Thursday, September 10, 2020

From 95 Theses to 22 Pledges

Encouragement of a purer sattwic element is the business of ethics, says Sri Aurobindo in SoY which implies that everything is not wired or predetermined. There's always a choice for redesigning the future in which the nature or the result of action don't actually matter too much.

By writing on diverse themes in ARYA month after month for six and a half years, Sri Aurobindo built a firm foundation for a future civilisation by laying down universal principles and showing solutions for common challenges. Essential reading for negotiating ethical quandaries.

The Synthesis of Yoga continued till the end and can be seen as richer than The Life Divine as Sri Aurobindo finished major works on Gita, Karma, and Poetry after it. Some atheists are taking interest in religion but they should grow right perspective only through Sri Aurobindo.

From 95 Theses to 22 Pledges, only the froth has been seen as profound fermentation. ARYA (1914 - 21) is a tangible event in World history which can no longer be ignored. A must read for all irrespective of prejudices against Sri Aurobindo as an escapist or inaugurator of a cult.

Sri Aurobindo was a keen observer of Indian scene, especially the intellectual melting pot of 19th century culminating in the confusion that Vivekananda preached with unfounded certainty. His stress on Vedanta became outdated after Sri Aurobindo revealed "The Secret of the Veda."

From my list of top 108 Hindu handles, I observe that no two persons agree on any matter. Fierce fighting is on on various counts. Obviously there's no common ground nor any solution to age-old contradictions. Sri Aurobindo refused to be in favour of reforms which was respectable

Amusing to read tweets on diverse issues plus puerile responses from very sensible people. Reading Sri Aurobindo is such a foundation that there's no confusion or vacillation. But most are content with stray quotations. How this deficit can be met is a big intellectual challenge.

The author passed away recently

An excellent account of Sri Aurobindo's life and work of more than a century back. Needs to be widely circulated. @OdiaCulture @BBSRBuzz @shantprakash @NathTusar #SriAurobindo #WorldUnion
Speaking of fiction, perhaps the closest one to the logic of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is that slim but great book by Richard Bach: Jonathan Livingston Seagull

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo postulated reconfiguration of Cell functioning as an Evolutionary necessity for attaining Immortality. Hope, this is a step forward in the direction of unraveling that mystery. How much volition or yoga can really engineer changes in biological process.

The self-evident validity and legitimacy of the Gandhi-Nehru-Tagore-Radhakrishnan consensus has been challenged successfully but by not replacing that with Sri Aurobindo's multifaceted architecture, a vacuum has been created. Those who rush in to fill that huge space are pygmies.

Education aspect is very important in the present context. Without a firm anchor and proper direction, drifting is easy. Sri Aurobindo represents Modernity imbibing the best elements from tradition. No better example of a right mix than his yogic insights.

Veda doesn't mean that one has to go through complex poetical creations in dreary Sanskrit. Sri Aurobindo has made the job easier by psychological interpretation of the deities. The Secret of the Veda by him explained originally in English is an essential reading for all Indians.

Past continues because of the vacuum but Sri Aurobindo is relevant for the future scenario. Not many are convinced about that and the young generation suffers. Understanding the secrets of SAVITRI is extremely necessary for fighting the Coronavirus crisis. Also Secret of the Veda.

Sri Aurobindo in The Human Cycle visualises more or less an identical scenario but not with such extreme or reductionist consequences. He looks forward to radical ruptures in the texture of consciousness so that the whole template of aesthetics undergoes drastic transformations.

4. Rescuing Sri Aurobindo from anachronistic portrayals and snares of literalism
5. Interventions for including Sri Aurobindo in the Western discourse, especially in academic philosophy
6. Reclaiming the word Integral for restoring to it The Mother & Sri Aurobindo's connotations.

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