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Navajyoti was a new revolution

Uma haimavati appears in Kenopanishada but unfortunately no one understands her significance. Etymological clues are also ambivalent. But she holds the key to unlock the Veda. This story is the most direct way of telling symbolic meanings of Vedic deities.

What's the best way for establishing Sri Aurobindo's relevance? His work is overshadowed by the crowded contemporary scene. Yet, the hope of a harmonious society is a lingering theme in most of his writings. Not just reforms but by Transformation of consciousness lent from above.

An article on illegal fund raising by D.P. Chattopadhyaya as a Congress Minister has been published. His books however should be of concern of the present generation. His magisterial, "Sri Aurobindo and Karl Marx" is an excellent treatise for understanding the current situation.

Sri Aurobindo wrote down everything modern Indians need to know in ARYA (1914 - 21) and all later day philosophies are misleading. It's a matter of regret that the present govt is reluctant to give the honour to Sri Aurobindo that he so eminently deserves.

The Veda includes so many things. They were compiled at different points of time signifying distilled wisdom of a long pre-Vedic era and a vast geographical expanse. What's known as Hindu on the contrary is a later formulation with much adulteration and Hindutva is still narrower

It isn't my fault that though born and brought up in a traditional Hindu family, I found more meaning in the teaching of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. No doubt it needs some effort which I find others aren't very particular about. Most are satisfied with the ordinary religious mode.

Seed of Integral Yoga is hybrid since "design of Sri Aurobindo's symbol is very similar to that of Théon's." The Cosmology of The Life Divine is a response to Darwin. There are various other streams and rivulets culminating in SAVITRI. It's a huge Evolutionary project for future.

Bengal Renaissance is a cause for constant irritation to Hindutva and today's victim is Vivekananda. Savitri Era Religion (since 2006) is the best option in this context. No court approval for birth of any new religion is necessary but Elst indicating the same can be misleading.

Story of the West between Ludwig Feuerbach (1804–1872) and Jean Gebser (1905–1973) can be considered as the most crucial vis-à-vis Evolution.
From Raja Ram Mohan Roy (1772–1833) to Sri Aurobindo (1872–1950) & Mirra Alfassa (1878–1973) is an interesting parallel in Indian context.
Navajyoti took birth a couple of years after me and by the time I was able to read, some old issues were already part of the library in our village home. Right reading material at the right time therefore is extremely important in one's life. #SriAurobindo
As ARYA (1914-1921) will close within next four months a hundred years ago let's remember that ten to twelve major works of Sri Aurobindo got published in a systematic manner. Collectively these books constitute a veritable University. Indians need to read

~This post is extremely important for understanding Sri Aurobindo philosophically.
~one suffers not only from the repression of one’s biological drives but also can suffer from suppression of the sublime (Reddy, 1988). Soumitra Basu

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Autobiographical Notes and Other Writings of Historical Interest
Many new religions have developed around Gandhi, Nehru, Tagore, Subhas, Periyar, Ambedkar, Savarkar, et al. Facts are essential.

1920: The Mother has returned back with new experiences and renewed resolve to make the world see light. Nothing is secure not even her equations with Sri Aurobindo or his associates. ARYA has done its job; something else is needed. An experiment of living in a spiritual commune.

From my list of top 108 Hindu handles, I observe that no two persons agree on any matter. Fierce fighting is on on various counts. Obviously there's no common ground nor any solution to age-old contradictions. Sri Aurobindo refused to be in favour of reforms which was respectable

Sri Aurobindo was a keen observer of Indian scene, especially the intellectual melting pot of 19th century culminating in the confusion that Vivekananda preached with unfounded certainty. His stress on Vedanta became outdated after Sri Aurobindo revealed "The Secret of the Veda."

From 95 Theses to 22 Pledges, only the froth has been seen as profound fermentation. ARYA (1914 - 21) is a tangible event in World history which can no longer be ignored. A must read for all irrespective of prejudices against Sri Aurobindo as an escapist or inaugurator of a cult.
The best way to look at the galaxy of great men involved in the struggle for independence is that they are all different characters in a gigantic play. That way the scene becomes interesting instead of blaming them for the part they played. This in fact is the spiritual approach.

By writing on diverse themes in ARYA month after month for six and a half years, Sri Aurobindo built a firm foundation for a future civilisation by laying down universal principles and showing solutions for common challenges. Essential reading for negotiating ethical quandaries.

Encouragement of a purer sattwic element is the business of ethics, says Sri Aurobindo in SoY which implies that everything is not wired or predetermined. There's always a choice for redesigning the future in which the nature or the result of action don't actually matter too much.

Amusing to read tweets on diverse issues plus puerile responses from very sensible people. Reading Sri Aurobindo is such a foundation that there's no confusion or vacillation. But most are content with stray quotations. How this deficit can be met is a big intellectual challenge.

Many intellectuals worked consistently and pushed narrative to bring the present Govt. to power but they have not been rewarded adequately. Their sense of satisfaction however is more vital. But they missed the opportunity of reading Sri Aurobindo's books.

Right understanding of the past is essential for possessing a sound perspective for the future. History of ideas has been a fertile field since May 1968. Attemts like The Human Condition can be accused of a tilt... So, exerercising utmost caution while...

The Mother's symbol signifies her four core powers from which twelve powers radiate. Direct correlation with the physical world can't be established yet in a scenario of seamless consciousness things seem normal. But the demand of science to unravel the mystery is a valid project

Year after year, The Mother & Sri Aurobindo repeated one simple thing. That faith, sincerity and surrender are the basic tools. Nothing to do with anti-intellectualism or anti-work mentality but to understand that mind is not always a safe guide. Excessive individualism can fail.

Sri Aurobindo is the only top leader active in the Bande Mataram (Partition of Bengal) movement in 1905 to have seen Independence in 1947 and Constitution in 1950. In between he also navigated through two World Wars. He also saw assassination of Gandhi but historians neglect him.

The Mother returned back in 1920 and seeds of a formal Ashram was sown. She was enthusiastic in 1972 that Sri Aurobindo's teaching should reach every home. Auroville conflict unfortunately was a dampener but their vision hasn't lost an iota of relevance. Indians need to recognise

To understand the symbolism behind four goddesses, one needs to read Sri Aurobindo's The Secret of the Veda.
[Draupadi is a composite Avatar of Goddesses Shyamala (wife of Dharma), Bharati (Wife of Vayu), Sachi (wife of Indra), and Usha (wife of Ashwins)]

The Synthesis of Yoga continued till the end and can be seen as richer than The Life Divine as Sri Aurobindo finished major works on Gita, Karma, and Poetry after it. Some atheists are taking interest in religion but they should grow right perspective only through Sri Aurobindo.

Arya–7. No 2 — September 1920 by Sri Aurobindo
~The Synthesis of Yoga
LXX The Supramental Thought and Knowledge
~The Lines of Karma
The Terrestrial Law
~A Defense of Indian Culture (A Rationalistic Critic on Indian Culture) • 19
~Shama’s: Review

The author passed away recently

Ecstatic Archaisms of Aurobindo Ghose – Prasanta Chakravarty #SriAurobindo

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