Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Many intellectuals pretend to be devotees of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo

 Tweets in original by Tusar Nath Mohapatra

Savitri Era: The Mother & Sri Aurobindo haven't explicitly theorised on their being the Supreme Divine Tweets in original by Tusar Nath Mohapatra (b. 1956), Founder, Savitri Era Religion (2006) Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.
There's no respect for philosophy as a subject in India and most educated people are ignorant about its content. Hence any one is termed as a philosopher. And those certifying are themselves ignorant of philosophy. Modern India hasn't produced any philosopher except Sri Aurobindo
Mentioning at least three names in any particular context is a disease in India. That establishes punditry sans substance. People are simply unwilling to study or refer to Sri Aurobindo alone. There is no reason why he should be tied to Vivekananda. Not an honour, it's an error.
Current models of politics, business, or entertainment are unsustainable. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo gave their verdict long back. Yet the world continues to ignore them. India should have been at the forefront in offering an alternative. That hasn't happened thus far but we must
Not a neat formulation. We of various hues can't be banned in a democracy. Plurality can't be imposed. Parties would aquire it out of necessity but not necessarily. In an organic struggle for power, all forms of tribalism will proliferate. Normatives will play their role though.
RSS characterisation of all Indians with Hindu DNA is a defective diagnosis. Downgrading minority religions by denying their existence is a great injustice. Our appeal for a new religion was denied by the Supreme Court in the Auroville case. Govt must mend this mistake, suo motu.
People feel safe to be in well-defined camps but India, at present, is in a flux. Congress bandwagon is as pernicious as the Hindutva brigade but the Govt under Modi has been fairly reasonable. Objective analysis by competent public intellectuals is lacking except concerted mocking
An illiterate villager in India knows much more about UK and USA than many of their top authors' awareness of India. Still the latter's writings on human history and civilisation are considered as global. This is the greatest trickery played on the people of our country till now.
Right reasoning and tight definitions fight ignorance but clumsiness and overlapping are also part of human nature. Polyphony or ambivalence therefore are very much regarded in modern philosophy. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have avoided any fixed or rigid view of life or the world
A citizen can imagine the Constitution the way he likes even beyond the basic structure. He can mobilise support to see it materialise. To call it wrong may not be the right thing.
Western world is different from the East. Western India is different from the eastern side of India. The South is another world. Thus there's a lot of variety in terms of social and cultural reality. Nature's way is very much celebrating diversity. All these are part of evolution
The things the Hindutva ecosystem thought will be a breeze are proving not so easy to be implemented after capturing power. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo too didn't aim at establishing social harmony in a whiff. Ontological and evolutionary turns and twists can't just be wished away
A cursory look at the history of the last two thousand years tells us that the political ideals are at odds with evolutionary intention. Sri Aurobindo tucks it safely under the lila or the logic of the infinite register. But hails political ideals too as embryonic Vedic strivings
No one knows the future; yet ambitions, predictions, and projections play out. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have inserted some seeds of curved elements into the linear-seeming future of India. Auroville is in turmoil and not without reason. Let's hope, Govt. doesn't drag its heels.
One of the most frustrating experiences in life in a democracy is being a supporter of the opposition. The party goes on losing and you lose your sleep. So most people choose to stay on the side of the ruling party for the sake of mental peace. The ideology is just a smokescreen.
One may not believe in the Varna system but the four different stages of life roughly correspond to it. So, the challenge is to graduate from one stage to another as fast as possible and not stagnate in lower rungs for longer. Unschooling, in this task, is an important component.
We read lots of debate on FoE and India has been fortunate to have a fair degree of it even from the British times. But in one important respect it has been impotent so far. Words of Sri Aurobindo have been banished from education and journalism. FoE votaries play Rip Van Winkle.
The characteristics of Vedic deities can be ascertained from their Sanskrit roots and Sri Aurobindo has made use of this method for arriving at the true meaning of the words. Mythological fictions neglect this aspect as a result of which narratives seem juvenile sans inner intent
Each State of India has its own poets, writers, and singers who create a special flavour. An Odia can't become a Bengali nor vice versa. This is nationhood and not monkeys or lions. Creating more States is not the solution. Granting Sovereignty to major languages is the answer.
Communication is interactive which makes a democracy participatory. But social media is like speaking to a wall without the voice reaching anywhere. Plugging this disconnect should be a priority. Political parties should respond and respect individual voices. Then can tech mean something.
In the absence of any visible opposition leader, judges bear the thrust of public ire. Almost all judgements are being criticised brutally. Seems like people want a people's Court system for instant justice. Or, rubber-stamp judges like the President. Only lions will be roaring.
Remedy against judiciary is judiciary and not media. If this is flouted, then it's a recipe for anarchy. Besides, multiple tiers and voices make judiciary deep and complex. To dub it as monolith is flawed. Further, ours is not a stand-alone one; it has umbilical cords of the West
Many are trying to create an alternative by reformulation of the existing political scene while Savitri Era Party aims at something drastically new. The Veda is the base and Unity, Mutuality, and Harmony is the destination. Steamrolling of the local culture need not be essential.
Debate on economics is a good start. At least, facts and figures are there and can be compared unlike religious figures or icons. No one panacea for a vast country like India but deployment of funds certainly warrant more participatory public scrutiny. Corruption hasn't vanished.
We no longer hear the Parliament discussing or approving something before implementation. Sycophancy has rendered the ruling party into a kindergarten. Dynasty parties too are mere puppetry. Yet, it's all part of democracy, the kind of democracy we deserve. There's no perfect model
Neglecting ideological foundations and allowing large-scale ambivalence regarding Hindutva to persist is one of the major failures of the ruling dispensation. The voice of its intellectuals have become increasingly feeble in this respect signifying lack of conviction and evidence.
80:20 data 1) Govt is feeding 80% of the population and 2) 80% prisoners are undertrials.
Protesting against faulty deployment of funds is valid in a democracy but weaponising the issue of appeasement for raising religious hatred is wrong. The other extreme is tolerating whatever the minority community says or does in the name of inclusiveness. Equality of approach needed
South lost a chance this time but it can take heart from the fact that Odisha is South, East, and North rolled into one. We too eat Idlis and many confuse the Odia script as southern. Her name has already run into controversy but she can easily be seen as representing five states.
I'm beholden to Yashwant Sinha for introducing VRS in banks in Y2K. Otherwise, his political journey has been bereft of ideology. Taking Congress help for his election is the antithesis of what JP contemplated. Wrong direction and political expediency can lead one to extinction.
Democracy's failure to evolve organically in India remains a concern. There's not much difference between Political parties and Baba empires. People's psychological make up is surely at play but some systemic lacunae are also responsible. All clamour to reap benefits: not to mend
Braiding Sri Aurobindo with the Hindutva agenda is a penchant for some who never tire of parroting shibboleths. Recognising such Trojan horses is crucial for not to be misled by their clout. Accepting The Mother & Sri Aurobindo as the Supreme Divine is the litmus test for anyone.
Traditional religious places don't satisfy people any more. They want some comfort, recognition, and interactive atmosphere backed by audiovisual experience. Modern entrepreneurs try to cash in on such sentiments adding to tourism potential. Good but religious motive gets blurred
Education has become purely knowledge, skill, or career centric but The Mother & Sri Aurobindo insist upon the primary aim of life being the pivot. Religion, thus, is not merely culture or entertainment but the very core of our existence. Rituals camouflage the original intention
Mind (Indra) is the king over senses (Indriya). Mind seeks to climb higher to arrive at the oceanic vastness of Varuna, one of the four main aspects of the Sun. Thus, these represent successive rungs of the ladder of consciousness for human beings to explore and dwell in delight.
Sri Aurobindo advised to take responsibility. Parliament too represents the power of the word and not listening passively to something recited by a priest without understanding their meaning or significance. Legitimising superstition violates the letter and spirit of the Constitution
Just like building her own statue did Mayawati in, this lion episode seems to be the beginning of the end of Modi aura/era. It's outrageous from the vastu perspective and offensive to the common man. In any case, enjoying two terms should be a norm in future as others are restive
Washing the feet of a woman employee was a despicable act on the part of the Prime Minister. It neither signified humility on his part nor marked empowerment of the marginalised. Even a woman President from Scheduled Tribes section doesn't mean any particular gain sans vote bank.
Starting from Constitution itself, all things national should be reviewed and changes made on merit. Nothing is for ever as past significances blur over time. Colonial hangover should also be shed while imagining symbols for the future. A more federal scheme of things is in order
There are two types of Hindus. The first category concerns itself with its own religion and the second category is well versed in all the details of other religions. Hindutva is promoting the second category as a result of which the faith of the first category is being corrupted.
Under the guise of his harsh remarks, Justice Kant had tacitly suggested for offering an unconditional apology to diffuse the situation. But it hasn't materialised till now. It's surprising that the party is so negligent about how its functionaries deal with adverse situations.
There's a tendency to look at politics by its superficial appearance but the causal factors are crucial. Present juvenility is a stage in the growth of the nation and hence can't be wished away. Evolutionary spirals seem to have a longer span than five years cycle of a democracy.
The present political parties are not suitable for the future of India. Gathering around Sri Aurobindo's philosophy is the only way for ensuring unity and harmony. Demographic reality can't be wished away and plurality and federalism are essential for strengthening our democracy.
Followers of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo's have the responsibility to 1) throw out the Congress and Nehruvian ideology 2) resist the RSS and Hindutva dominance 3) oppose the Western influence 4) remove Marxists from education 5) fight anti-science systems like astrology and ritual
Sri Aurobindo's followers have the advantage of: 1) not to be enamoured by the Congress or Nehruvian concoction 2) not to be under the RSS leash or Hindutva spell 3) not to be intimidated by the West 4) keeping Marxists and rationalists at bay 5) holding superstitions in contempt
1) That's where we differ from the rationalists. 2) But we don't push for undertaking practices for accessing the occult. 3) The reality, however, is occult in essence. 4) So, no running away from that 5) Relying on The Mother's Grace is our primary recourse and that's occult.
Following The Mother & Sri Aurobindo entails: 1) Yoga or Self-management 2) Philosophical foundation 3) Poetic sensibility 4) Political clarity 5) Social reform 6) International approach 7) Interpersonal skills 8) Parenting expertise 9) Aesthetic ability & 10) Integral education.
Expressing my gratitude to my sixteen gurus, among others, who have endowed me with this capability of disseminating whatever they have handed down 1 Nolini, Purani, Amrita, Pavitra 2 Anil, Amal, Nirod, Dilip 3 Kapali, Madhava, Kishor, Sisir 4 Rishabh, Jugal, Indrasen, and Satprem
By running Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) since 2005, I have come across innumerable people but their priorities and preferences are different. That is because of varied background and cultural outlook. Besides, most are interested in immediate gains while ours is long-term.
It takes about a decade for a ripened intellectual engagement with Sri Aurobindo. Another for allied and integral perspective. So those who are in a hurry better retire. Further those eager to impose their preconceived ideology on Sri Aurobindo should spend their energy elsewhere
Exclusion of Sri Aurobindo from school text-books has rendered him a stranger to people. Basic knowledge regarding him is hard to find and most dismiss him as another member of the guru brigade. His perceived image as antithetical to Gandhi's non-violence is also an erroneous one
Sri Aurobindo published his The Doctrine of Passive Resistance much before Gandhi returned to India.
That's the Vedic modality of four Varnas harmonising of which is essential for a successful society. Not in isolation. Thanks.
People of every religion take great pride in numbers. The bigger the crowd, the greater the self-evident validity of their religions. This is an illusion. All religions, including Savitri Era, are irrational and no amount of logical analysis can make them stand on their own legs.
I just repeated the well-known concept of religions being irrational. If you have some specific query, then I can clarify. Thanks.
1) Accept The Mother & Sri Aurobindo as the Supreme Divine. 2) Accept their philosophy and prophecy as the only way for future of the mankind. 3) Accept SA's symbolic interpretation of the Veda as the defining paradigm of spirituality. 4) Accept SAVITRI as gospel of immortality.
विचार बदलते रहते हैं। इसिलिए धैर्य रखिए। कभी आप भी वही कहेंगे जो आज मैं लिख रहा हूं। धन्यवाद।
आपने जो कुछ भी लिखा है, वे सभी किसी न किसी किताब से हैं। नई किताबें पढ़ेंगे तो नया क्षितिज खुल जाएगा। कृपया श्रीअरविंद द्वारा लिखित वेद रहस्य पढ़ें।