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Sanskrit texts don't contain self-evident truth

We have seen three phases in the course of the last sixty years.
1. Socialism will bring equality and freedom from exploitation
2. Market will force freedom and access to equal opportunities
3. Internet will usher in transparency and fairplay
The three have failed; Cartels rule.
Individual is the greatest feat and mystery of creation (Exclusive Concentration principle of Sri Aurobindo) for without it no Theory is possible. Gold is known as noble metal as it refuses to react or corrode. Still ceteris paribus or other things being constant is a supposition.
While this aim sounds impressive, it's impossible to have a view from nowhere. Bias or prejudice lurk always and the urge to win brownie points. The function of philosophy however is to understand the world sans distortions imposed by socio-cultural lenses

There are many comparative studies but I haven't come across any juxtaposing Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo. Especially, Raja Yoga vs. Synthesis of Yoga. Those who are conversant with both can provide outlines for the benefit of young. How far SA is indebted to SV needs to be told
Philosophy is no less a political enterprise with commercial ramifications like publishing and museums. So, reordering is full of hurdles. Spring cleaning, nevertheless, has its utility for blowing cobwebs away. So sane approach needed instead of a full-scale cultural revolution.
The Meeting of the East and the West in Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy by S.K. Maitra is still the best book for understanding not only the basics of philosophy but also where philosophy as a subject is headed. D.P. Chattopadhyaya too.

The area from Ganga to Godavari constitutes a single cultural heritage but three different States and three major languages have brought some sharp divisions. Yet a lot many cultural overlapping are conspicuous. #PrachiValley indicates a much older civilisation to rewrite history

Efforts of the last seventy years have evaporated. Why? It's not easy to diagnose and therefore it's likely to fester. Sri Aurobindo talked about these a hundred years back. The Human Cycle is a classic which has solutions to many problems of the present.

Not enough to be proud of Konark temple alone. How to build the future is very important. There are professionals and experts but there is a lack of thinkers. All have a responsibility to build a hatred-free society. #SriAurobindo helps in the growth of all aspects of personality.

Please look around you. The level of education may have increased to some extent, but ignorance is spreading. Everyone is ready to bow before tradition and worship superstition. Prosperity has made people inactive, the brain lazy. #SriAurobindo is the cure for all these diseases.

So much of content on Sri Aurobindo is available online but young generation is incapable of taking advantage. Obviously some guidance or endorsement is needed. Present ideological frameworks don't permit curiosity to foster. So, an aggressive approach for reaching out is needed.

First and foremost thing to remember is that after the advent of The Mother Sri Aurobindo all past texts and traditions have been reinvented. So unless one is sufficiently acquainted with their priorities, old doctrines and tenets are likely to persist. Nothing less, nothing more.

There's no denying that talk of Gita, Vedanta, Veda, or Yoga repels the young generation. So how the teachings of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo can be imparted is a question of skillful packaging and careful branding. So many radical facets but no qualified educators to disseminate.

Sri Aurobindo valorises volition and Savitri denotes its acme. From a political point of view, fighting hegemony is a perpetual concern and giving voice to the voiceless can never lose value or relevance. Meta-narratives do overwhelm and escaping from their dominance is important.

A timely essay by @KS1729 but The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have taken the concern to a different dimension. Eg The Destiny Of The Body: The Vision and the Realisation in #SriAurobindo's Yoga by Jugal Kishore Mukherjee is an excellent treatise on the subject.

See, politics is still in infancy in India. This is the first occasion to come out of Congress clout but not fully because of International pressure. Hence Gandhi, no change in text books. So, you must understand the constraints. Challenge is to stabilise and then attempt slowly.
That's obvious, he got the core 25% votes but additional 10% too. But that's past. He has to plan future strategies and win more States. As PM he has no dearth of advisors. So the mould that you want him to fit into doesn't exist. It's irrelevant now except as a fond hope of some
We know how he won; image management and event management including Muzaffarnagar. It's a gamble, he had to fight intra-party tussle. No need to recount them now; it's extremely difficult for anyone to succeed in politics. So, its not correct that he won because of Hindutva only.
No one before him had won majority. Modi not only crawled his way to the top but also retains it after six years. Given the diversity of India, he is trying to broad-base his support; this is mere survival. So, where is question of sticking to narrow ideology and loosing his job?

That's great. KB too stresses on his experiences. So, nothing to dispute. But I try to be politically correct and that clashes. Let's hope there will be some resolution in the future driven by circumstances. May be some other perspective emerges.
No disputing with your apprehensions but from what I have observed, it's not in human hands. Always some absurdity becomes normal, I can cite so many examples. So the current phase is also as per Divine plan, there must be some purpose, even contradiction. Expecting ideal in vain.
Overall problem is this:
Each person has his impressions and opinions and it's not easy to reconcile them. It's only by putting faith on Sri Aurobindo that we are able to check or test. But on many points it may not be possible. So what's so apparent to you may seem flawed to me.

Okay, fine. But Grace is more a factor than competence. And Grace unfolds only in the context of consent and work. You know it all.
Why don't you attempt a review yourself; I can publish it. Will generate some interest among the young as regards the task of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo.
What you read is from a review of the book by Gagdad Bob. So the words are his and not of the author. Bob might be paraphrasing in an interesting way for his Christian readers. You can read the post in two parts. A lot of things to know; this is the real context of Sri Aurobindo.

1. Congress and the Left were successful in keeping Sri Aurobindo outside academia.
2. Hindutva has nothing to gain from #SriAurobindo and hence pays lip service.
3. Independent scholars picking him up has remote chance.
4. Public intellectuals don't know him.
5. So, Self-study.

Devotion for The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is spontaneous but, if harnessed to build ecosystem for some ulterior motive, turns out to be spurious. Similarly if their writings are quoted selectively to justify own pet agenda then it's knavery. Breaking resistance to SA is an urgency.

Working for Democracy, Diversity, and Modernity is a necessity in India and Sri Aurobindo fits in well in this project. His #FiveDreams and #WorldUnion are sufficiently futuristic to hold the interest and attention of the young generation. Needed right attunement at right moment.

Instead of working on the ground to create a society where milk and honey will flow, most Hindutva votaries are engaged in whining and spewing hatred. For them, it's self-esteem and career but there should be some consideration for the hapless audience who have to swallow poison.

Being in power Hindutva is attracting more and more people and so it's not surprising many followers of Sri Aurobindo falling prey. This is also true for various Centres and Institutions. May be younger generation won't find any difference but upholding superiority is sacred duty

From the Marxists' point of view who find zero value in Sri Aurobindo, his outstanding relevance is that he exists despite all their attempts to banish him and this very fact is a testimony to his towering scholarship heralding an Integral paradigm. The Mother met him on March 29

Even if political and philosophical dimensions of Sri Aurobindo's writings are kept aside, the artist in him has an enduring appeal. One can read his works to savour the beauty in an ever-widening horizon. This is no less utility apart from the self-management principles of Yoga.

Marrying Mazzini to Bankim, Sri Aurobindo is credited to have forged a novel brand of nationalism but reliance on Sanskrit texts were rather formal. Deeper debts came later but their implications remain unfulfilled to which is hinged the whole future of #SriAurobindo's prophecies.

While people in general not finding any utility in Sri Aurobindo's thinking ability can be understood, erudite followers forcing a straight-jacket is riddlesome. Lack of concrete result leads to idiosyncratic interpretations and whimsical representations. A free-for-all situation.

Sri Aurobindo's writings need to be seen in this light and that explains why a large majority of people are absolutely callous about them. That apart, simply implying that his works are futuristic doesn't absolve them of perceived barrenness. Mystical or poetic is another oblique.

Sanskrit texts have existed for many centuries but human difficulties have accentuated. Further, there's no sure method to ascertain that they contain self-evident truth or their prescriptions will give desired results. So at best they constitute a habitus prone to motived misuse.

Though unrevised, The Bourgeois and the Samurai essay is a frank admission by Sri Aurobindo about various sociological realities of his time particularly in Bengal. It was never published during his lifetime. Also echoes Hegel's critique of the Philistine.

Sri Aurobindo wrote in the context of Foreign rule and popular Sanskrit texts provided the ammunition. That doesn't mean that he was sure of their efficacy. He simply continued a tradition of the previous century of which there was no visible effect till then despite Vivekananda.

Further, having lived in a village surrounded by all kinds of religious activities for years, I'm sceptical about the salutary claims you make. But then, again, it's personal and subjective; local and contingent. Btw, can litter be used in a positive sense? Thanks. #SriAurobindo
See, I don't have to educate you on the sociological or psychological dimensions of what you say and its subjective nature. That's why we don't have to believe someone blindly who has spent his life in an Ashram. Or even, who is not married. There's merit; but it's not foolproof.
Can understand your concern but the basic dilemma is as regards direction. Which road is right? Whom to look for guidance? You have certain convictions; that's fine. But I don't think you can implement them in a real life situation. So certainty is suspect 

Claiming that only your tweets emanate from The Mother's lap and my tweets from a dunghill is itself a sign of hare-brain. Your stance on Hindu issue, moreover, is puerile and partisan. Yet, you are eminently entitled to your views and so called unseen experiences.
It's not about me. I'm concerned about the educated younger generation who might be seduced by your fine English. Try you must but any fiasco will give a huge bad name to The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. Don't forget about that. Hope @auroviryavaan will agree.
For KB, Can you give any indication of a timeframe? Then there are other questions like diversity. Unless articulated at length, such cryptic comments are no more than glorified quackery. False promises and unverified postures need to be avoided in public.

Defining spirituality may not be difficult but finding one with access to that is. Religion on the other hand is like an umbrella under which different persons with common faith take shelter for social utilities. The Mother among others is one such theme.
Precisely and that's where a new religion is born. And a new thread!

Darwin's Evolution and Nietzsche's Overman backed by élan vital of Bergson had created a despotic prospect which Sri Aurobindo corrected by adding Vedic genesis. Psychologically aligning with these ideals can energise myriad forces waiting for collaborating with future Evolution.

People accuse each other but don't appear to seek any solution to the quagmire. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have undertaken herculean labour to accomplish epochal transformation. Reading their books can bring positive changes in society. One can choose from prose, plays, or poetry.

Sri Aurobindo's invitation is for renouncing the burden of the past so as to discover future treasures. Nostalgia however is a disease with most Indians and hence it's necessary not to be weighed down by the past glory or hero worship. Mind can occupy huge territories in a minute

Instead of tweeting KG level facts on Sri Aurobindo, reading the Wikipedia article on him is more profitable
More intrepid can check his Complete Works and allied resources
Those who get headache to read

Why VIPs, many of the students themselves are a deluded lot. They should have been at the forefront of intellectual leadership of the country but alas! And, the burden is on this poor handle coming from a village school in Odisha - with modest education - dreaming of #WorldUnion.
#SriAurobindo International Centre of Education has been in existence for the last seventy years but the nation hasn't been able to imbibe its gains as a result of which we witness enormous confusion around us. Many VIPs visit the Ashram but forget about real take away of SAICE.

Defying the British was the challenge in Revolutionary days of Sri Aurobindo but today defying tradition, rituals, and other superstitions arising out of mythological fiction assumes the same urgency. Odisha can be said to be far ahead than the rest of the country, on this count.

Delhi violence will reverberate for a long time vis-a-vis ideology and theory and Gandhi is likely to be invoked in renewed vigour. We don't harbour any visceral hatred for him and people are free to draw inspiration. Sri Aurobindo however offers the right Evolutionary direction.

Agreed that there're no final answers for life's questions but that doesn't mean we should spread irrationality. Personal beliefs and public position need to be separated. Keeping in mind human diversity is essential in all public affairs. So accommodating plurality should be aim.
Atheists enjoy all benefits given by God but deny his existence. Similarly, those who denounce liberalism enjoy all its advantages but never realise own hypocrisy of criticising it. Why such duplicity is perpetrated is difficult to understand and that too by the highly educated.

Hypocrisy and doublespeak is another cowardly trait. If you are so convinced of your logic then spell out your agenda in clear terms. Why hum and haw and eat words? And all bravado by being anonymous! Courage of conviction and power of articulation needed. Avoiding knowledge sad.
Basics of Political Science are being twisted in the name of Dharma and such other dubious assumptions. This perversion leads to many other whims and corroborating absurd themes. Enmity clouds judgement and lends justifications to what are patently wrong. No leadership on values.

What prompted him is not known - for there seems to be no immediate context - but just a week after this tweet, Delhi witnessed the worst of what was warned. Now, it's almost impossible to crawl back to the earlier position. A colossal loss of moral stature

Savitri Era: Gita is not an ideal prescription for modern generation
@NathTusar Director, #SavitriEra Learning Forum (SELF)
#SriAurobindo's theoretical salience

How do you know that Sri Aurobindo doesn't need defenders? And what prompts you to advise me? Please don't pose to be my teacher. I know very well what to do and what not to. If you value silence, then quit Twitter and mind your own affairs. Btw learn some humility and politeness

And mine
Three failures

Bharata seems to be more acceptable. Restoring the original.
Cc @Parikramah @viswag59 @aakash_ironman @drsbasu2115 @dikgaj @maidros78 @freemarkets5
Himalaya being at the centre of this geographical area can be choosen as an inspiring name for this branch of philosophy with implicit future challenges on ecology. Lateral solution to end quarrel.
In that case, you should plead for Bharata and not India/Indic. Indic sounds more like Greek.
Cc @elisa_freschi @ArmchairPseph

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#SavitriEra of those who adore
Om #SriAurobindo & #TheMother
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The old man and the sea is an old tale ...
Oasis or rainbow is will-o-the –wisp
Kaleidoscope of false leads beckon
But the beacon of hope amidst the gloom
Is one’s intensity of emotion.
In emptiness of a jug has its use
So also the barrenness of a vale ...

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