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Depth is only so much as you can measure; Je pakshi ude jete dura

Majority is not synonymous with Democracy. Authorisation is by majority vote but thereafter an elite minority rules. Top Party committee, therefore, is of immense importance. Besides, lateral pulls matter. But all these collapsing in a crisis is not improbable. Wisdom is slender.
Concept of a specialist is overrated. In fact, idea comes from outside and is not necessarily a property of any person. Besides, it's irrespective of office or status. Nature has a penchant for dusting off the undeserving for stimulating fresh enchantment. Democracy facilitates.
Current situation is not a spontaneous one but has been forced by Govts as a precautionary measure. No one can predict the future but the lessons are clear.
Earth is one.
Humanity is one.
Religious and National identities are futile.
Smaller nations better as adminstrative units.
Though it's an extraordinary crisis situation, each State declaring a lockdown can be seen as a baby step towards Sovereignty and the Evolutionary intention behind it is unmistakable. Politics and economy undergoing paradigm shift is also inevitable. Sri Aurobindo is at the helm.
I have been active on the web under the banner of Savitri Era since 2005 but couldn't secure the support of anyone. Those who read Sri Aurobindo feel so knowledgeable that any collective endeavour becomes difficult. Yet, there's scope for unanimity like on forming smaller nations
While your assessment is not unfounded, philosophical observations tend to be difficult because of their abstract nature. Idea, when germinates, has its own validity and force irrespective of gestation of reaching common folk. That's the general assumption
Praying is the most contentious aspect since different gods and goddesses look absurd against the backdrop of a monistic virus. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo thought about all these aspects more than a century ago but educated Indians don't bother to listen to them. That's alarming!
Ultimately, it's about understanding oneself; one has to start somewhere. Sri Aurobindo enacted a Gita like situation in Kolkata but the real war he fought was against Hitler in Puducherry. Thus nationalism is not his final motive; its Evolution, and how it can tackle even virus.

Scores of metaphysical frameworks, theological formulations, or contesting ontologies. Myopic worldviews of science add to the woe of which people are helpless prisoners. Thankfully Sri Aurobindo provides the most stable picture of the world and a secure Evolutionary future of it
Events unfolding and the story unrolling while watching a film feels normal but the truth is that every bit of it has been executed in advance. Life similarly is not a spontaneous or random movement as it appears superficially, writes Tusar Nath Mohapatra.
When #SriAurobindo wrote "Earth wheeled abandoned in the hollow gulfs" in SAVITRI, it was to show the huge contrast to what was to come. So, being aware about the intention of Evolution in all activities is the very skill of our works: योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् |
Science and governance are superficial aspects; being aware of the occult dimension is the real challenge. Obviously no one has access to it but some external actions like reciting SAVITRI, either individually or in small groups, can have tremendous effect on building resistance.
Old remedies are ineffective for new diseases; those peddling their own whims as substitute are not the only ones to blame. Collaborating with Evolution is an urgency; the message of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is precisely this. SM helps spread the word; ignore at your own peril.
The importance of the States being awarded Sovereignty should be best appreciated in moments like this. Large nations are monstrosities which need to be obliterated. Time to grant maximum autonomy to the States and freedom to deal with Foreign affairs independently of the Centre.
Various remedial measures are being adopted but reciting a page of SAVITRI by #SriAurobindo everyday can be considered a potent means too. Even having a copy on the desk has its own occult effect. SAVITRI belongs to the whole humanity and its future sans any narrow categorisation

Sounds rhetorical but this is the crux of the problem, especially, after advent of Hindutva and its harnessing for capturing power. That it won't introduce a slew of anomalies is to be naive. In Sri Aurobindo's writings we don't find this dichotomy but now one has to be cautious.
I didn't know my gender, caste, race, religion, region, language, nationality, or blood type when I was born nor had any hand in choosing them. Yet, social existence depends so much upon them and their ossification. The Mother is a symbol for transcending all these constructions.

Sovereignty for the States is a must for local action and innovation. I have been campaigning for the last three years but no one takes it seriously. Sri Aurobindo foresaw a #WorldUnion a century back but he is ignored. Unusually large nations are ineffective and pose a threat.
Any one can support the idea so that people are aware and at least debate. SM is the best means.
Fighting Communism or Hindutva is not the real challenge as the present crisis underscores. Larger Ontological picture is more relevant for which the Yogic insights of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are immensely instructive. Modernity is key but Supraphysical realm matters much more

This handy compilation is three to four decades old but remains neglected. Let's hope both the scientific community and those dealing with Humanities look at it for some bold pointers at this time of crisis. @NathTusar
#SriAurobindo #WorldUnion #FiveDreams
If we believe in the theories of Sri Aurobindo, each of us is evolving and there's no static position or firm identification. More so for those in the public arena. Still more accentuated for those who write or lecture. So, being part of that journey should be the right approach.

What Bankimchandra or Rabindranath did to be remembered? With forty volumes to his credit, Sri Aurobindo is a great poet and writer. As most of his work is in English, Bengalis not knowing him is understandable. You may not know him but his admirers are spread all over the world.
The middle class mentality expects the dirty job to be done by somebody else. So when Sri Aurobindo left the scene, it was not taken kindly. Tagore wrote a novel reinforcing this sentiment which was used to the hilt to marginalise Sri Aurobindo, his books, and religious following
Humility is good but in your tweet you have insulted the memory of a great poet and philosopher like Sri Aurobindo. An apology is due.
Why 11 years? How do you know? Tagore wrote one poem or visited him once later on but that doesn't mean he agreed with him. Sri Aurobindo preferred to keep safe distance from his famous contemporaries because his work and priorities belonged to an altogether different wavelength.
You seem to possess more truth than the British investigative agencies and the Courts had in 1909. We must know your detailed charge sheet against Sri Aurobindo and how they are historically accurate. Spreading baseless rumour on Internet is absolutely irresponsible and unethical
Please desist from off the cuff remarks; it's infinitely important to understand who Sri Aurobindo is, why he came, and how his work is relevant even in this viral crisis. Overlooking it is a colossal loss for the humanity. So being serious about him is the most challenging task.
I don't have any extra information than what Sri Aurobindo has written. And the answer is crystal clear but there's no remedy to prejudice. All our historians suffer from the latter. So self-study is the only recourse although it takes a long time. Chittaranjan Das was his lawyer
Downfall may not be a right description since Sri Aurobindo himself has recorded about the dismal state of affairs prevailing then. Still high humanitarian concerns have fostered on Bengal soil and it shouldn't be measured in merely economic terms. Bengal teaches India even today
Sri Aurobindo stresses on cosmological aspects which are certainly esoteric but his task is to bust obscurity to make it common knowledge just like an invisible virus. Such awareness about hidden forces of life can bring tremendous development in our human affairs. #SriAurobindo
Much more aware and enlightened people are there in Bengal today but they don't get limelight. Plus access to Web. Because human issues have multiplied and become much more complex over the last century. So, you need tons of sensibilities. E.g., judgement on a Foreigner's right.

Attempting to read The Life Divine by #SriAurobindo should form a basic challenge; doesn't matter if the first encounter is a failure. Even that has got many advantages. For all scholarship or expertise is inchoate and infructuous without this crucial tome
The Life Divine is not exactly a guide book for the current crisis but it's a manual for all seasons. A random page can intimate the vastness of the canvas and how subtexts are more crucial. It also assures of the sure steps of Evolution behind the rough and tumble of daily life

An easier course is to allow Sri Aurobindo to explain as he has done in a dozen volumes over a century back. Consulting them can open new vistas of understanding and intuitive interpretation revealing the true Vedic foundation of not only the present crisis but future Evolution.
Please random check at
You can read The Secret of the Veda. The first chapter itself can give a picture of alternative interpretations and how meanings differ radically.
I don't believe that you have read the books by Sri Aurobindo otherwise you wouldn't be discussing these minor points. That's by way of clarification in the interest of knowledge and no offence intended. Thanks.
I have already mentioned the example of a word, Gopalaka in this context for which Sri Aurobindo provides a better interpretation in his The Secret of the Veda. One has to read at least the first chapter to know about it.
One specific word is Gopalaka and how to understand it, for on its meaning stands the whole edifice of defective interpretations perpetrated for ages. Overlooking it doesn't amount to committing any wrong but one who has read The Secret of the Veda can't.
Acquiring knowledge and right understanding is a voluntary thing; can be undertaken by self only. I requested you to read, provided the link, and pointed out a specific defect. Thereafter, it's your choice and level of curiosity. Thanks.
You are right since I want your understanding of things should be addressed by Sri Aurobindo himself. You can start with the first chapter of The Secret of the Veda and then see what happens. That's reasonable, I presume. #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams #WorldUnion
With due respect, I don't agree with you as nobody has direct access to knowledge. We all use texts and translations that are subject to interpretation. So comparing them has much advantage instead of following something uncritically. The rest depends upon how far one may venture
If requesting to read a book on Veda is such a bad thing to do, then it's futile to be in Twitter. The book, and not myself, should be the subject of discussion.

Many don't go beyond Thoughts and Aphorisms of Sri Aurobindo and quote from it to ridicule others. Life however is more complex and #SriAurobindo himself has written volumes to examine it from different angles. So avoiding any signalling of finality or false promise is necessary.
Limited exposure should not prevent one from appreciating the gigantic treasure of writings in different languages on human affairs by thinkers in diverse fields over the last three thousand years. Sri Aurobindo occupies a very prominent place but hasn't been examined adequately.
Various academic disciplines have their own validity and utility but shouldn't be allowed to dominate one's worldview. For that, The Mother Sri Aurobindo are more appropriate source. Similarly, avoiding ideological straight-jacket of some political party is also a prudent course.
Atheists enjoy all benefits given by God but deny his existence. Similarly, those who denounce liberalism enjoy all its advantages but never realise own hypocrisy of criticising it. Why such duplicity is perpetrated is difficult to understand and that too by the highly educated.

Easy to theorise by riding piggyback on eloquence but history, society, and memory are far more complex affairs. A more realistic response can go a long way in a balanced evaluation of the Evolutionary compulsions of various episodes of the past especially before the West arrived.
While it's natural to examine alternative scenarios to understand this viral crisis, it's profitable to study a living experience like Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Besides, Satprem's futuristic books like The Mind of the Cells or Evolution II are highly relevant.
Good counter view but from the safety of the gallery since advantages of Govt measure is already in place. So, no pressure mounting every minute nor fresh inputs pouring in every hour. You have certain grounds but they are equally speculative to be doable.
Most are debating whether the Govt. is right or wrong but overlook that the present crisis is about the people themselves. How they can collaborate with the right Evolutionary forces is the task but our high profile management experts and trend analysts are unable to sense merit.
Role of media is to scout for alternative and marginalised viewpoints but in our country they rather ignore and supress. When so much of ignorance and confusion on the pandemic prevails, the firm voice of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo should earn prominence. Who can understand this?
The nation can celebrate March 29 in a big way by highlighting the role of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo in producing quality philosophy and universal practice. Recognising how their Integral paradigm can play a big role in fighting the present pandemic is the high need of the hour.
The Mother reached Puducherry on March 29, 1914 and met Sri Aurobindo. ARYA came out on August 15 in which several books were serialised. They knew the importance of right philosophy which is no less crucial than right medicine or vaccine. Educated Indians must realise this fact.
Simply saying don't panic is not enough. There must be proper background to support such positive emotion when faced with extreme situation. That's basically the function of philosophy and amassing some is necessary like Bank balance. Quality matters and Sri Aurobindo is the best
Sri Aurobindo wrote about #WorldUnion a century back but it's yet to percolate. Present crisis provides a very good opportunity to debate the issue. West couldn't produce a World Philosophy due to racial prejudices. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are extremely relevant on many counts

Savitri by Sri Aurobindo is the safest guide
["O seer, in the earth's strange twi-natured life
By what pitiless adverse Necessity
Or what cold freak of a Creator's will,
By what random accident or governed Chance ...
Is it thy God who made this cruel law?]
Mantra from Savitri 
by Sri Aurobindo:
Hers is the mystery the Night conceals;
The spirit’s alchemist energy is hers;
She is the golden bridge, the wonderful fire. ||81.22||
Let the whole world submit to its power and light to face this worldwide crisis.
Was reminded of the poem Thought the Paraclete by Sri Aurobindo
Savitri Era: Sanskrit texts don't contain self-evident truth
#SavitriEra of those who adore
Om #SriAurobindo & #TheMother
Tusar Nath Mohapatra @NathTusar (SELF)

Was there five years back. The best attraction of Karwar beach is perhaps the hill inside the sea. Kali river bridge is also a charming spot. Worth visiting.

Odia identity is more pronounced on the web than the real world
A secular festival like #PakhalaDibasa is a good occasion for some nostalgic sentiments. Similar level of enthusiasm needed to make all old songs available online like
The corollary is that he questioned the authenticity of traditionally revered texts by introducing suspicion and giving credence to parallel narratives. This postmodernist technique might have contributed much for fostering a liberal and plural religious environment across Odisha
1. Sure but not easy like most other things in life. Yet being conscious or judicious should be the task. 
2. Many shortcomings are there and for that coordinated effort of five to six persons needed. Let's hope it emerges from these discussions.
3. Many have contributed greatly.
Many thanks for sharing this iconic and priceless Odia song. Hope you can locate information on the original of Tulasi chaura mule
So, what do you propose? I think govt is doing its part and local organisations are there. It can be given a push but that may not mean promoting quality. Music appreciation is a personal thing and it should develop organically and spontaneously; through a process of elimination.
The media scene was so restricted in those days that to come across a photograph like this was rare. Tima, our Mukri, was popular in Krushi Sansar. Even today, we remember most of our singers by name only and not by their appearance. Thanks @SuryadeoSurya.
Oh, great! Such a futuristic composition but I don't remember to have heard it before. Thanks for preserving for the next generation; you are a veritable institution now.
Only 13 views in the last two months. Sabu kusumara base - enchanting lyrics by Narayan Prasad Singh surely deserves more listeners.
Having almost no personal involvement with records, cassettes, or CDs, I retain my fascination for the soft power of the songs instead of hardware. I might have missed many things but thematic recalling of songs is not on the basis of their placement in albums or time of release.
Thanks. That's because I love them. Radio being the only source of entertainment those days and Odia culture at its best. Those radio plays featuring Himanshu Bhusan Sabat and Jharana Das. Nadiya Bihari Mohanty of SS. There used to be a song: Hajigala bayasa, michhe khoji basana!
Given my near total lack of exposure to other forms of music, what are your recommendations? What are the possible linkages to Odia songs? One is Chandramalli hase; there may be more. But, we are perhaps more attached to the lyrics than the sheer musical element, which should be.
Bayasara Krushnachuda, however, is not in splendid isolation. Thankfully, we have a brilliant rendering by Sisira Das in a haunting tone but the lyrics at places seems to be a bit gender neutral. Rangani also features which reminds of several other songs.
As first Sajafula song, Jhari jhari jae has a historic eminence but I somehow can't reconcile to it being companion to a great song like Asadha shyama sadhi. Bayasara Krushnachuda rather seems apt. Btw I used to sing Asadha shyama in Matlab nikal gaya tune
We had all kinds of flowers in our garden but Krushnachuda came much later. Till then, this heavenly song of Akshaya Mohanty used to do the job. Must rank at the top of what @OdiaCulture
reminisced recently about the connoisseur's song in non-film category
[Naipaul's essay on how, in the Trinidad of his youth, the flowers of the Caribbean were rendered invisible by the unseen daffodils of text-book English poets...frangipani which seemed to me to be redolent of all that was mysterious, desirable and secret.]
[the depth (of any philosophical problem) is, for you, only so much as you can measure.] J.N. MOHANTY (p.199)

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