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Savitri Era is a rational faith backed by the most coherent philosophy

 Tweets in original by Tusar Nath Mohapatra

Savitri Era: Many intellectuals pretend to be devotees of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo Tweets in original by Tusar Nath Mohapatra (b. 1956) ତୁଷାରନାଥ ମହାପାତ୍ର, Founder, Savitri Era Religion (2006) Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.
Consciousness as a field of scientific study will never be exhausted and so waiting for some final formula is futile. Relying upon The Mother & Sri Aurobindo instead is much more profitable in terms of our day-to-day life. SAVITRI is a goldmine for exploring its lanes and bylanes.
Institutional affiliation dwarfs one's freedom and aspirations get moulded accordingly. Ideological bondage is the other handle of the pincer. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo need to be approached with an absolutely open mind and an unwavering flow of sincerity, loyalty, and devotion.
Any human being can take the path of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo without any external object. This adventure of consciousness is obviously subjective independent of outside happenings. But man being a social animal, such abstract way may be short-lived. Hence Savitri Era Religion.
If you want to understand the true worth of Sri Aurobindo then keep away from his famous contemporaries. No one in the last two thousand years has written a book like The Secret of the Veda. The world has not seen any book surpassing The evolutionary philosophy of The Life Divine.
Aesthetic enjoyment is essential for existence like food, dress, and house. But commercial machinery regulating and dictating its consumption has become a burden. Alternative avenues are wilting due to lack of training. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo contribute a lot in this sphere.
Discerning the difference between the good and the pleasant is an Upanishadic lesson. So, what one enjoys doing may not be the right thing. Even, a highly cultured person may be wrong in his preferences. It's here that the wisdom of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are needed the most.
Sri Aurobindo's mature thought is over a century old but Indians are ignorant about them. His insights on stages of social development is illuminating and one can see clear signs of present contradictions in his diagnosis. E.g., why stupidity reigns amidst abundance of knowledge?
Hitler was the biggest challenge for The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. Adverse forces do rule even after him and hence it's futile to expect good political leaders. Savitri Era Party seeks to grow independently and not through alliance. Issue based support or criticism is our principle.
Many institutions dedicated to The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are under Hindu management who worship Shiva and admire Savarkar travestying their teachings. Govt dithering on awarding independent religion status is causing untold embarrassment to devotees of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo.
India was under the colonial rule and the Western thought pervaded all spheres. Sri Aurobindo wrote responding to this scenario and there's virtually no commentary on Islam. He perhaps didn't consider it a strong enough metaphysical force. Once the West is won Islam will give way.
Sri Aurobindo was a Christian and The Mother was a Jew. Besides, their yoga system has genealogical roots in esoteric Gnosticism (via Max Théon). Sri Aurobindo's symbolic interpretation of the Veda integrates well but the mass of rituals and mythological fiction are dispensable.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are very clear on the future of religions. Just because some have large followings, their longevity is not guaranteed. Universality is the biggest strength of Savitri Era Religion. Sri Aurobindo's original writings being in English is an added feather.
Sri Aurobindo has examined various facets of Hinduism from a critical perspective but Hindutva votaries are insistent in appropriating him by selectively quoting him. Anyone visiting Sri Aurobindo Ashram or Auroville can very well notice that we have nothing to do with Hinduism.
Dominant religions run millions of dollars machinery for propaganda. Followers of Sri Aurobindo on the contrary act as saboteurs by worshipping multiple gods, goddesses, and gurus. The Mother's pronouncements on this score is crystal clear. Be loyal to Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.
In 1922, Sri Aurobindo wrote to Chittaranjan Das and his brother Barin clarifying his idea of Swarajya and Samrajya. It's instructive to read them as the imperative hasn't lost an iota of its relevance after a century. It's laughable that some are trying to eclipse his bold stand.
Devotees are silent and mostly invisible but they need not be entirely dependent on the Ashram. The Ashram has a particular and very limited role to play. Other institutions too have their own compulsions. Expressing devotion towards The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is expected of all.
Imperfection and discord are ontological features and those grounded in Sri Aurobindo won't be perturbed. Piecemeal solutions are not the way and seeking enduring results can come from believing in The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. This message must spread so that India becomes a leader.
It's not easy to popularise a new concept in a vast country like india divided by languages. Sri Aurobindo hasn't been able to manage access to school syllabus even after 150 years of his birth. All political parties are averse to him. Savitri Era Party strives to spread his word.
Taking a meal in the Ashram Dining Hall once entitles many to offer expert comments on Sri Aurobindo. Suspicion rises owing to saffron-free atmosphere. Auroville too is ticked off as a cult. Sight of foreigners becomes repulsive. All this because false impression is all pervasive.
Most people talking about Sri Aurobindo in the public sphere, today, are from the Hindutva camp. Their first love is not difficult to imagine and Sri Aurobindo, for them, is an additional ladder. Not the ladder of consciousness, certainly. I keep warning against misrepresentation.
Tradition trains to be respectful to all but The Mother & Sri Aurobindo show the example of Hitler. Joining hands with anti-evolutionary elements can spoil the future and hence being vigilant on this score is most important. Avoiding own assessment or any courtesy ensures safety.
Telling about Sri Aurobindo, the way he actually is, is the task and not the historical account or merely as a creative writer. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are one Supreme Divine under an unprecedented evolutionary paradigm. They also imply meeting of the East and the West. #SA150
I had the good fortune of knowing The Mother & Sri Aurobindo when I was eight but awareness about them hasn't increased much. Further, population has grown many times and variety of content is responsible for confusing people. Still, repeating their names has the power of its own.
Knowing the true identity and significance of Sri Aurobindo is important for coming out of the spell of his more popular contemporaries. The Mother was the first person to have established his Divine manifestation and later on Sri Aurobindo too confirmed the same about The Mother.
Believing in The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is not in the domain of faith alone. As one reads their writings, the initial faith gets confirmed slowly and steadily. Thus, it's a rational faith backed by the most coherent philosophy ever conceived by man. Both, Vedic as well as universal.

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