which challenges Sri Aurobindo
The life and mythology around The Mother & Sri Aurobindo has Hitler as a key figure like any epic and this new religion is to replace all other religions. Understanding this basic fact is necessary for right appreciation of their work. Those clinging to Hindutva need to wake up.
Many Hindutva supporters are against Modi now but unfortunately they never realise their own lapses. No one took up corruption and cronyism by the govt. They never display sympathy for human rights issues. No concern for resolving the Scheduled castes problem. Focus should change.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have time and again reminded that all past religions are suffering from serious impairment and will dissolve. Yet some of their followers avail every opportunity to express allegiance to gods and goddesses. Private beliefs shouldn't be imposed on others
While examining civilisations Sri Aurobindo, like Foucault, didn't rely upon the linear method. Instead he employs a searching eye to grasp the spirit of the age and explains its Evolutionary advantage. It seems that his third dream of #WorldUnion is going to have a breakthrough.
Living in an age of management and technology we take implementation for granted but the Lila bug has other plans. Sri Aurobindo has emphasised upon personal effort but possible failure is also part of the game. Evolutionary intention behind expectations going awry, most crucial.
Consistent demands for liberating the temples from govt clutches is staple in Twitter but no one seems to have given any thought to the nature of an alternative form of administration. The miserable state of affairs of Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust and Auroville should be a lesson.
Umpteen streams of spiritual practices and rituals are part of Indian tradition which form a living museum. Romanticising them or their thumbnail sketches may have some aesthetic aspect but following the guidance of Sri Aurobindo in all matters esoteric should be a safer course.
Sri Aurobindo used to read a lot at one point but when he started writing he wasn't in the midst of books. Moreover he was writing on several matters at a time. Therefore, there are scant references in his works and scholars are tearing their hair out over genealogy of his ideas.
Aurora Mirabilis: Understanding, collaborating, and improving
@NathTusar, Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF), SRA-102-C, Shipra Riviera, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad. #FiveDreams #WorldUnion
Savitri Era of those who adore,
Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

Writings of Sri Aurobindo bring to mind
Poets, philosophers, and prophets:
Homer, Heraclitus, Plato, Plotinus,
Dante, Goethe, Milton, Blake,
Vico, Herder, Fichte, Mazzini,
Hegel, Nietzsche, Bergson, James,
Teilhard, Jung, Assagioli, Alexander,
Whitehead, Steiner, Gebser, Wilber.

Modi govt is in the right track; trying to be true to Constitution even at the risk of diluting many of party bastion. Such a clear headed policy is admittedly daring and admirably refreshing. Many would suspect carrot and stick but from all appearances, intentions seem genuine.
I think, the govt is following a well thought out approach. It has its own experts and analysts and let's rely upon them.

Promoting individualism among Indians is necessary by discouraging mythology and symbols of monarchy. Religious practices in a Democracy like election symbols, party flags, taking oath and similar pomp and ceremony should be banished. The very concept of national anthem is flawed.

Each and every major narrative needs some measure of corrective. Western scholars have failed to accommodate or appreciate the Indian scenario and Indian public intellectuals are averse to an Integral view of things. So no need to be overwhelmed by the dominant political paradigm.
History and Mythology lessons should be abandoned so that the new generation is not mentally burdened. Those peddling unsubstantiated formulations must desist from charlatanism. Citing old texts is no assurance against trickery. Preventing frauds is an important responsibility.

Each individual has to find the right intellectual resources by applying sufficient critical scrutiny. Chasing celebrities is an easy trap for adolescents to get misguided. Even education system or media can be misleading. Political preference also deprives of authentic knowledge.
Despite facing setback on several counts, Europe still provides leadership on diverse facets of human civilisation and culture. Blanket condemnation of Colonialism or Christianity shouldn't blind us to these areas of excellence. Admiring and acquiring the best should be the norm.
The life and mythology around The Mother & Sri Aurobindo has Hitler as a key figure like any epic and this new religion is to replace all other religions. Understanding this basic fact is necessary for right appreciation of their work. Those clinging to Hindutva need to wake up.

Savitri Era Party came into being twelve years back in 2007. Bringing Sri Aurobindo's knowledge to the forefront is possible if his followers form a formidable force to reckon with. Solidarity and concerted action is essential for this lofty goal; Hindutva needs to be jettisoned.
Hindutva votaries are recounting their war in Rediff and Sulekha against Western academia but Savitri Era had other tasks in 2005. Although Ken Wilber had brought Sri Aurobindo to wider notice, his portrayal was underinformed and unsympathetic. Rod Hemsell & @akazlev fought that.
People of India are being manipulated and exploited in various ways and those who are in the know are in the rolls of perpetrators. Deep State and Big Data are calling the shots in connivance with religious predators. The positive agenda of Savitri Era can combat vulnerabilities.
Debates prior to Sri Aurobindo must be understood for locating him properly.
[Where Nietzsche or Emerson say to be more individual, Kant tells us to be more universal – to act according to the same moral law that everyone else should act under. -Amod Lele]
Hindutva adherents have become restless and are increasingly loosing patience with Modi govt. This unpredictable turn can be ascribed to the Evolutionary intention outlined in the #FiveDreams of Sri Aurobindo. Many of his followers however remain staunch admirers of Hindutva alas
Educated Indians are under the spell of celebrity culture, thanks to Bollywood and Cricket. Mythology perpetuates a feudal environment and politics runs accordingly. Individuality and rationality must come to fore; Savitri Era Party is confident of ushering in such an atmosphere.
Intellectuals are unable to think in terms of fundamental changes and wrestle with minor reforms or improvements. Evolutionary inevitability announced by Sri Aurobindo gives us the assurance that drastic changes can take place at any moment even without adequate prior arrangements.

It appeared downright blasphemous when Peter Heehs announced in 2008 that [The Aurobindo that interests me is the one who...was able to write a shelf full of books] but his own fetish for them (and lifelong engagement) must be seen as the redeeming factor.
Sri Aurobindo is regularly accused as an escapist and a slew of 'mudslinging' has been documented by Peter Heehs in his book, The Lives of Sri Aurobindo. A masterly work but also famous for its skew. Parts of it are available online free.
Mother's Agenda, edited by Satprem was highly controversial when published without consent of #SriAurobindo Ashram. The Lives of Sri Aurobindo by Peter Heehs also generated much heat a decade back. Still, she remains almost unknown in India. Hardly anyone has read her 30 volumes.
Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville has scores of scholars who have dedicated their lives to research on Sri Aurobindo and allied fields but media including RW journals are fond of giving coverage only to foreigners. This colonial mentality should end and Indians should get chance
Issuing the warning for the nth time in the public interest, especially for the budding Hindutva intellectuals and scholars (a rare species, indeed): Please don't contaminate your understanding of Sri Aurobindo via Danino, Elst, Frawley, or Gautier (DEFG).
Danino, Elst, Frawley, Gautier, and Heehs, though sound sympathetic, are responsible for misrepresenting the message of Sri Aurobindo. (TNM55)
"Sri Aurobindo is uncompromising" Danino tells evocatively "he rejects humanism and all hopes for a more 'moral' human being as shallow and ineffectual, and insists on a fundamental change in human nature as the only hope for the species' survival." But AIT is his Achilles' heel!
Scholars from Ambedkar to Ashis Nandy, from Sita Ram Goel to Arun Shourie are just primers and shouldn't be allowed to be the final template. Even Rajiv Malhotra and S.N. Balagangadhara, Koenraad Elst or Michel Danino fall in the same category. Sri Aurobindo is the finishing coat.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo can't, definitely, be identified with one nation; they worked for the whole humanity or rather to transcend it. Those who are in love with a muscular representation of Sri Aurobindo's political philosophy are, of course, entitled to such a tunnel vision

Many thanks for such a principled stand which will go a long way in cleaning the public sphere.
I think, the govt is following a well thought out approach. It has its own experts and analysts and let's rely upon them.
Everyone's opinion will obviously vary but Bengali victimhood clouds the overall picture. However, only one opinion matters in the matter: that's of Sri Aurobindo. Accepting his insights with humility is the only sane option. Emotions and arguments have no place before it. Thanks

Pushing a narrative and telling the right thing are two different things. Obviously, people are driven by material gains and no escape from such compulsions. Sri Aurobindo, however, provides diverse perspectives to sense current priorities and imperatives.

Two brothers: one is a doctor and another an engineer but when it comes to knowledge, each one is a kid before the other. Grounding in Sri Aurobindo, similarly, consumes many dedicated decades. Humility before stupidity is a sure recipe for idiots and scoundrels ruling the roost.

Exclusive Concentration like Extended Release or Paramarasa limiting itself like in Aletheia is another way of looking at Democracy vis-a-vis Conscious Evolution. Dwapara or Tretaya being in certain ratio of Satya or Vaikhari and Madhyama as some proportion of Pashyanti analogical

By emphasising more on the spirituality aspect Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Puducherry has neglected the political dimension of Sri Aurobindo's vision. Savitri Era Party has been inspiring and influencing people for taking part in this important venture from 2007

Those who tweet in Hindi or Odia tend to be more prone to wordplay and humour. The same may be true for other local languages. Writing in English on the other hand allows the content to hog the limelight. Or may be English retains this status in India for those who don't speak it

Please take a look at this seminal work. @BooksPanda @ashoswai @svaradarajan

I used to be perplexed how such a large number of intelligent South Indian brahmins are confident of the future of Hindutva when the North Indian version represented by RSS is so intellectually impoverished. But their common resistance to Sri Aurobindo explains it to some extent.

Since someone says that he sees my tweets,
I'm beholden but don't take them too seriously.
Twitter is a toy for literate old persons,
Who tend to litter to vent a hundred deprivations.
#MayDay is for remembering the human condition,
And being aware of their impregnable conundrum.

Beautiful Bhakra

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