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Shortened the Twitter handle to @SavitriEra on October 28, 2020

Shortened the handle to @SavitriEra so that it's not taken away by somebody else.
#SavitriEra of those who adore,
Om #SriAurobindo & #TheMother.
Tusar Nath Mohapatra @NathTusar Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) #WorldUnion #ARYA100Years (1914-21)
Twenty years since I pasted the first communication on our colony notice board on October 15, 2000 announcing Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF). Internet in 2005 ushered in a paradigm shift and volcanic changes in engaging with spirituality. @shantprakash's book came on 15.10.20.

Never imagined that I could publish instantly in Twitter but technology has provided the opportunity. What I write is a cumulative product of sixty years but unfortunately most here fail to realise the gigantic potential of the brand and so don't endorse due to ego and ignorance.

More decibels, more visibility, and aggressive marketing are the means how the message of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo can spread far and wide. Slight sympathy on this score won't allow to sleep in peace. That kind of zeal is the need of the hour; see, how other organisations gear.

After reading "Sri Aurobindo and Hinduism," a 2006 speech by Peter Heehs, I was stunned. It struck me how Indian mythology is going to be like Greek mythology. Then The Secret of the Veda further cemented the prospect. So no illusions now. An example of how precision is paramount
Some are endowed with sizable muscles but they mistake them for intellectual muscle as well. They push the party line and wonder why everyone else is not following it. They display impatience and annoyance at at any sign of dissidence. Thus knowing right has a lot of importance.

There seems to be no clue as to why ideologies are witnessing fermentation or reconfiguration but fortunately for us Sri Aurobindo dwelt upon such prospects from a Vedic Evolutionary angle in The Human Cycle exactly a century before #FiveDreams #WorldUnion #ARYA100Years (1914-21)

Human wants, instincts, and impulses fuel economy. Sentiments such as possessing or controlling propel politics. But, interestingly, all these feelings and forces also form the basic ingredients for spirituality and yoga psychology. That's why Sri Aurobindo said All life is yoga.

The concept of a Parliament or Democracy predate mass media. TV and Internet have corrupted many facets of Democracy. Creating spectacles or abnormal incidents before elections have become a norm which sway voters. Thus unless rules of the game are adhered to, it will be a farce.

Sri Aurobindo is the meeting point and RSS is inching towards him whereas no such sign is visible from the opposite camp. #ARYA100Years (1914-21) has set the agenda a century back and therefore no need for any fresh ideological quest either. #FiveDreams #WorldUnion #SavitriEra

It's necessary to understand the hand of Evolution behind events. Why Hinduism struggles for legitimacy in its own homeland is worth analysing. Sri Aurobindo said a century back that it's a sinking ship. Ambedkar jumped from one sinking ship to another. #SavitriEra is the future.

Defenders of Hinduism deserve praise for their zeal and dedication but prudence warrants vigilance and responding to warning signals. Secondly, it needs to be decided whether what the village priest says is final or one should check what a person like Sri Aurobindo has predicted.

Chronology is important. CPI and RSS were born in 1925 but Sri Aurobindo had already published The Human Cycle in #ARYA100Years (1914-21). Even, Swaraj Party came later in 1923. Sri Aurobindo has reinvented the Veda and turned it into of universal appeal.

It's the duty of every intellectual in India to celebrate #ARYA100Years (1914-21) and spread awareness about its epochal contents. @DrRPNishank should lend a helping hand in orienting students in #SriAurobindo's socio-political worldview culminating in #WorldUnion and #FiveDreams

Veda is a repulsive and retrograde word for many but in the context of Sri Aurobindo it doesn't mean mastering the whole text. Understanding that Indra is the lord of Indriyas (senses) and thus Indra stands for mind is enough. Then all other terms fall into place; new world opens

Modernity allows to disagree and hold alternative views. Even faiths based on pre-modern texts are to be respected. But thankfully The Mother & Sri Aurobindo provide a robust new worldview and nothing matches it in vision and sophistication. #SavitriEra indisputably is the future

2020 has seen a decipherable surge among the young to read Sri Aurobindo. Once you develop a mild appreciation for him, a lifelong love affair begins. But one thing should be made clear. Engaging with Sri Aurobindo amounts to entering a new religion; conversion is slow and steady

PR by definition is dishonest and manipulative; yet modern society is heavily reliant upon it. Peer review is one method to check hyperbole but not foolproof. Selective amnesia is another intellectual crime. Insinuation is like backstabbing; what Ashish Nandy did to Sri Aurobindo

I keep on repeating that we have no right to add or subtract anything from what The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have left behind. Many of their formulations may seem impossible but the responsibility is theirs. Similarly, the entry point for each person is different from the other one

Catering to popular sentiments, Sri Aurobindo used to quote Gita and the Upanishads but later he shifted to the Veda. Western tradition lacks this source and therefore in every philosophical writing one finds the author shuttling among Kant, Plato, Socrates, Gospel, Homer, et al.

Evolutionary task of transcending present imperfections is the basic concern of Sri Aurobindo while ethics is the be all and end all of Western discourse. Thus, politics and economics are potent instruments for any large human action necessary to steer Evolutionary inevitability.

Grasp on Bengal's history since Chaitanya is necessary to understand the significance of Sri Aurobindo's agenda. Even the lack of Development is a profound philosophical issue which is far from being settled. Poetry and music have scoured heaven and earth and the quest continues.

Academic studies are disproportionately dependent upon published works but a person might be drastically different from what he wrote. His views may be polar opposite after a passage of time. He might appear perfectly humble in his book but turns out to be a vicious troll in SM.
Yes, that's the other side of the picture like the dark side of the moon. Now that podcasts and webinars are multiplying, capturing what's spoken in print has become an additional challenge. Though published they are not searchable. So archiving or retrieval poses a huge problem.

RW journals have published thousands of articles but no proper appraisal of their worth can be found. In the absence of critical assessment, quality is difficult to maintain. There's also a lack of competent neutral voices. So, promoting healthy criticism is vital for excellence.

It has become quite respectable to say my blood boils but a civil society has no place for it. Dialogue is the only way and decent language has no substitute. Flouting it is easy but consequences follow. So following the middle path or golden mean is necessary instead of extremes

Just because someone has written a book on Justice, he can't be adjudged as an embodiment of justice and fair play. He can be partisan and obstinate in his verdicts. Thus, telling the right thing is important but we don't find many such voices in the present polarised atmosphere.

Following Sri Aurobindo means being part of a collective yoga. Collaboration with Evolution is automatic. Reading his books is not merely an intellectual activity but pressing levers of Evolutionary trajectory. Unseen implications are much more than what one performs voluntarily.

Sri Aurobindo rescues the later from clutches of sectarian organised religions and puts it under universal, voluntary, & collaborative Yoga.
[The Unknown is not the Unknowable; it need not remain the unknown for us, unless we choose ignorance or persist in our first limitations.]

While celebrating #ARYA100Years (1914-21), it needs to be remembered that every phase of politics in the past has its own meaning and significance. So, there's no point in blaming; each faction has contributed but we are moving towards a grand harmony in line with #SriAurobindo's

A gigantic opportunity but humanity hasn't been able to frame the right questions during the last seven months. Development, Environment, and Education need overhaul but no well thought out policies are in sight. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo provide excellent guidance on this score

Any branch of Sri Aurobindo's writings requires a lifetime but acquiring the essence of Sri Aurobindo isn't very difficult.
1. The Veda is symbolic. So Rituals are redundant,
2. Religions are political. Yoga is volitional;
3. Mind has evolved with time. Supermind will replace it.

This is the age of Management and AI but I keep on repeating that no one can surpass Sri Aurobindo in strategy or nothing can overtake #SriAurobindo as a brand. Just recognise this and see how you can benefit in pure material terms. #ARYA100Years (1914-21) should trigger a surge.

Democracy in embryonic form was introduced in India in 1909 and it remains a guided one till this day. RSS is the midwife at present and such an arrangement can't be said to be totally unhealthy. Democracy itself being a theoretical construct, how it evolves has its own validity.

Savitri Era is not to wallow in the shallow knowledge of the past but to wake up to the luminous future inaugurated by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. It's an open invitation without any conditions. No initiation, no rituals, no fixed system of practice. Leap from the Veda to SAVITRI

Leftist scholars left out events in history and many intellectual outputs from their books in a arbitrary manner just to conform to their political ideology. In the process they inflicted irreparable damage to academics. How soon that can be reversed? Hindutva shouldn't repeat it

Ethics is not the monopoly of any party or any nation. Problem is this partisanship where one side claims righteousness. Defending a good cause in a bad way spoils everything. Deliberately twisting an argument or erecting a strawman is dishonest. Whataboutery, scapegoating common

Please don't tag me in copy & paste tweets. Requesting all to write in own words so that there's some value addition. It also makes the tweet interesting for others to read. Some effort-courage is needed and there's no dearth of material to write about The Mother & Sri Aurobindo.

Sri Aurobindo pleading for Cripps Mission in 1942 is an interesting episode. He knew it won't succeed yet tried his best. Working out through ignorance is an important formula; not to force results. Present happenings need to be seen in that light. Spotting who's right is crucial

Major organisations like RKM, RSS, Congress, and Arya Samaj never encouraged their members to read Sri Aurobindo's books. A whole generation has suffered due to this. So Marxists are not the only one to blame. Mainstream journalists too played a role in blacking out Sri Aurobindo

Political compulsion has forced the present regime to take a moderate line but ideologically they are nowhere near Sri Aurobindo. So it's incumbent upon the Savitri Erans to highlight the future vision of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. #ARYA100Years (1914-21) #FiveDreams #WorldUnion

Instant communication is so common today but the local is getting more and more strengthened. Be it festivals, music, or language, people residing far away from each other are finding identification in the local. Despite all kinds of fusion and hybridisation, the local is reborn.

In certain professions like teaching or journalism, intellectual content is likely to invade one's life. In such cases, Sri Aurobindo's writings prove to be an anchor as well as a constant touchstone. To maintain that demarcation consciously can be the most perfect form of yoga.

Odisha has a long history of being a melting pot of diverse religions and schools of Darshana. Significantly, #SriAurobindo's philosophy has the largest following and mass penetration in Odisha now. Ordinary persons being aware of Evolution and SAVITRI is not a small achievement.

Very nicely explained but I have one doubt. One shouldn't meddle in the internal affairs of two countries. Too much of involvement with the politics of previous country is against the ethical need of being concerned with the new country. Hope you agree.

Jainism has ancient roots in Odisha but Buddhism which grew as a fictional imitation of it is attracting more attention. #Jagannath cult is also being aggressively pushed as original, authentic, and most representative of #Odisha's past. Intellectual honesty needed to face truth.

Involvement of women in rituals and commensurate socialising advantages are a big bulwark of organised religions. Indoctrination of children too is a corollary. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo challenging this grand alliance is a civilisational breakthrough. Rationality will vanquish.

No man ever steps in the same river twice, said Heraclitus. Modi follows that and the idiom, Never looked back. He never repeats and always draws his agenda anew. Every morning is a new morning. So the word policy with its going round and round connotations is meaningless for him

I'm so grounded that I have no wings but if at all leaning right is perceived, then it's better as #SeeAright
Similarly, if science is incapable of accommodating the futuristic Cosmological framework of Sri Aurobindo, then let's call it #Lighnce
Key is Evolution,
Open invitation.

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