Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Vision 2047

The coy flirtation of the West with India of the last 400 years is going to see its consummation in the next forty years. Bollywood and a bourgeoning market are likely to be strong catalysts. The cultural diversity India has seen and managed till now will be still more complex and chaotic. A formulaic Hindu vs. Muslim outlook will soon become outdated as lots of foreign-born persons of Indian origin come to press the levers of power and economy in and from outside the country.

In this scenario the Fourth Dream of Sri Aurobindo should play a dominant role. People have juggled enough with names and novelties but nothing substantial can come from the jaded formulations howsoever they are dressed in newest attires. The Mother and Sri Aurobindo alone can save the humanity and give it a splendid future. To disregard this fact and engage in liberal bear hugging with one and all is utter treachery to the Masters who have “worked, suffered, struggled, hoped, endured so much” for us.

Let the Savitri Erans come out in the open with unflinching support and loyalty to their faith and devotion. Let’s say with enough conviction and in one voice that Savitri Era is the only religion. [TNM]

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