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ARYA 100 Years (1914-21) has all the knowledge

Savitri Era Party has boldly provided an intellectual alternative for the last fifteen years and many have benefited even by opposing. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have prepared a complete formulation and there's no need to add or subtract anything. But Trojan horses, not uncommon.

Those approvingly mentioning the name of Sri Aurobindo alongwith other modern day gurus should understand that he is a tough critic and his books are subversive of tradition. This project launched by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo #ARYA100Years (1914-21) aims at demolishing religions

Not to be intimidated by the dominant narrative is important. #ARYA100Years (1914-21) is bound to come to the forefront by sheer merit. Present juvenility is a phase and a critical mass is sure to overgrow it. Alternatively, a devotional spirit can emerge and inundate the nation.

Each person is a prisoner of his or her worldview. There's no easy escape unless one fights against received wisdom and examines everything anew. For this new tools are needed and The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have supplied them in plenty. Any other route is not going to bear fruit.

For many people The Secret of the Veda by Sri Aurobindo is of minor importance in comparison to Savarkar, Ambedkar, or Sita Ram Goel. There's no remedy to such stupidity. Thus it's the responsibility of each educated individual to look beyond popular opinion for reading the book.

The first necessity is to accept that Sri Aurobindo has given the most coherent and scientific worldview. From that hypothesis, one can journey through diverse comparative studies. This top-down avenue is easy otherwise, analysing #SriAurobindo with a bottom-up approach is tough.

Identifying with Odisha, India, or Hindu seem distant and alien. Even Humanity is too abstract. Definitely not Socialism or Communism. Science too is suspect. Only Democracy seems precious with its promise of values for their own sake. Certainly utopian but still work in process.

Reading the Wikipedia article on Sri Aurobindo can offer so many new insights and useful information. The Judeo-Vedic lineage has so much potential for transformation of the future world that alternative notions of Evolution or Integral seem so very hollow

Despite so much of progress in science and technology, life is still shrouded in mystery. Sri Aurobindo's cosmology in this context remains the only reliable framework. From Anthropology to Zoology, it's an overarching guide map for diverse fields of study and practical pursuits.

In The Life Divine, Sri Aurobindo left a caveat: Mahout-Brahman vs. the elephant-Brahman. Very important to deal with practical matters. So, no arbitrary throwing away the staff of science.

Matrubhaban in Cuttack, Odisha is the hub of dissemination of the philosophy of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo in Odisha and elsewhere through nearly a thousand schools and thousands of Study Circles. All may pay a visit and take a tour to Dalijoda as well.
Machine is able to perform so many things today but when it comes to reading reams of reports and petitions to Ministers and preparing responses on diverse subjects, only IAS officers fit the bill. They are the best examples of how Humanities is crucial for public administration.

Democracy is an everyday affair. It demands all ethical principles and practices like the Vedic tenets. In that sense, not much difference between politics and yoga. The challenge is to make a difference and words matter. Ajit Bhattacharjea (1924–2011) edited "Everyman's weekly."

Democracy entails election of a govt but countless handles here announce their no confidence in it. Prima facie, this is unconstitutional. But since most do it to earn their livelihood, the perspective changes. Citizens expressing free opinion on issues of course takes a beating.

Makers of modern India:
William Jones (28 September 1746 – 27 April 1794)
Henry Thomas Colebrooke (15 June 1765 – 10 March 1837)
William Carey (17 August 1761 – 9 June 1834) 
Allan Octavian Hume (4 June 1829 – 31 July 1912)
Charles Freer Andrews (12 February 1871 – 5 April 1940)

Sri Aurobindo encouraged his disciples to differ and debate over diverse issues as a result of which we have seven volumes of his Letters. But not many here seem to be interested in writing tweets or a comment. Writing, however, is the only way for developing the skill of writing

Writing also involves waiting. A prayerful sentiment seeking inspiration or even direct supply of content. One may be writing ordinary things but once in a while something extraordinary come to be expressed. So to be a tool of such inspired moments is yoga

Gone are those days when someone or the other used to resign from the govt, party post, or even party in protest against some issue. No such individual show of ideals now. Conformism is ruling the roost. Even protests are indicators of conformism and indoctrination; no own views.

Universities world over are teaching outdated stuff in Philosophy. As is well understood, Philosophy is a speculative subject sans any viable means of empirical validation. A sophisticated post-Darwin Cosmological framework like Sri Aurobindo's shouldn't be kept outside syllabus.

The meaning of Dharma for all practical purposes is condoning vice in the pretext of professional compulsion. That's how everyone is drawn into the system and image management takes the centrestage. Virtue and vice go side by side too in Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy as Divine agent

For any wrong, political parties blame each other and women would blame men. That's the easiest solution which also yields a lot of satisfaction. But to see through this script is the real challenge. How the players negotiate events or fight resistance to establish ethics is key.

The beauty of Sri Aurobindo's philosophy is that ordinary situations of life can't be decoupled from the notion of God or creator. Viewing all imperfections as just a stage in path of Evolutionary journey is the most optimistic account of reality. Marxists lack this escape route.

Aurobindo's Philosophy of Brahman - Stephen H. Phillips - 1986 - is an excellent and provocative interrogation by a competent Westerner. No such attempt is available by any Indian that's critical as well as sympathetic. #ARYA100Years (1914-21) should enthuse more such encounters.

Congress is out of power today due to decades of cumulative resistance the genesis of which can be traced to Sri Aurobindo's role in 1907 at Surat. If BJP, RSS, or Modi forget about past struggles and seek to impose any monochromatic narrative, then the consequences can be bitter

Four dates redefined the course of modern civilisation:
August 15, 1872
March 29, 1914
August 14, 1947
February 29, 1956
Indians must endeavour to understand their significance so that #WorldUnion takes shape for fostering human unity, peace, and harmony. Om #SriMaa #SriAurobindo

Impressive professional presentation. The Secret of the Veda by Sri Aurobindo in #ARYA100Years (1914-21) contains many clues to understand the distant past. He suggests that the rituals may not have validity. Hope, you consult them in future studies. Link

1262 followers in eight years but I take it as 262 of which only 62 notice and 2 respond. Even that is a great achievement in this age of infotainment overload sans firm value assessment. Standing by the best brand #SriAurobindo is therefore the most logical step (or lack of it).

All anti-Modi elements are striving hard to join hands which directly benefits Congress. This is the biggest tragedy of the country today. There's a ideology vacuum but a slight tilt can provide a better perspective. Sri Aurobindo is the only recourse to surmount present impasse.
I have stressed on the ideology aspect which is pivotal in the long run. Economy is cyclic and self-correcting; Govt has minimal role in this.

It's not merely about 19th century Bengal or its past. What happened on March 29, 1914 in Puducherry is of immense importance. #ARYA100Years should wake up the nation from its slumber to recognise how The Mother & Sri Aurobindo appear increasingly relevant for the future scenario

Most here know nothing about Sri Aurobindo except his remark on Gandhi. Rather his strictures against Hitler are more pertinent. In his poem, The Dwarf Napoleon, he foretells
Until he meets upon his storm-swept road
A greater devil—or thunderstroke of God.

Leave aside matters of deep philosophical importance like Sri Aurobindo's, even basic sociological facts pointed out by Katju meets derision. Instead of going to the roots of problems, people are happy with superficial outrage and political rhetoric. Empiricism can't always win.

By facilitating holding of power by certain individuals, Democracy gives rise to different classes. They and their families continue to enjoy special status even after ceasing to be in power. No different from the feudal set up. Dynasty proliferates with all trappings of Royalty.

ARYA100Years (1914-21) should be the focus of the nation. #SriAurobindo rectified many errors of the past centuries and ensured future speculations to be redundant. Enormous scope for research and leadership potential in each field of study. #ARYA100Years

Current framework of Science fails to accommodate Sri Aurobindo's cosmological schema but is unable to refute it. This grand Vedic exposition is the most valuable contribution of the last century. Unfortunate that Indian professionals are oblivious of such a futuristic treasure.

Gandhi thought and wrote; endeavoured to theorise. Practiced transparency; his life was in the open and was always under the public gaze. Many disagreed with him, yet many more revered him. This much is enough to rate him as great despite his multiple failings. He inspires still.

India as a republic is a failure. States deserve Sovereignty under a federal umbrella. Languages should find their safe homes and people in one corner shouldn't bother about minor incidents happening thousands of KMs away. Sri Aurobindo predicted #WorldUnion on August 14, 1947.

Modernity enjoins upon us the responsibility of not espousing false claims. So not to be carried away by pronouncements of ancient texts or their modern advocates is essential since most of such things are unsubstantiated. Legends relating to places of worship too hoodwink folks.

Overthrowing science is not easy nor desirable even though it leading to blind alleys recurringly is frustrating. So, no harm in keeping the idea of Sachidananda from which all ensues at the back of the mind as Sri Aurobindo suggests in The Synthesis of Yoga and The Life Divine.

Common words like Evolution, Transformation, Aspiration, or Surrender bear special connotation in Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy and Yoga. Those trained in traditional texts fail to see the difference. Therefore The Mother & Sri Aurobindo need to be accepted sans any past connection.

What's the best way for establishing Sri Aurobindo's relevance? His work is overshadowed by the crowded contemporary scene. Yet, the hope of a harmonious society is a lingering theme in most of his writings. Not just reforms but by Transformation of consciousness lent from above.

Sri Aurobindo wrote down everything modern Indians need to know in ARYA (1914 - 21) and all later day philosophies are misleading. It's a matter of regret that the present govt is reluctant to give the honour to Sri Aurobindo that he so eminently deserves.
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