Sunday, January 07, 2007

All these talk of post-metaphysical is rubbish

Will Durant, in his Story of Philosophy, lamented how epistemological enquiry has encroached upon the whole of philosophical endeavour. Heidegger’s quest for Being reinforced a renewed interest in Ontology, but many of his methodological innovations were again epistemological, like his Destruction leading to Derrida’s Deconstruction.

Sri Aurobindo, in one of his letters on Poetry expresses the hope that the prevailing anti-romantic age would pass by when his poems will again be appreciated. In a similar vein, we must say that all these talk of post-metaphysical is rubbish and no amount of cognitive psychology can hijack the knack for pure philosophy.

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  1. [As a philosophy major who, like Kaag, rues the turn toward impersonality and abstraction that analytic philosophy took in the second half of the 20th century, I may well represent his ideal audience.] HELLER MCALPIN